Amazon Associate Resume & Guide

Are your sights set on a new Amazon Associates role? If so, you will need a world-class resume to give you the best chance of landing an interview. Luckily, you have come to the perfect place. Providing people with the steps necessary to create the perfect resume is our passion.

First, we recommend looking through a few of our Amazon Associate resume samples to give you an idea of what potential employers expect to see. These examples will highlight how best to list your information and how to create a resume that grabs the reader’s attention from the very first word.

21 Amazon Associate Resume Examples

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Amazon Associate Resume Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight

Before you set your sights on a challenging interview with Amazon, you actually need to land the interview. This is where the perfect resume comes into the mix. Below we have outlined the main pieces of information you must highlight in your resume, whether you have 20 years of experience or 20 days.

Firstly, you need to outline the specific industry you have been working in. For example, a General Warehouse Worker would most commonly be found within the retail sector where goods are sold to consumers or the wholesale industry where goods are sold to intermediaries, companies, or institutions.

Once you have highlighted this information, mention how you maintain a steady successful flow of goods to happy clients and customers.

Secondly, potential employers want to see the nature of your job. Your unique skills, qualities, interest, and physical abilities give you specific strengths, and you may be an expert in some areas but weaker in other areas.

Highlight your strong suits and show how you can make a meaningful difference to the company by completing these tasks. If you are skilled at multiple procedures, mention them all, do not limit yourself to just one. The more, the merrier, and the more attractive you look.

Examples of areas you could be exemplary in include:

  1. Pickers: Workers who locate, pick, sort, scan, and move goods to a designated packing area.
  2. Packers: Workers responsible for weighing outgoing products and packing goods into appropriate-sized containers like envelopes, boxes, or steel drums. Packers are also required to label and tag packages before they are shipped.
  3. Hand Movers: Workers who are responsible for manually loading and unloading trucks with incoming and outgoing products.
  4. Machine Operators: Forklift drivers and conveyor belt machine operators drive, steer, or monitor the automated movement of products and large pallets of product stacks around the warehouse to their required locations.

Thirdly, you need to outline the working environment you have had experience in. For example, have you been working at a chemical plant required to load hazardous materials, or at a supermarket where you handle food items? This is important information as it allows the reader to gauge your competency.

Lastly, an area that many people overlook is how your resume is formatted. This includes the font you use, the font size you use, whether headings are clearly highlighted, the order you list your information, and the format you submit your resume in.

For the best results, choose a generic font that allows for easy reading. Next, make sure the font size is not too big or small, change the size for headings, and do not be afraid to bold important information.

When it comes to listing information, you cannot go wrong with the reverse chronological order. Lastly, save your resume as a PDF; this is a format that is accessible on any device.

Include these details:

  • The areas you are allowed to work in, according to your licensing and certifications. For example, you may only be certified to work in certain states.
  • The special machinery you can use, such as forklifts, conveyor belts, load-bearers, washing bay equipment, industrial vacuums, or large-scale fans and dryers.
  • A list of all the industries you have worked in, for example, Automotive, Wholesale, Retail Shipping, Pharmaceutical, Air Cargo Storage, and Specialty Chemicals.
  • Your safety experience and if you are familiar with the most recent ISO standards and any other regulatory compliance requirements for fields such as FDA (Medical/Healthcare) or GMP for manufacturing and processing plants.
  • Your willingness to work weird shifts. Most workers do 8-hour shifts, although longer shifts like 12 hour, weekends, and overtime are also common due to materials being shipped around the clock.
  • Whether you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • Your fitness and physical ability to carry out lifting, unloading, hoisting, and moving large containers, barrels, parcels, and boxes. It is a good idea to state how many pounds you can lift.

Career Summary & Objectives

Hiring managers, recruiters, and potential employers are very busy people who do not have time to waste. When a resume comes across their desk, the quicker they see the information they are looking for, the better.

The best way to grab their attention from the very first word is by creating an insightful career summary.

Your career summary should be between 4-6 lines in length, and it serves as an introduction to your resume. It would be best if you remembered that this is only an introduction, so keep your sentences short and concise and only include your most attractive information.

If you are unsure of whether you should choose a career summary or a career objective, let us help you:

  • A career summary should be used if you have more than two years of experience. Here you want to highlight your impressive experience alongside your skills, qualities, and certifications.
  • A career objective should be used if your experience is on the thinner side. Instead of highlighting your experience, an objective statement allows you to outline your career goals and inspirations while still highlighting your skills and qualities.

