Amazon Product Manager Resume & Writing Guide

Is landing an Amazon Product Manager role your next career aspiration? You may or may not already have a resume, but Amazon Product Manager resumes are quite different to start with. Amazon hires Product Managers across all fields of their business, and each Amazon Product Manager type has its variations.

As a first step, reviewing our Amazon Product Manager resume sample may definitely assist you in crafting a top-notch resume where you would highlight those competencies that may attract the interest of hiring managers instantaneously. Applications for Amazon Product Managers may exceed more than 500 per each role and a less than 1% success rate, because of it being such a “hot” career field.

Now to bore you with another statistic – 60% of Amazon Product Manager applicants fail the initial screening process because their resumes do not contain the correct information!

To help you, we have created a standardized resume write up a guide to help you draft a foundational resume document and then merely tweak as per each job application you make to Amazon.

17 Amazon Product Manager Resumes

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Amazon Product Manager Resume Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:
Use larger fonts for your first name and last name to make it stand out. Personal particulars can be limited to contact details, email address, and social media URLs. No need to provide a headshot, DOB, gender, or location unless specifically requested. Keep that email address professional, though, and remember to double-check the digits of your phone number provided.

2. Career Summary:
This section is your one and only chance to “hook” the reader's attention, so don't miss the opportunity to make a stellar impression. Hiring Managers will look for the career synopsis first, so make it stand out by placing a border around it and using a different font to the rest of your resume content. In a nutshell, indicate your years of experience, industries worked in, and a broad overview of background highlighting most sought after skills.

3. Qualifications:
A bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement to land an Amazon Product Manager role, but they cater to various disciplines, from Marketing to Computer Science Engineering. The more certifications you have to supplement formal academic credentials, the better. Examples include Scrum and Agile as the highly recommended ones. If you see yourself moving into management, then an MBA or Masters Degree in a Business Science discipline is highly advisable. Include the academic and industry credentials achieved by date, title, and institution.

4. Relevant Amazon Product Manager Experience:
Showcase your working history and include a list of your top 5-10 areas of responsibility. A vital experience that recruiters would look for is understanding customer needs, market trends, user interface design, and the product development life cycle. To land a position as an Amazon Product Manager, you need between 5 to 8 years of experience as a Product Manager. Present your working history in reverse chronological order starting with your current position working your way backwards.

5. Other Employment Experience:
Amazon will also look at different relevant experience even if your previous jobs were not as a Project Manager, for example, if you are transitioning from a tech consultant or developer into a Product Manager role. If this is, you then focus on transferrable skills such as consumer analytics, product ownership, and product development skills.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
Amazon Product Manager Skills should not be generic and merely listed without putting some thought into it. Your skills section is probably the second most crucial part of your resume after the career synopsis. Amazon Product Manager skills requirements usually revolve around the user interface, customer experience, data analytics, and business value assessment fundamentals. A Skills Matrix is a smart way to present your skills repertoire to prospective hiring managers. The less generic, the better.

What to Highlight in an Amazon PM Resume

Interviews at Amazon are really challenging, but before you can even think about interviews, you need to create a kick-ass resume first and be attentive to the topics you need to highlight in your Amazon Product Manager resume.

We have put together a list of themes to cover in the section below.

First up, indicate whether your experience relates more to a Product Manager (PM) role or a Product Manager Technical (PMT) position as these are the main types of product management roles available at Amazon. If your experience is more related to PM, then the overall theme of your resume should cover e-commerce. Should you apply for the Product Manager Technical (PMT) role, then your resume needs to include product technicalities and product life cycle duties focussed on design and development or system architecture.

Reminder: for the rest of this section, we are referring to PMT's and PM's loosely under the title Product Manager and outline themes relevant when applying for either one of the role types.

Provide examples of your role purpose in current and previous positions, subdividing into Customer Obsession, Ownership, Actioning, and Roadmapping paragraphs.

