McDonalds Resumes & Writing Guide

Your prospects of joining the ‘’I’m loving it’’ team may be significantly enhanced if you can present a killer McDonalds Crew Member resume from the get-go!.In fast-food services competition remains tight due to the oversupply of candidates for crew member jobs. More so when it’s in Ronald McDonald's territory.

Our guideline will equip you with all the tricks, tips and tools of resume creation for a fast response, fast interview, and fast offer on the table to commence your career in this instant food gratification world. Even if you have no experience yet, McDonalds will give you a chance anyone deserves.

McDonald's Crew Member Resume Samples

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The Great McDonald's Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:
Name, Address, Phone, Email. Yes, and include those social media profile links too, recruiters will be playing Sherlock Holmes, in any case, to get to know the person behind the resume application.

2. Career Summary:
The opening statement of your resume should knock their socks off! Just imagine how many applications for McDonalds are read daily by recruiters and franchise owners. Beat the rest of the pack by presenting a career summary with oomph – One paragraph of you, in a nutshell, broken down into, your background, years of industry experience, a substantiating achievement or technical skill and your academic credentials if applicable.

3. Qualifications Summary:
Mcdonald's Crew Member roles do not require any qualifications apart from a high school diploma for permanent positions (for casual roles the take in is from 14 years and upwards). However, if you want to fly up the ranks into team leader and then managerial roles or even a spot at headquarters, study, study and study some more. Bachelors, Associates and Diploma’s in Restaurant Management or Hospitality will be your tickets to the kingdom of better pay and higher-level roles. Provide accurate details about the degrees or diplomas you have completed with the institution, qualification name, and dates. Don’t forget to include qualifications you are currently completing too.

4. Relevant Crew Experience:
You may have worked as a Crew member on a cruise liner or in another fast-food chain before, and experience gained at those establishments should be clearly stated with appropriate dates of employment, establishment name, location, and relevant job title. If you have already done some work under those Golden Arches, even better because recruiters will know exactly what your job duties entailed (remember to still list them though under each McDonald's Crew Member role you have had.

5. Other Employment Experience:
Straight out of high school looking for your first permanent gig or currently in high school after extra pocket money?

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
Use the words in the job posting and include them in your skills section (if relevant) to boost the resume SEO rating. By doing this, your application will be picked up by the bots of applicant tracking systems which are used nowadays to automate the initial screening and selection process. If the bot misses your application due to the relevant keywords not being present, you are almost sure to miss your shot at a Mcdonald's Crew Member job.

7. Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training:
In-Service training programs, short courses, and in-house training and induction initiatives are typical examples of career development strategies at McDonalds. Add them to your resume too in conjunction with other relevant fast food credentials obtained.

What to Highlight in a McDonald’s Crew Member Resume

Regardless of your work experience in fast food restaurants which may differ in scope and focus areas, employers and recruiters will be looking for specific things in your resume when deciding if they should invite you for an interview.

The first aspect to highlight is the work environments you have exposure to. McDonalds Crew Members typically work for in sit-down, take away or drive-thru stores, or in enterprises with a combination of all three. These fast-food outlets may be situated on busy street corners on their own, in shopping malls, airports or holiday resorts. Be specific about your work setting and environment on your resume application.

What type of Crew Member are you? McDonalds have numerous official and unofficial job titles dependent on the size of the restaurant as well as the location it is situated in, but crew members are roughly categorized as follows:

  • Kitchen Crew: If the majority of your responsibilities involve flipping burgers, preparing fries, or making eggs, you are a Kitchen Crew Member. Elaborate further on duties by describing what type of meals you can prepare and also the tools and equipment (boilers, fryers, chippers) you use to make these items. You may also be assigned to a specific station such as burger assembly or work as a dishwasher or kitchen hand.
  • Counter Crew: Staff operating in the front-of-house sections of McDonalds may either be at the counter in-store or sitting at one of the windows in the drive-through area taking orders and payments. Exemplary customer service is the name of the game in these types of roles. Therefore your experience listed should reflect the capability to offer fast, efficient and friendly service to patrons, correctly taking orders and facilitating cash or credit card payments via the point of sales systems. Effectively dealing with conflict situations where an irate client received the wrong order or may have been waiting for a lengthy period will be to your advantage. Being familiar with all items on the menu from back to front including specials and promotions is also vital to this job.
  • Maintenance Crew: Repairing, fixing, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance are the primary responsibilities for crew members here. Furthermore, maintenance crew members are accountable for cleaning and sanitation of all kitchen and dining areas as well as counter desks and drive-through stations. Your knowledge of chemical cleaning products and manual and automatic cleaning equipment (think steam dispensers or pressure cleaners) are examples of details that would be of interest to restaurant managers.

