Project Coordinator Resume & Guide

Are you scouting for your next Project Coordinator role? As a first step, why not check out our Project Coordinator resume sample to assist you in crafting a stellar resume that will get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

Project Coordinators are the ‘’on the ground’’ soldiers responsible for facilitating communication between team members and managers, preparing reports and documentation and dividing project goals into actionable tasks.  

Project coordinators are the PA’s to project managers assisting them with resource coordination, shielding of resources, equipment meetings, and information flow.

In this Project Coordinator Resume write up we will provide you with tips, advice, and guidelines to unpack the primary duties of your role, highlight key areas of experience, draft impressionable accomplishment statements and show you how to display academic credentials most adequately.

Project Coordinator Resume Examples

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Project Coordinator Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Cell Number
  • Email
  • Be sure to include alternative contact channels like your LinkedIn profile or Facebook URL details. (Remember: recruiters will be stalking you in any case).
  • Driver's license
  • Nationality (optional)

2. Career Summary:
A flawless proposal of 3-6 sentences, highlighting your expertise, qualifications, and skills to create anticipation for the reader to review the rest of your resume document.

Think about the value or benefit you can bring to the company and translate those into a career summary that generates an impact and is compelling to read. (see examples below)

3. Qualifications:
Project coordinators come from various educational disciplines including engineering, marketing, finance, and human resources. An associate’s degree or bachelor's degree is usually required to get a foot in the door. List your qualifications as follows: Dates of completion, name of degree, name of educational institution and location.

4. Relevant Project Coordinator Experience:
Work settings for Project Coordinators may vary a great deal and would be dependent on the industry they find themselves in. It is more than possible to transition from one sector for instance construction into another like manufacturing.

The core duties of project coordination are somewhat universal and should be added to the working experience section together with job activities that are unique to your specific industry. Use the job advertisement to direct you when decided what duties to add or leave out.

Listing working experience in reverse chronological format is a smart approach especially if you have less than five years’ experience. Remember to include employment duration dates by stating both the month and the year to eliminate confusion.

5. Other Employment Experience:
Not every Project Coordinator starts off their careers in Project Coordination at first. Previous roles in administration, being an executive assistant, or completing various internships in your chosen industry would be relevant to hiring managers and recruiters reviewing your resume.

In this section, feel free to include part-time, volunteering and vocational gigs to show off your organization, scheduling and coordination skills.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
Successful Project Coordinators have specific hard skills and soft skills in common. Skills and competencies should occupy a section separate from your job descriptions.

Using a skills matrix to present your most valuable technical abilities and interpersonal traits is always a good idea.. Pick the essential skills requirements from the job advertisement and align them to your own specific technical and personality features to create much-needed credibility.

7. Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training:
Special certifications may significantly boost your chances of landing a dream role at the company you always wanted to work for.

Certifications available for Project Coordinators include: Certified Meeting Professional, Scheduling Professional, Project Management Professional, and PRINCE2 or PMBOK accreditation. Remember to include your membership number as well as exact dates of attaining these credentials in your education section.

What to Highlight in a Project Coordinator Resume

A Project Coordinator resume should address relevant information, pertinent to the job they are applying for and highlight specific points that will enable hiring managers and recruiters to determine competence and fit for the role at hand. The tricky part is resume length constraints and including sufficient information in a two-page document.

The first aspect to highlight is the project discipline (there may be more than one) that you have experience in. We have included the main options for you below:

  • IT Project Coordinator: These employees are responsible for coordinating all IT related projects from revamping systems to cloud platform transitions to implementing new CRM applications. They identify and analyze system requirements, outline the project scope, compile status reports, coordinate scheduling of project action items and facilitate meetings and feedback sessions. They are also tasked with tracking progress and troubleshoot problems and setbacks. From an administrative perspective it is the job of an IT Project Coordinator to keep accurate records of every phase of the project development life cycle from planning to the execution stage.
  • HR Project Coordinator: In this department it is all about talent management, recruitment, payroll, performance appraisals, job design, and even employee engagement and retention projects. Project Coordinators in an HR department are responsible for scheduling meetings, assist in resource planning, facilitate collaboration between HR and hiring managers and keep track of employee as well as prospective candidate data management.
  • Research Project Coordinator: These employees usually work for educational institutions or highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive or biomedical engineering to name but a few. The primary purpose of their jobs is to research specific topics, document their findings and present them to relevant stakeholders. They also fulfill an administration function and organize meetings, events, travel plans, keynote speakers, teaching schedules and in-house research projects. These candidates are skilled at drafting proposals, grant applications, and fundraising requests.
  • Construction Project Coordinator: The job of a Project Coordinator in the building and construction industry may involve a little bit of everything, you are basically the executive assistant to the Construction Manager, Operations Lead, or Engineering Professional. In this role your tasks may include: creating project schedules, compiling procurement lists for stocks and supplies, invoicing clients, making payments, drafting workflow schedules, obtaining permits, completing proposal documentation and paying contractors their weekly wages.
  • Marketing Project Coordinator: A hectic environment to be in, is marketing and advertising. Working hours are long and weekends nonexistent because as a Marketing Project Coordinator you are basically on call 24/7. Creating budget lists, producing scripts, proofreading client proposals, printing client brief’s ensuring the graphic designers deliver prototypes on time, organizing marketing and advertising team activities and also ensuring everyone in the team receives their morning coffee fix on time, are all part of a Marketing Project Coordinator’s responsibility.