  • Customer Obsession:
    Hiring managers would be keen to hear if you have successfully implemented a customer feedback recommendation, methodologies you utilize to measure customer satisfaction, or how you reverse-engineered a problematic issue to find suitable solutions.
  • Ownership:
    Explain to the reader how you saw the “bigger picture” opportunity hidden in an ordinary task entrusted to you. Show that you are comfortable with making calculated decisions without your boss holding your hand or how you motivated prioritizing a short term patch over a long term developmental fix.
  • Actioning:
    Although you need to prove visionary thinking and a strategic mindset, an Amazon Product Manager role is all about action items and informing hiring managers of your task-orientated competencies. For example, you may explain to you you broke a complex problem into simple subparts or the risk-mitigating measure you put in place to launch a vulnerable product.
  • Roadmapping:
    Explain how you go about in building product roadmaps, stories, and outlines and give examples about the process you would follow to gain buy-in from business stakeholders.

Then it's time to highlight relevant skills statements. Granted, you will have a skills matrix included at the end of your resume, but that will be made up of single keywords. To reinforce your suitability pick 3-5 skills as listed in the job advertisement and craft well-written statements around those that you may include in your job duty section.

  • Strategic Skills:
    Mention your vital talents in identifying and planning product opportunities, for example, solving a customer problem in a faster, more straightforward, and more cost-effective manner.
  • Design Skills:
    Here, you should focus o creativity in terms of user experience and user interface design. PM's do not generally lead the design process, but hiring managers would need to be sure of your ability to spot a great design and providing constructive feedback to developers. For the purpose of your resume, provide one or two examples, for instance, if you can put initial mock-ups and wireframes together or using drawing tools like Sketch or Photoshop to present ideas.
  • Engineering Skills:
    You need these to build the product together with the engineering team, and that entails technical knowledge to help engineers make the correct trade-offs between product credibility and time constraints.
  • Digital Marketing Skills:
    At Amazon, Product Managers are fundi's in digital marketing, and recruiters would need to know about your digital marketing skills facilitating product launches. List the range of channels you are familiar with and also the marketing practices you follow to help the team in target audience selection and message scripting.
  • Data Analytics Skills:
    Assessing the success of a product after launching is a crucial task of an Amazon Product Manager. Your familiarity with success metrics, data analysis, and report writing should be discussed here. Do some “tool throwing,” indicating your adeptness with Excel, Python, Tableau, and SQL.

No Amazon Product Manager can operate successfully without a technology stack. Being tech-savvy is assumed, and you should add your tools and tech table to highlight proficiency and competence.

Technology Stack

AnalyticsAmplitude, Domo, Geckoboard, Google Analytics, GoodData, Heap, Mixpanel, Pendo, Segment
Customer FeedbackFormStack, Google Forms, Idea Scale, Qualtrics, Spigit, SurveyMonkey, TypeForm, UserVoice, Wootric
Design and WireframingAxure, Balsamiq, Figma Design, Flaticon, Framer, InVision, MockingBird, LiveShare, Moqups, Sketch, UXPin
User Experience TestingAdobe Target, Appsee, Clicktale, FullStory, Helio, Hotjar, Lookback, Optimizely, SessionStack, Usabilia, UserTesting, UXCam, Validately
User OnboardingAppcues, Evergage, Hopscotch, Inline Manual, Intercom, UserIQ, Tour My App, WalkMe, Whatfix
Collaboration & ProductivityAHA, Confluence, GoToMeeting, G-Suite, Hangouts Chat, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Zoom, Facebook Live, Quipp
Project & Task ManagementAsana, Monday, Trello, Jira, PivotalTrcker, Rally

Amazon Product Manager Career Summary Examples

Your Amazon Product Manager career summary may very well be the first or the last paragraph read on your application. It's up to you to ensure that the career synopsis is an epic recollection of your experience skills and credentials.

Firstly make sure to use short sentences and the active voice to be easy to read and digest. Think of stringing together 4-6 sentences that present your candidacy with powerful intent.

Your aim is to make a potential employer aware of your potential to perform in the role of an Amazon Product Manager successfully

Career Summary Examples:

Career Summary 1

Highly competent Product Manager with eight years of experience in Agile product development for e-commerce platforms in the ICT technology space. Co-led product development for a commercialization strategy or green fitness products and supplements for the Africa Market. Tasked with the responsibility to re-design UX and UI for multiple social media platform landing pages and online shopping functionalities. Holds a Masters Degree in Computer Sciences with a double major in Digital Marketing.

