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Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Home Health Caregiver

This industry is growing fast at 26% annually, which is technically faster than normal. This doesn't mean, however, that you'll get a job easily with a sub-average resume. 

Not all caregiver jobs are considered equal, and the best ones pay well and have benefits, with managers who treat their employees with respect. 

If you want one of those jobs, you'll need a resume so clean, even Mary Poppins wouldn't complain. 

Our “how to” guide will assist you with everything you'll need to create a smashing  Home Caregiver resume. 

Home Health Caregiver Resume Samples

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Home Healthcare Giver Resume Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight

A Home Health Caregiver offers assistive and supportive care to patients, chiefly senior adults, within their homes if they aren't able or unwilling to get similar care at medical facilities. 

Your resume must prove your knowledge about helping with personal chores, hygiene, and other daily living activities.

So, what must you highlight in your resume exactly? Resumes are quite short, a page or two max. It would help if you were to the point and only give relevant info regarding skills and accreditations. 

Your resume represents you as a person. If it's a lazy, sloppy resume, recruiters won't even consider you. So, here's what you do:

  • Begin with the reverse-chronological format. This puts your best achievements first.
  • Utilize clear, readable fonts and headings. Make sure to include good use of white space, so as not to overwhelm the reader with so much text.
  • Lastly, save your resume as a PDF. They are easily read between computers and look much more professional.

Pro Tip: Before you save your resume as a PDF, double-check the job advert to see if you can. The Applicant Tracking Systems may stumble on caregiver resumes saved as PDFs.

Want to make sure your resume will hook every recruiter and get you that interview?

Highlight to the recruiters how you'd create positive, sustainable relationships with your clients, aimed at making them as comfortable as possible, and how you'd educate them regarding all their medical must-knows. Including a “soft skills” matrix in the skills section will have the recruiters frothing to call you for that interview. 

After that, showcase your administrative and operational proficiencies. Recruiters will expect to read about certain proven core skills to ascertain if you're the one for the job. 

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Career Summary & Examples

This section of your resume is critically important. The average time an HR manager spends scanning a resume is 7 seconds. Just 7 seconds! You really need to make a stunning impact on them within that time. 


By writing a killer career summary/ objective. 

The career summary/ objective is like the elevator pitch for the job you want. It provides the recruiter with a short glimpse into health aide experience and medical knowledge. Similar to your Twitter bio, but more professional. Stick to 3-5 compelling sentences. In your career summary, present your years of experience, specialist skills, qualifications, and one or two valuable interpersonal traits. For a little extra razzle-dazzle, put this section in a different or larger font to make it pop. 

So, there's a summary and an objective. Which one do you write? Well, if you have plenty of experience in the industry, you will write a career summary: 

  • Make it 4-6 gripping sentences. 
  • Provide your years of experience, professional skillset, your credentials, and 1 or 2 valued interpersonal traits. 
  • Write this section in a different/ larger font to make it pop with a bit of extra sparkle.

If you have little/ no experience in the industry, then write an objective: 

The resume objective statement gives them your career goals while also providing the employer with quantifiable numbers to verify your assistance capabilities.

  • Explain your career ambitions and goals and how you plan to contribute using your unique skills. 
  • Give any applicable experiences and qualifications relating to HHC. 
  • This must all be in 4-6 punchy, action-packed sentences aimed at knocking the socks off the recruiter.

Integrate the terms and phrases used in the job advert. This will make your resume look like you're the one for the job. Consider this section the frosting on your resume cake. Make it a delectable cream cheese frosting instead of that nasty marzipan frosting. 

Pro Tip: Write the summary/ objective last. Yes, it goes first, but you'll have a better idea of what to include in your summary/ objective after you've finished your other sections. 


Summary example 1 

Professional yet kindhearted caregiver and CNA with 4+ years' experience with in-home patient care. Have constantly upheld patient reviews in surplus of 97% positive. Driving record – perfect. Receive consistent praises for competence and for cooking delicious, nutritious meals.

Summary example 2 

“Empathetic caregiver with three in-home disabled clients. Established track record of brilliance in providing for daily needs, including cooking, homemaking, transportation, and complementing therapy. Have received regular praises from patients and families for kindness, efficacy, and time management. Praised for patience and problem-solving.”

Summary example 3

Highly amiable and accountable Home Health Caregiver with over five years' experience doing in-home care tasks for elderly and hospice patients. NAHC, CPR-AED, and BLS-HP certifications. Elected “Friendliest Elderly Carer” in NYC District 4. Delivered on-the-clock, on-call assistance for 14 patients weekly. Valid NYS driver's license. Seeking to continue personal care passion by growing with Elmhurst Assistance as a Home Health Caregiver.