Next, come the frequency of shifts and working hours. Explain to the reader whether you are a permanent or casual employee and the nature of your shift work. Some crew members work every other day in 12-hour shifts, while others are assigned to 8-hour shifts for six days with one day off. Numerous McDonalds establishments are operational 24/7 therefor if you are willing to burn the midnight oil till sunrise or are available during weekends and holiday periods for extended hours, be sure to mention that too.

To keep your resume structured and more readable, it would be helpful to categorize your duties under specific sections of your role’s performance indicators:

  • Customer Interaction: Explain how you would greet customers approaching the store or drive-through window and your skill in promoting special discounts or upselling orders with side items or promoting upsizing meal combo’s. Taking orders an input selections into the restaurant’s POS system, taking cash payments and providing the correct change, all the while remaining courteous to answer customer queries, handling complaints professionally and escalating them to a supervisor, would be part of the job duties to list on your resume.
  • Food Preparation: In this paragraph refer to your ability to operate various tools and equipment in preparing food and assembling orders as well as troubleshooting malfunctioning equipment appropriately as to not disrupt the speed of workflow in the kitchen. Drill down in more detail regarding your knowledge of cooking methods and fundamentals such as frying, grilling, brewing coffee or mixing ingredients for the milkshake machine.
  • Quality Control: McDonalds enterprises need to adhere to very stringent standards regarding hygiene and cleanliness. You can perhaps give an indication of the frequency of your cleaning activities (mopping floors, sanitizing workstations, disinfecting dining tables and chairs for instance). Following safety procedures when preparing, assembling and presenting food to customers is also on the list of job duties to highlight in your resume.
  • Supplies & Inventory: Crew members may also assist supervisors and store managers with stock ordering and inventory control. This may mean that you are tasked with offloading supplies from delivery trucks, entering stock levels into the order control system or taking record of dwindling ingredient levels and input new orders requisitions into the purchasing system to be approved by management.

The best way to approach the decision on which content stays and which content goes, is to think about what your daily, weekly and monthly duties are and use bulleted, concise sentences to describe them, limiting them to no more than 5-7 points for each job you have held during the last ten years.

What to to put on your resume without experience?

Your employment experience elsewhere may show recruiters why you could be a good fit. However, if you have close to zero work experience, mention volunteer roles, weekend jobs, or once-off positions in this section. If you don't have those, put education at the top of your and focus on that. Highlight the positive aspects of your education. Sports? High Grades? Extra activities you did? Mention it in your career objective that you are eager to gain your first opportunity to show your work skills and ethics.
Its not so much about not having no experience, its how you positively put this in your resume!

McDonalds Crew Member Career Summary

The McDonalds brand is a global, iconic phenomenon and hiring managers would be looking and prospective employees who will represent the brand in the most appropriate manner. Just as the Big Mac is the flagship product of the Mcdonald's brand, your career summary should be the key differentiating factor in your application, capturing the attention of recruiters in an instant and making a positive impression in less than six seconds. Yip, a mere six seconds is the average amount of time you have to persuade the reader to scroll through the rest of your resume.

* Resume Hack: Craft the career summary section after you have completed your entire resume document. By then you would have a better idea of what to include in your elevator pitch to pack the most punch and set you way above the rest of the applicant contenders.

A generic, “run-of-the-mill” summary used for every job you applied to is just not fit for a McDonalds Crew Member application. This is the wrapping to your resume package and should convey an image of your personality, what you’re capable of, and how you’ve used your abilities and credentials (if applicable) to achieve the goals of your previous employers

Start your career summary with and actionable adjective of who you are, followed by your years of experience in the industry and one or two main duties (guided by the verbiage used in the job advertisement). Then include a specific accomplishment or accolade and finish off with training or education completed.

The more your career summary resonates with the job description of keywords, the better fit you will seem.