Now that you have indicated the type or project coordinator category you fall into, the next topic on the agenda is to explain the scope of your position. Project coordination is a multi-faceted function with multiple KPI’s. To ensure that your resume touches on all the primary duties or KPI, break your tasks down into subsections of project coordination.

  • Scheduling & Organizing: Arranging meetings with multiple stakeholders is probably one of your primary duties. Here you could mention the scheduling software that you use, who your key stakeholders are and the type of meetings (project planning, progress, information sessions) that you schedule frequently. Along with scheduling comes the organizing of appropriate venues, arranging for logistics and transportation if attendees are from out of state and setting up automated reminders and RSVP messaging. Regarding the project itself you need to explain the process followed in terms of budget preparations, workflow scheduling and creating project schedules that include materials estimates and workforce allocations.
  • Record keeping and Tracking Paperwork: Managing information flow is crucial and how you keep a ‘’paper trail’’ in your current environment will be of interest to hiring managers. Gathering information, documenting all events, meetings, important timelines, estimated and promised deadlines and a list of responsibilities and to-do items for each project team member are examples of points you may add to your resume.
  • Monitoring and Reporting Progress: A Project Coordinator also acts as a personal policeman/inspector during each phase of the project. Hiring managers would want to see your detail orientation and observant traits to prove to them that you will be picking up and proactively dealing with issues and problems during the project life cycle before they become disasters in the making. In this subsection spare a thought for your multitasking skills and how well you are adapted to handling a stressful, fast-paced working environment. Reporting is a vital part of a Project Coordinator, so be sure to include the reporting and presentation software you are familiar with.
  • Facilitate Information Flow: Nowadays everything needs to be linked and synced across multiple devices and for all stakeholders. Your time to shine if you can give examples of how you would set up an information flow process, collaboration software, event notifications, automated to-do list reminders and feedback reporting for every team member, manager, client, supplier and consultant involved in the project. Recruiters would expect to see which tools and applications you utilized to create project milestones and ensure that deadlines, compliance and service level agreements are adhered to (more on this in our tools and tech section).
  • Team Liaison: As a Project Coordinator you are the glue that ties all the stakeholders together from the client to the manager to the contractor on site. Elaborate on the communications methods and platforms used, how you would diffuse conflict situations (give real-life examples) or deal with crises events ensuring that everybody remains calm and on the same wavelength.

Finally conclude with a short overview of your industry experience by listing them according to SIC standards for instance Mining, Banking, Insurance or Food Manufacturing. Then provide a shortlist (3-5) projects that you were responsible for mentioning dollar value, scope, location and time frame. For example: Acted as the project coordinator for a 100 million dollar solar power commissioning plant in Oklahoma lasting 18 months”.

Tools & Tech

Project Coordinators are required to embrace technology and digital innovation. Make it easy for hiring managers to pick up on your computer technology skills by placing them together in a Skills Matrix such as the one below.

WorkableOffice TimelineSlack
Zoho ProjectsMS ProjectEasy Projects
TeamWorkCRMAdvanced ExcelAdvanced Access
Trello10,000ftPivotal Tracker
nTaskGanttProPrimevera EnterpriseProject

Career Summary & Objectives

Eye-catching, punchy, informative and enticing? Wonder what these words have in common? These are the main ingredients of a super Career Summary.

Just think for a moment, there are thousands of project coordinator roles being advertised every month and also thousands of candidates applying for these roles.

To ensure that you spark the interest of an overworked recruiter screening through volumes of resume every day, your Project Coordinator career summary should be unique and perfectly customized for each role you are applying to.

This entails showing your real potential value to the organization in 3-6 sentences. Failing to do so will just land your application in the please regret folder.

Self-branding is not about bragging rights, and more about showcasing your best features aligned to the role at hand.