Example Summaries & Objectives

Amazon Associate Summary 1
"Warehouse associate with 7+ years of experience seeking to deliver top KPIs for Target. Maintained picking/packing speeds in the top 98% and performed to 100% of packing specs. Kept records 98.5% error-free. 5-time Walmart picker of the month looking for a position as an Amazon Associate."
Amazon Associate Summary 2
"Experienced Amazon Associate with five years’ tenure in a shipping yard setting, maintaining an average picking/packing speed of 98%. Holds a zero error% score in adhering to packing specs and 97% error-free ratio on packing records. Completed a certificate in Warehouse Sanitation and has a valid commercial driver’s license."
Amazon Associate Summary 3
"Dedicated Amazon Associate with a strong background in chemical and pharmaceutical warehouse operations spanning over six years. Competent at optimizing workflows, adhering to safety protocols, and streamlining inventory processes. Highly skilled in operating heavy equipment and manufacturing machinery."

Employment History

We should not need to tell you how important your employment history section is. However, we do need to tell you that there are certain ways to make the most of your information.

Firstly, list your employment history in reverse chronological order so that your most recent experience can be viewed first.

Secondly, make sure that you clearly outline the title you held, the company's name, and a brief description of your required duties.

Lastly, mention 4-5 bullet points that highlight your most impressive responsibilities and duties. See the examples below:


Amazon Warehouse Associate

(2016 – 2019)
Performed all warehouse laborer duties such as packing, picking, counting, record keeping, and maintaining a clean area.

  • Consistently maintained picking/packing speeds in the 98th percentile.
  • Picked all orders with 100% accuracy despite high speeds.
  • Maintained a clean work area, meeting 97.5% of the inspection requirements.

Laboratory Assistant at Dunrea Laboratories

(2013 – 2016)
Full-time lab assistant in a small, regional laboratory.

  • Filled the warehouse helper job description, which involved picking, packing, shipping, inventory management, and cleaning equipment.
  • Saved 12% on UPS orders by staying on top of special deals.
  • Cut down storage waste by 23% by switching to a Kanban system.

Job Descriptions Examples

It would help if you looked at your Amazon Associate job description as your resume’s bread and butter, the information that makes up the body of your resume. However, instead of listing every job duty, you have ever been given, rather use the job description to tailor your information to only reflect the most relevant information.

To make life slightly easier, we have listed a range of general job duty examples applicable to Amazon Associate positions to give you an idea of where to begin:

Samples for an Amazon Associate:

  • Train to be a Transship Outbound (TOB) or an Inventory in Odd Locations (IOL) Associate and Problem Solver.
  • Submit required requests for large adjustments and the root cause listing possible trends to manager/s for approval.
  • Participate in Kaizen Events, Gemba walks, and 5S to remove barriers and improve productivity.
  • Establish Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) store Cheryl's Cozy Kitchen, LLC with wife Cheryl – 2014 Amazon for Life benefit.
  • Obtain a “Class A” CDL license through Amazon Career Choice programs with Sage at Bloomsburg University.
  • Accurately and efficiently perform primary job functions determined by work assignments.
  • Select orders in an accurate and timeous manner.
  • Load trucks for outbound orders.
  • Manage inventory within the warehouse by completing physical tasks.
  • Carry out basic produce storage and handling requirements.
  • Complete inventory paperwork for inbound receiving.
  • Safely operate equipment while adhering to food safety policies.
  • Prepare orders by processing requests and supplying orders.
  • Maintain a safe, clean working environment, pallet area workstations, and shipping area.
  • Be responsible for pulling orders based on pick tickets to build orders to load onto delivery trucks accurately.
  • Manually lifting and moving product for restocking and repacking, ensuring date code accuracy and proper rotation.
  • Loading and unloading designated trailers and route trucks.
  • Completing Truck Jockey duties by driving tractor-trailer trucks from point A to B in between docks and parking areas.
  • Adhere to good manufacturing practices and safety standards.
  • Be responsible for meeting productivity requirements.


Before writing this section, we recommend that you stop for a minute to think about what your most impressive achievements are. Remember, you need to include information that will set you apart from other applicants. One very crucial piece of information you need to remember, Quantification. Whether you have loads and loads of accomplishments or just one, they are worthless if they are not quantified. Quantification allows you to stand out from other applicants but more importantly, it allows the reader to measure you against other candidates and allows them to see your ability.