Career Summary 1

Results-driven and dedicated Kitchen Crew Member with over a decade of experience in occupying various stations such as burger, assembly and prepping in 24/7 fast food outlets. Remarkable work speed coupled with an organized mind to prioritize tasks by the urgency of workflow outcomes to deliver food items and meals of the highest quality in terms of hygiene, appearance, and taste. Committed to working cohesively with fellow crew members proved by attaining Best Crew Member award numerous times during the last few years. ServSafe Certified with a Diploma in Culinary Arts.'  

Career Summary 2

Customer Orientated McDonald’s Counter Crew Member with six-month permanent experience in dining as well as drive-thru settings. Exemplary ability to upsell on combo meals and side items increasing sales on these products by 18 percent. Used to fast-paced enterprises and taking on average over 100 orders per shift. Currently enrolled in the Macdonald’s Management on Training program

Career Summary 3

Task-driven, but process-orientated McDonald’s Crew Member with exceptional interpersonal skills and a passion for facilitating positive customer experiences at all times. Proven track record in foundational cooking and food prep techniques and a “ninja” behind the coffee brewing machine. Holds an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and is ServSafe Certified.

McDonald's Crew Member Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

An employer would expect to see certain job duties according to McDonal's job descriptions on a resume depending on the role applied for. Below, we have given a few examples which you are welcome to use as guidelines when crafting your own unique resume.


A McDonalds Kitchen Crew Member may:
  • Wash, cut, trim and slice all vegetables required for salad orders such as tomatoes, gherkins, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and onions
  • Monitor and track the order schedule for side items such as fries, chicken strips, yogurt, and slushies
  • Follow strict FIFO rules in the hamburger preparation areas as per standards on the conveyor broiler and transferred finished burgers to the expediting station
  • Offload ingredient pallets from delivery trucks and place them in the correct storage areas, workstations, and walk-in coolers
  • Cook fries in bulk bathes for packing and serving
  • Maintain and sanitize equipment such as ovens. Grills and ice cream machines as per the safety and health procedure manual
  • Disinfect workstations and kitchen counters as well as floor areas at the end of each shift
A McDonald's Cleaning Crew Member may:
  • Clean, sanitize and disinfect various sections of the restaurant including the kitchen, the front of the house, dining, cashiering, drinks and utensils stations as well as tables and chairs
  • Check cleaning equipment to ensure they are in proper working order and monitor supply levels of chemicals and other cleaning materials in the stock room.
  • Clean and refill condiment holders like mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce
  • Assist at the dishwashing station using power cleaners and pressure steaming equipment
  • Responsible for the daily cleaning of all industrial machinery and manual equipment such as the dishwasher, broiler, fryers, ovens, grillers, ice cream makers, milkshakes, coffee brewers,s and sauce dispensers
  • Clean the different restaurant sections namely of front-of-the-house, cashier counter, dining, drinks and utensils stations plus all the tables, chairs, and counter utensils after closing times
A McDonalds Counter Crew Member may:
  • Greet and receive customers politely and professionally
  • Explain the various specials and promotional discounts to patrons entering the store
  • Take orders and capture them on the POS system
  • Prepare and serve cold drinks, hot beverages, ice creams, and milkshakes
  • Process credit card transactions, receive cash and provide cored change amounts and refunds where needed
  • Show diners to their tables or the waiting area if the store gets too busy for the waiters to handle the customer inflow
  • Place correct orders in bags and pass them on to waiting customers
  • Embark on light cleaning activities should the counter areas, floor areas, or the front of the house require wiping mopping, or sweeping
  • Running the drive-thru section during weekends

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Don’t be tempted to merely copy and paste a few job duties under your accomplishment section. Your resume needs to stand out from the crowd, and there are hundreds and thousands of candidates applying for MacDonald's Crew Member jobs each month. Now if you are contemplating, ‘’I flip burgers and serve ice cream, how can I turn these into accomplishments?”, think no more. The McDonalds brand is all about volumes of food items, served within minutes, sometimes seconds to hungry customers. Play on this in your accomplishment section by adding the magic ingredient of quantification. Numbers, frequencies, percentages, numerical values, time frames, and dollar amounts should form part of your quantification process.

* Resume Hack: Use the right action verbs in your accomplishments statements to inject life and dynamism into your application. Validate all claims and assertions with titles and dates for awards and provide percentages and time frames when explaining sales contributions.