Summery example 4

Empathetic Certified Home Health Aide with a broad range of medical care skills appropriate to positions in private and public healthcare environments. Skilled at punctually meeting patients' needs. Focused on upholding patient care requirements. Helped patients with planning meals and preparation.

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Employment History
& Samples

As an HHC, you'll need a fairly comprehensive set of skills to perform your daily responsibilities efficiently. This includes patient relations skills and amin and technical proficiencies. 

Integrate these keywords from the job adhere, to assure the best chance of getting that interview call.  There are two ways you can write up this section, as both are accepted:

  • You can do it in the functional format, showcasing your functional abilities and experience to display your practical and academic knowledge using bullet points, without linking).
  • Chronological format, showcasing your experience by relating it to prior jobs in 4-6 bullet points. 

Below are examples of decent experience lists. Just remember to match your resume to the job advert. Show your most recent job first. 


Home Healthcare Giver at the Smith Family

January 2017 – December 2019

Responsible to provide non-medical home care service to 15 elderly/ disabled patients focussing on personal care, homemaking, companionship, and transport.

  • Received the high end of the pay scale established by client reviews of 98% “outstanding.” Awarded 99% ratings for proficiency, reliability, and empathy.
  • Received three personal letters from the clients and their families, thanking me for the excellence of the meals I made, referring both to enjoyability and nutrition.
  • Kept a 100% clean driving record while conveying patients to shopping, appointments and escorting them to museums and the cinema. 
  • Taking part in quality improvement enterprises to help improve patient safety and decrease errors. 

Home Healthcare Giver at the Stewart Family

January 2009 – June 2013

Tasked with giving in-home care for one disabled child with the priorities being on daily needs, cooking, homemaking, transport, and complementing therapy.

  • Was frequently praised by clients and families for empathy, efficacy, time management, patience, and problem-solving.
  • Observed the patient's nutrition was substandard. Informed the family members. Discovered that patient had a thiamine deficiency, which was rectified.
  • Offered consistent transport for shopping trips and outings.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with patients and their families, residents, Physicians, and other co-workers punctually.

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duties

Below is a list we have made to guide you in this section. You may use as-is if it applies to you, or you can tweak it as you go. 


Home Healthcare Giver Job Description:
  • Taking part in quality improvement enterprises to help improve patient safety and decrease errors. 
  • Conducting high-quality improvement projects and workflow optimizations in collaboration with teams or individually.
  • Assists attending Physician inpatient evaluations, follow-ups, and education of families concerning disease intervention and post-operative care. 
  • Accountable for attending rounds with Physicians, completing discharge forms, filling in pre-operative orders, planning, and care coordination, and offering the family and patient support and education.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with patients and their families, residents, Physicians, and other co-workers punctually.
  • Participate actively in providing the workflow to optimize the stipulated care team model and allow everyone to work in the best and most professional manner. 
  • Writing orders for diagnostic tests, medications, lab works, and interpreting results.
  • Assisting patients with diverse daily living activities, including using the toilet, dressing, bathing, preparing food, drinking, eating, and moving around.
  • Following patient care plan instructions as recommended/ instructed by nurses.
  • Performing regular homemaking chores, such as doing laundry, doing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, and cleaning patient medical equipment.
  • Ensuring a safe, clean, healthy, and enriching patient environment at home.

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

The people in charge of hiring Caregivers are usually very busy and seldom have time to read every resume properly. Your resume must catch their eye from the beginning. 

The beauty of it all is that all you have to do for this section is reach back you're your past for some achievements. 

Make a rough list of all the jobs you've had and every win, achievement, or kudos you received in those jobs. Save that list because you'll want it for personalizing every resume you create. 

Then choose 4-6 of the best ones and communicate them using punchy accomplishment statements. These statements are proof of your ability and skillset. 

Pro Tip: How long did it take you to complete your CNA training? 4 weeks or 8? 8 is better. If you put in the time, take the credit in your resume.

Quantifying your resume

Simply put, this means you include numbers, figures, percentages, etc., to back up your accomplishment statements. By giving the statements a sense of measurability, it allows the recruiters to gauge your value. 

To help you get a head start, try to answer the questions below: 

  • How long does a procedure take on average? 
  • How many patients do you see daily on average? 
  • How are many claims (in percentage) accepted and paid out every month? 
  • Which medical procedures can you perform, and how many have you done? 
  • How many times a day do you take patients' vital signs? 

From ORDINARY (without quantification)

  • Assisted numerous residents in a high-end senior living facility on a daily. Awarded caregiver of the month for solid work ethic.
  • Assisted more patients than average due to good time management skills. Received a letter of praise for following directions dependably.
  • Received positive client reviews for a positive outlook and patience. Promoted to lead Alzheimer's care for exhibiting patience and empathy.
  • Achieved several rewards.