Let’s consider a few do’s and don’t’s first:

  • Do mimic the keywords and phrases in the job advertisement
  • Don’t apply include buzzwords or too many adjectives
  • Do spell out words in full for names of certifications and industry jargon. You may add the corresponding acronyms in brackets
  • Don’t refer to yourself in the first person, ever!

Considering that you are a Project Coordinator craft your summary like you would outline a project schedule….in phases.

  • Phase 1: Start with an exceptional interpersonal feature/verb, followed by your job title
  • Phase 2: List your years of experience and industry classification
  • Phase 3: Mention the primary purpose of your job linked with two outstanding qualities or specialties
  • Phase 4: Indicate the highest qualifications and credentials
  • Phase 5: Read your career summary out loud and time yourself (should take less than 35 seconds)


Enthusiastic Junior Project Coordinator with three years’ experience in the construction industry and a neck for slashing traveling budget expenditure of executives by 60%, through effective utilization of automation software and virtual collaboration strategies. Certified as a Professional Scheduler and currently completing a Professional Project Manager accreditation.

Deadline driven Project Coordinator with four years’ experience in facilitating the planning and execution of multiple commission projects simultaneously on a global scale across four continents. Holds an Associate’s Degree in Financial Management and completed PRINCE2 and PMBOK certifications via the Project Management Institute (PMI).”

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) with two years of experience in project coordination with expert knowledge in the facilitation of prototype products from pilot phase to commercialization in highly regulated industries including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. Hold a 100% record for delivering outcomes ahead of project estimate schedules and highly adept in project software such as Asana, Confluence, and TimeCamp.

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and Duty Examples

The progress of a Project Coordinator’s career is depicted in three phases: Assistant Project Coordinator, Project Coordinator, and Senior Project Coordinator as per the job duties below:

An Assistant Project Coordinator may:

  • Manage project budgets of up to $40 000
  • Outline project deliverables and keep track of to-do items for the project team
  • Create action plans and coordinate meetings between department executives, clients, and contractor companies
  • Present status reports to stakeholders during budget and strategic planning meetings
  • Collaborate with marketing, operations, and financial teams to draft schedules and project milestones
  • Prepare job orders for each contractor company's proposal and generate corresponding invoices by stipulated service level agreements.
  • Compose community notices, violation letters, security notifications and final demands emails when necessary
  • Manage correspondence and handle all telephonic and email queries

An Experienced Project Coordinator may:

  • Responsible for supervising the complete financial cycle including proposals and bidding procedures, procurement orders and vendor invoicing
  • Investigate potential risks or barriers that may have a detrimental impact on the successful completion of each project and create the necessary contingency plans
  • Coordinate and facilitate the work schedules of multiple project teams during each phase of the project life cycle
  • Schedule progress and budget meetings once a month and adjust project estimates in terms of resource allocation and completion timeframes if needed
  • Monitor all project activities and produce current status reports comparing actual outcomes with target outcomes
  • Maintain databases, file correspondence, and maintain collaboration software applications

A Senior Project Coordinator may:

  • Responsible for managing the marketing and purchasing budgets with a combined value of 100 million dollars per annum
  • Monitor and track SOW’s from vendors, SLA’s and invoicing for all key suppliers
  • Transition workflow from marketing to finance and vice versa
  • Approve workflow proposals from junior coordinators and oversee the project estimation and progress reports generated by the project administrators
  • Present project progress reports to the executive committee once per quarter
  • Responsible for managing and coaching a team of 10 junior project coordinators
  • Draft action plans and allocates to-do items to all relevant stakeholders
  • Accountable for facilitating virtual communication strategies and executing of communication plans to increase intercompany collaboration between head office and regional facilities
  • Execute project management activities by taking accountability for project outlines, scope, deliverables, schedules, and budgets

Highlight Your Accomplishments

The accomplishment section of a Project Coordinator resume is all about the wins you have had pertaining staying on or under budget, meeting deadlines and increasing client satisfaction scores.

Accomplishment statements should be brief and concise without sacrificing relevant information. Follow a ‘’proof of work’’ approach by adding facts and figures to your affirmations for an extra credibility boost. (this strategy is called resume quantification.

Not sure where to start? Have a look at our easy peasy 3 step process below:

  • Step 1: Write down your proudest moments (pick a maximum of five) from your current as well as previous roles
  • Step 2: Now answer the ‘’why’’ you chose them. Did my action make or save the company money? Did I reach my goals/targets in a shorter timeframe than expected? Did I introduce a concept that saved the company time or resources?
  • Step 3: Now add the value beneficiation figures: timeframes, frequencies, rankings, dollar values, percentages, ratios to each of your statements.