Let's review a few examples of ‘’spot on’’ accomplishment statements, sure to make a restaurant owner sit upright and look twice at your resume:

  • Achieved a 52% increase in salad and health items sales by promoting the Get Back into Summer menu to all customers visiting the store between 11 am and 5 pm
  • Increase the turnover of side items like milkshakes and fries by 34% by using upselling techniques at the Drive-Thru station
  • Complete an average of 120 – 150 orders per day during weekdays and over 200 orders per day during weekends
  • Recipient of the prestigious Best McDonald’s Service Crew Member after only six months on the job
  • Received Perfect Attendance Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018

McDonald’s Crew Member Education Section

The education section forms an integral part of your resume regardless of the qualification level attained. McDonald’s Crew Members undergo intense training and development during their time employed, and all of these training programs completed should be added to your education section too. Diplomas. Degrees and Short Courses can be listed by completion date, qualification name, institute, and location. Accreditations such as CPR or Food Health and Safety certifications should also be included in this section. Remember to add current qualifications you are in the process of completing.

Below is an example of you to list degrees, certificates, and courses in your resume:

2013-2017 Bachelor of Hotel Management & Administration, Texas State University, TX

2016 – Certificate in Advanced Culinary Techniques, Tampa Chefs Academy, FL

2015 – Shift Management Training, McDonald’s Regional Academy, Tampa, FL

2014 – Systems Management Training, In-House McDonald’s Training Centre, Atlanta, GA

2013 – Introduction to Management Summit, In-House McDonald’s Training Centre, Atlanta, GA

2012 – Orlando High School, High School Diploma, Orlando, FL

McDonald’s Resume Skills

Working as a McDonald’s Crew Member requires a combination of technical skills and interpersonal traits. Flipping burgers and chopping onions at admirable speeds will only get you so far in this fast-food game. A friendly smile, diplomatic demeanor and the ability to wing it every now and again under in pressure cooker situations are traits that restaurant managers would look for in prospective candidates.

Now, you can waste resume space by providing a long, dull, and dreary list of skills or present your candidacy using a skills table.

Technical Competencies

Food AssemblyPlatingVolume ConversionsBurger Station
Knife SkillsHot LinesMetricScheduling
Order ManagementCold LinesFood ComponentsInventory Control
Safety RegulationsQuality ControlSanitationPOS Systems
Food HygieneSpeed PreppingMenusDeboning
Ingredient KnowledgeStation Set-UpFood ProcessingCleaning Components
Grilling, Frying, BroilingDiscerning PalateFood StorageDough Prepping
Cutting, Slicing, DicingOrder TakingSauces and Marinade PreparationHalaal and Kosher Techniques

Interpersonal Skills

MultitaskingPhysical EnduranceDeadline DrivenAccurate
Attention to DetailPersonal HygieneEnergeticFast
Team PlayerReliableFollow OrdersMathematics
Customer ServicePunctualAdhere to RulesCheerful
IndependentDiplomaticProblem SolvingFocussed
Stress ToleranceAccountableJudgementTime Management

Qualifications/Certifications associated with McDonald’s Crew Members

Young Apprenticeship in HospitalityCertificate in Food HygieneDiploma in Wedding Coordination & Planning
McDonald’s Management in Training SummitMcDonald’s Shift Management CourseMcDonald’s Restaurant Leadership Programe
Bachelor in Culinary ArtsAssociates Degree in Restaurant ManagementBusiness Management, Hospitality & Tourism Certificate
McDonald’s Business Leadership CourseServSafe AccreditationHigh School Diploma

Action Verbs for your McDonald’s Crew Member Resume

As you may already know, action words or verbs can give your application an extra boo if they are well-aligned to the role applied for. Herewith a few examples to include in your McDonald’s Crew Member Resume.

CheckingProblem SolvingImproving

Professional information of McDonald’s Crew Members

Sectors: Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Events, Travel, Tourism
Career TypeFunctional, Professional, Customer Service, Customer Relations
Person type:  Worker, Assisting, Helper, Server, Scheduler,
Education levelsFrom High School Diploma to Bachelor Degree
Salary indicationFrom $7.55 to $13.99 per hour
Labor market: Subject to 14% growth from 2016 – 2026
Organizations: McDonald’s Enterprises

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