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Andrea Rowland

Basic, minimal design with the option of adding a photo to your resume. Personal use only.
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Andrew Furness

Basic, minimal design with the option of a photo. Keep it black and orange or change it all up. For personal use only.
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Black & White Resume

Basic, minimal black and white design. Personal use only.

Accounting & Finance Resume Examples

In accounting and finance jobs, there are many focus areas, for example, analyzing financial information and compiling reports for recordkeeping of assets, liabilities, profit, and loss, calculating tax liabilities, conducting audits, perform cost accounting, management accounting, and investment accounting.

Arts, Creative & Culture Resume Examples

To land your dream job in the Arts, Creative and Culture field, you need to present a job description section that adequately presents your talents as an artist, creative designer, or cultural professional.

Business Management Resume Examples

Business Management Professionals are responsible for formulating policies and implementing strategic initiatives as set out by the executive board of the organization they work for. In this section, you should also mention the scope of your position pertaining to the reporting structure, for example, the job level of your subordinates and the seniority level of the people you have to report to

Education Resume Examples

Education jobs can be academic, corporate or researched based. Define the scope of your role by indicating the type of educator you are for example a High School Teacher, University Professor or Corporate/Industry Lecturer. Next, give details about your subject matter expertise and also the level of students that you teach for example elementary learners, masters students, management professionals or blue-collar workers.

Construction Resume Examples

Civil & Construction candidates may be responsible for a wide range of duties such as construction site setup, maintenance of machinery, planning, and designing of infrastructure and building facilities projects.

Customer Service Resume Examples

Customer Service workers liaise with clients and customers day in and day out via telephone, online messaging portals, email correspondence, face to face or live chat.

Engineering & Sciences Resume Examples

Engineers and Scientists can work in a variety of industry disciplines, for example, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or civil engineering. Jobs in this field include research, designing, testing, troubleshooting, and modifying substances, materials, components, and products.

Entertainment Resume Examples

Most industries want to see measurable outputs and fancy leadership experience, but if you are a newbie wanting to get into entertainment, expect your first few years to be sent as a glorified coffee maker, unofficial concierge to the producer, or a glorified secretary to the film squad.

Government Resume Examples

If you have your eyes set on working for the federal government, you need to be aware of the added components that need to be included in your resume. Your federal resume should be at least four pages in length (the limit for civilian resumes are two pages). The experience section should include the full address of your current and past places of employment.

Healthcare & Wellbeing Resume Examples

The health and wellbeing industry is massive and includes everything from medical and clinical care, to life coaching and psychology. You need to place your working set in the spotlight by explaining where you are employed for example hospitals, medical facilities, physicians’ offices, clinics, nursing homes, hospices, rehab centers, corporate on-site clinics, schools, hospices, universities, military premises, and community health centers.

Hospitality & Travel Resume Examples

The US travel and tourism industry in the USA has 25 sub-sectors, but accommodation, air travel, and food services account for more than 50% of jobs. Be specific about the sector that you are in and highlight the primary purpose of your role, as well as, the five most important duties under each position you have held during the last decade.

Information Technology Resume Examples

Roles in the IT sector may be loosely categorized into development, support, programming, and database management. As positions are often project-based a smart idea would be to use a project table matrix, where you indicate industry, project purpose, time to complete, and project value under each position you have held.

Legal Resume Examples

Legal professionals are employed by the government, private and public companies.
This is important to mention in your resume, because the protocols and structures followed for each sector are different. You may have a better chance of moving from a corporate law firm to a private law firm, as both works with business enterprises and the legal structures are similar.

Logistics & Warehousing Resume Examples

The first aspect to note is the sector you are working in. Logistics and Warehouse Workers are mainly employed in the wholesale sector (selling to the middleman, companies or institutions) or the retail sector (selling to consumers). Next, state the industries you have worked in for example Automotive, Retail, Shipping Wholesale, Courier, Fleet, Transportation, Air Cargo Storage, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemicals. (Use the correct sic codes, which you will find on any labor classification website.)

Manufacturing Resume Examples

Hiring managers in the manufacturing sector are busy people and will scan your resume in less than six seconds. Reel in their attention from the get-go by including your industry experience in your job details providing them with a clear context of your experience.

Marketing Resume Examples

The Marketing Department is responsible for boosting company revenue by determining the demand for its products and service, creating awareness, and influencing the buying decisions by planning, directing and executing the overall marketing strategy. These professionals are found in large organizations, Fortune 500, global conglomerates or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Maintenance & Repair Resume Examples

Your resume should highlight your areas of responsibility explaining how you go about maintaining and repairing all equipment and machines, and ensure all production and manufacturing systems are correctly functioning and appropriately utilized in their designed environment. Keywords you should include in your job description include reliability management, predictive maintenance, and preventative maintenance. Also, mention the industries that you have worked in before.

Office & Administration Resume Examples

Administrative and Office Support roles are found in virtually every industry on the planet and in small, medium and corporate organizations. The military and federal government are of the largest employers of Office and Administration Staff.

Retail Resume Examples

Individuals working in Retail are deservedly described as the ‘’face of the business or brand’’ and found in a variety of places including outlet stores, department stores, warehouse stores, general merchandise stores, discount stores, specialty stores, supermarkets, farmers markets, malls and dollar stores.

Sales Resume Examples

The first aspect to highlight is the scope of your experience by product type or solution and industry area. Next, comes the targets, goals, and production metrics that you need to achieve.

Security & Protective Services Resume Examples

Security Personnel is tasked with keeping company property, assets, and environments safe and crime-free. In Protective Services, the focus of the role would be to protect people and prevent them from being harmed by external threats. Your job description should instantly grab the attention of the reader with informative, yet concise job descriptions, highlighting the essence of your role. Be sure to also include detail about the work environment, for example, working at a security estate, corporate building, shopping mall, or protecting a VIP as a bodyguard.

Sports & Fitness Resume Examples

Sports & Fitness is a multi-billion dollar global industry. People can earn a living by jumping into dams to retrieve golf balls, standing on a sports field refereeing matches, monetize their magic touch as massage therapists or push out exercise-related content on Youtube to support themselves.

Transportation Resume Examples

Trains, Trucks, Planes, Ships, and Automobiles form the basis of the transportation industry. Explain to recruiters what the primary purpose was of each job held for the last decade and whether you were employed by shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, fleet, cargo, or freight companies.


There are thousands of resume templates available on Google, so the choice is yours. Make sure that the template fits the job you’re applying to.