Time to review a few examples created by following the steps above:

  • Created an interactive dashboard for multiple project scheduling and comparative target vs. actual progress visualization which enhanced the efficiency of scheduling and real-time reporting by 45%
  • Was assigned project budgets of over two million dollars within the first six months in the role
  • Maintained a 95% billing rate for all project members which increase project profits by 32% on average
  • Reduced travel expenditures and venue hire costs down to zero, by implementing online meeting and video chat conference calls
  • Awarded with the Rookie Project Coordinator of 2018 accolade for collecting and submitting key metrics and progress indicators for over 50 projects in 3 months

So what to do if you are a fresher who just completed your degree and no formal working experience under the belt? No need for despair, we have a plan for you too.

  • Step 1: Think of school or university projects that you have participated in or had to take ownership of. This could be anything from organizing the school prom night or facilitating a charity event at university
  • Step 2: What tools and tech did you use to complete or coordinate the project? Think communication, budget, collaboration, meeting software, reporting, design, graphics
  • Step 3: What was the outcome in terms of praise, recommendations, reviews, rankings, scores?

* Accomplishment Statement Hacks: Remain relevant, highlight savings in time and money terms. Mention endorsements by critical stakeholders such as managers, clients or suppliers. List projects by scope, size, dollar values, and deadline timeframes.

Project Coordinator Education Section

Educational routes for Project Coordinators vary quite extensively, and degrees are completed in numerous disciplines from marketing to engineering. Regardless of your degree choice there are also multiple options for project management certifications and other credentials that may increase your chances of landing that perfect Project Coordinator role.

Use the following format to list qualifications: Date of commencement and completion, followed by qualification name, and then the institution attended plus location, and state.

Some examples for a Project Coordinator’s Resume:

2019 Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Project Management Institute (PMI), Newtown Square, PA
Project Management hours accumulated: 4500
Project Management Education hours accumulated: 35

2018 Scheduling Professional, Project Management Academy, Boston, MA

2016 – 2017 Bachelor in Business Administration, College of Westchester, White Plains, NY
Course Curriculum: Principles of Project Management, Project Planning and Scheduling, Risk Management, Project Coordination, Cost Management

2013 – 2015 Associate’s Degree in Business Management, California State University, Long Beach, CA

Compiling a Project Coordinator Skills Matrix

A skills matrix is a smart way to strut your stuff as a project coordinator in a neatly formatted table, which is much better than a long boring list of bulleted skills and technical attributes.

Make sure that your resume doesn’t fall through the cracks of ATS and bot screening by simulating the top skills (hard and soft skills) as stated by the job advertisement. This may entail a bit of customization to fit with each role you apply for, but well worth the effort in the end when the interview invites start coming in.

Technical competencies (hard skills) are developed and accumulated via academic training and your working experience. Interpersonal traits (soft skills) are formed through your life experiences and entrenched in your DNA, but may also be acquired through formal training and mentorship. Both are vital to the role of a Project Coordinator.

Technical Skills Matrix

Vendor ManagementMeeting Preparation
SchedulingWorking with Cross-Functional Teams
Generating ReportsCoordinating Workflow Processes
Gathering InformationProject Planning
Outline RequirementsProject Development Life Cycle

Soft Skills Matrix

Verbal and Written CommunicationOrganization
Time ManagementStress Tolerance
Critical ThinkingDeadline Driven

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Project Coordinators

The Project Management Fundamentals CourseProject+CompTIA Project+
PMBOKPRINCE2 PractitionerMasters in Business Administration
PMI-PgMP Certification Training Bachelor's Degree (Various DisciplinesAPM - Associate in Project Management
Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)PRINCE2 AgileCertified Project Scheduler (CPS)
IPMA (Level C)CompTIA Project+ CertificationPPM - Professional in Project Management

Professional Information on Project Coordinators

Sectors: Finance, Banking, Food Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Industrial, Chemical, Oil, Gas & Exploration, Infrastructure, Solutions & Services, Engineering, Product Manufacturing, Construction, Power & Transmission,
Career Type Tracking, Recordkeeping, Collaborating, Managing, Planning, Reporting, Project Implementation & Execution, Scheduling
Person type:  Scheduler, Facilitator, Coordinator, Overseer, Planner, Evaluator, Forecaster
Education levelsBachelor Degrees to Doctorate Degrees
Salary Indication: 7.26 per hour to 46.0 per hour / Average of $49 069 per annum
Labor market: Estimated 12% between 2016 – 2026
Organizations: Various

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