Below we have outlined examples of what to do, and what not to do.

Quantified Accomplishment Statements:

  • Decreased error rates by 4% and QC 12 % more orders that are shipped daily.
  • Awarded “Employee of the month” on four occasions due to consistent attendance, punctuality, and high performance.
  • Managed workflow of up to 58 associates for the FC.

Accomplishment Statements without Quantification:

  • Decrease the errors rate and QC several more orders that we ship per day.
  • Awarded “Employee of the month” due to consistent attendance, punctuality, and performance.
  • Managed workflow of associates for the FC.

Accomplishment Statement Hacks: Creating questions that you need to answer will allow you to come up with more accurate and quantified answers. Examples of questions include “What was the scope and measurable outcome of the last process you re-designed?” “Name the most innovative idea you have had implemented by your company and the contribution to the business value resulting from it?” “How would you bring a product to market in terms of time frame, budget, and analytics specifics?”


If you live in a dream world where you think that Amazon Associates do not need any education, let us wake you up right now. Although advanced formal degrees are not required, you still need to show evidence of your education and how you list this information as just as important. Your education section is very important and one that employers pay special attention to as it outlines your foundational knowledge.

When listing your degrees and qualifications, follow the following steps:

  1. Date of commencement and completion for degrees and diplomas. Just the completion date for certifications and licenses.
  2. Name of the degree and the name of the institution.
  3. The location of the institution. (City and abbreviated state name.)


2020 – Online Graduate Certificate in Warehousing & Supply Chain Management, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), NH.

2016 – 2018 – Associates Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Fundamentals, Atlanta Technical College, Atlanta, GA.
Majors: Warehousing Operations, Logistics and Distribution Practices
Minors: Inventory Systems, Supply Chain Principles

2015 – Warehousing, Operations, and Disposal Course, Graduate School USA, Washington DC.


On average, only 60% of all applicants include technical and soft skills that reflect what the employer is looking for. The best way to avoid this, and increase the number of eye-catching skills you include is by reading through the job description, the cheat sheet you are allowed to use. Integrating keywords from the job description allows your resume to reflect exactly what the employer is looking for and gives you the best chance of beating an Application Tracking System.

As an Amazon Associate, you need to show that you have a good mix of both technical and soft skills. Technical skills allow the reader to gauge your competency, while soft skills highlight whether you are an effective team player.

In our opinion, the best way to present skills and competencies is by using a skills matrix table. Rather than using bullet points that take up loads of precious space, a skills matrix table is visually pleasing, saves space, and allows the reader to view your important information easily.

Technical skills

PickingMath SkillsPallet Jack Operation
PackingUnloading TrucksSafety Skills
Cleaning EquipmentShippingAble to Lift Over 50 lb
Record KeepingComputer SkillsForklift

Soft Skills

AccuracyCommunication SkillsHonest
SpeedAttention to DetailStrong Work Ethic
TeamworkPhysically FitEndurance

Qualifications & Certifications associated with Amazon Associates

Basic Workplace Safety OrientationOSHA CertificationGED High School Diploma
Logistics and Supply Chain FundamentalsBasic First Aid & CPR.Supply Chain Management (SCM) Certificate
BA in Supply Chain ManagementClean Class D driver's licenseAssociate Degree Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Hazardous Materials Transportation Training (HAZMAT)CPUT - Certificate in StoremanshipCertified Forklift Driver
Lean Warehousing CourseCargo Warehouse Operations

Optional Extras for Amazon Associate Resumes

You have reached the end of your resume, but you feel that you have not included all the information you wished to include. Well, do not stress. The optional extras section is just what you need. Here you can include any final pieces of information you could not include in the previous section.

Below are a few examples you could include:

  • Licensing – Clean Class D driver's license. Basic First Aid & CPR.
  • Courses – Basic Workplace Safety Orientation,
  • Volunteer Work – Walk dogs weekly at the local animal shelter.

Download Amazon Associate Templates in PDF

Amazon Associate – Resume (20).pdf

Professional Information on Amazon Associates

Sectors: E-Commerce, ICT, Distribution, Warehousing, Supply Chain, Shipping Logistics
Career Type: Warehousing, Supply Chain, Retail, Distribution
Person type:  Worker, Administrator, Picker, Packer, Loader, Labeller
Salary Indication: $40 676 per year (ZipRecruiter)
Labor market: 3% Growth 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Amazon and related affiliates