To EXTRA-ORDINARY (with quantification)

  • Assisted 45+ residents in a high-end senior living facility. Awarded caregiver of the month x3 for a solid work ethic.
  • Took care of 23% more patients than average due to good time management skills. Received letter of praise for following directions dependably.
  • Received 92% positive client reviews for a positive outlook and patience. Promoted to lead Alzheimer's care for exhibiting patience and empathy.
  • Awarded the 2015 “Friendliest Elderly Carer” by New York City District. 

Education Section & Examples

This is an occupation for which there are many ways to become a Home Health Caregiver. 

The truth is you don't need a formal education to become a Caregiver. 
The problem with that is that many people out there have formal education, and they use it to their advantage. In short, it's better to have some accreditation. The better-paying jobs usually require something more substantial. 

Due to how this industry is growing, the number of training courses is increasing throughout the country. The training provided by medical schools is, naturally, considered the best as they help you to understand medicine through patient care experience better. Some states need you to partake in formal accreditation programs to pass an entry exam. In other states, job training will do. 

You must give your detailed education account in your resume. Include all applicable workshops, courses, conferences, or training programs you've done, as well as any practical hours you've accumulated. Provide info on the course curriculum and major topics as well. 

Right, when you're writing all this up, use the reverse-chronological format. 
Pretend you're telling the story backward. Give the most recent things, first, then work your way back from there. Ideally, you should give the starting and completion date of your degree, the full name of the degree, the institution's name, and the location. 

Here are some examples:

  • 2019-2021 Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care. Kingston University, Jamaica. 

Relevant Coursework: Medical Terminology, Healthcare Ethics, Medical Laws and Ethics, Nutrition Support, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology, Quantitative Methods.

Red Cross CNA Training Program 2013

Did well in AED, CPR, and communication training.

Achieved high marks in clinical evaluation.

  • 2013-2018 High school diploma. James Mitchell High School, Coventry, RI.
  • 2011-2013 Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School, Long Island, NJ.

Avoid falling victim to a sleepy HR manager. If you're a CNA, exhibit your certification in numerous places. Have it high up in your caregiver resume. Put it near your name and in your resume summary.

You can also have a separate section for certifications, like this:


CPR, First Aid


That's going to get you some immediate attention right there! 

Resume Skills Section

If you create a section solely for your skills, it will make the recruiter's life much easier. There are several rounds your resume will have to make it through before getting to the person who'll call you for the interview. 

So, make sure you have the job advert open in front of you so you can use the same keywords used in the job ad when compiling your skills. They will be under something like “requirements.” Once you have your skills down, compile them using a skills matrix format.

The AI programs eliminate resumes that don't have these keywords during the first few rounds. They will then compile a list of resumes based on the level of suitability. 

It may be wise to include your soft skills first in this type of job. Soft skills are your personality traits and people skills. Recruiters want to see the kind of person you are before looking at your technical/ hard skills. 

Home Healthcare Giver Resume Sample Skills Section

The job advert may state it's looking for a compassionate person and has a solid work ethic. They also value patience, and an aptitude for following directions. These are examples of soft skills you could include in your resume.

Pro tip: integrate these skills throughout your resume where you can. 

Create a table listing all these skills, such as the one below: 

Hard Skills:Soft Skills:
Safe Patient HandlingCompassion
First AidObservation
HousekeepingTime management 
Meal Preparation/CookingOrganization 
Sanitation StandardsFollowing Plan of Care
Clean Driving RecordPatience
Alzheimer's CareProblem-solving
Emergency ResponsePositive Outlook
Documenting Daily ActivitiesPhysical Stamina

Qualifications & Certifications associated with Home Health Caregivers

National Entry Level Home Health Caregiver (NELDA)NCCPA Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) — Emergency MedicineImpressions (IM) Exam
American Academy of Home Health Caregivers (AAPA)Temporaries (TMP) ExamCertified Preventive Functions Home Health Caregiver (CPFDA)
Certified Home Health CaregiverCPRTemporaries (TMP) Exam

Optional Extras for Home Healthcare Giver Resumes

Your challenge here is to convince a bored recruiter that your resume is different. Using your interests, hobbies, and other sections, prove that you can manage the responsibilities of a caregiver. 

Make sure they are relevant please, long walks on the beach won't do it here. 

Volunteer Work
  • Volunteered x3 a month at the Bolton Str. Soup Kitchen, making chowder.
  • Made dinner every Wednesday night for an elderly neighbor, a shut-in.

This type of work shows empathy. “Empathy” is almost entirely what it means to be a caregiver.

It also shows another caregiver skill: cooking!

Even a few volunteer days looks amazing on a resume. 

More accomplishments

Including things like conferences, courses, references, and publications are considered the best kind of resume candy. Associate memberships look good too: 

  • Home Care Association of America (HCAOA)
  • National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC)
  • Home Care Association of New York State (HCA-NYS)

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