Career Summary 2

Mid-level Product Owner with a decade of technical product management experience in consumer-facing media and entertainment entities. Proven track record in product commercialization for mobile apps coupled with extensive exposure to data analytics and customer engagement assessments. Highly adept at A/B split testing methods and prototyping tools. Certified as a Product Manager and currently completing an MBA via Harvard University.

Career Summary 3

Tenacious and enthusiastic developer with two years of product management experience. An expert at analyzing competitor products and assimilating key metrics to present product ideas and prototype contents to executive management. Assist in conducting user metrics and evaluating feedback date to make decisions on project prioritization. Served as the junior product owner in various scrum development processes, which involved the execution of product roadmaps schedules and designs.

Amazon Product Manager Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and Duties

Your Amazon Product Manager job description is the meat and potatoes part of your resume. However, the aim is not to stuff this section with every single job duty you have ever completed during your career history. Use the job advertisement as a guideline on which duties should feature in your Amazon Product Manager resume.

To make your life a little easier, we have listed a range of general taxes applicable to Amazon Product Manager positions that you may tweak to fit them of your resume.


Amazon Product Manager Job Description Examples:
  • Manage project, program and product teams
  • Integrate software development, testing, and technology design with e-commerce business requirements
  • Translate customer needs into product features, pricing models and UI design
  • Analyze market and customer engagement statistics on pilot projects to determine viability for mass launching
  • Define product requirements and specifications to deliver successful user experiences
  • Apply data and back-end customer engagement metrics to motivate assumptions and assertions of business value
  • Conceptualize, facilitate and manage multiple projects at a time
  • Build systems to spearhead critical decisions of global e-commerce strategies
  • Reverse engineer product tweaks by working backward from customer feedback data
  • Focus on friction-free, easy to use product platforms to solve customer issues and enhance the online shopping experience
  • Contribute feedback suggestions and potential solutions throughout each phase of the product life cycle from conceptualization through to launching stages
  • Act as the end-to-end owner of five product channels
  • Manage product business cases to identify product value propositions, define unique customer experience specifications and craft marketing plans to enhance customer adoption levels
  • Formulate insights and design innovative action plans to leverage new ideas regarding product designs and improvements to existing product offerings
  • Collect system and business requirements from external and internal customers and drive project schedules accordingly
  • Lead and coordinate product launches and feedback surveys
  • Accountable for making appropriate trade-offs between product features and time-to-launch deadlines

Highlight Your Accomplishments

To write this section, you need to step back and ask yourself, “What are the most impressive things I've done so far, which make me a great PM?” Believe it or not, most candidates battle to answer this question. Accomplishment statements are the microphones for your past contributions and should feature in a separate section of your resume.

The hiring manager needs to find your value quickly, and you can optimize your accomplishment section by including quantifiable data and compelling action verbs in each accomplishment sentence. Quantify everything: Think numbers, metrics, and statistics when writing this section.

Remember that hiring managers and recruiters don't read, they skim and scan. Therefore, accomplishments should stand out. Use a different font, or bold and place a border around your accomplishment statements

Resume Hack: Use the following formula to write down achievements:

Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]

Examples of Accomplishment Statements for Amazon Product Managers:

  • Increased customer acquisition by 54% by implementing a new E-commerce listing creation process to streamline subscriptions
  • Reclaimed $86K in revenue by restructuring sales territories according to product lines instead of locations
  • Conducted online surveys on Instagram Stories to determine customer satisfaction levels resulting in an increased engagement rate of 29%
  • Consistently achieved year over year growth in new customer acquisitions for all 20 products resulting in an average for $5 million per each product line
  • Increased average order value by 30% year on year by creating a mobile app for online shopping

* Accomplishment Statement Hacks: Employers love seeing numbers in your resume because it makes your accomplishments more tangible. Create answers to questions such as: What was the scope and measurable outcome of the last process you re-designed? Name the most innovative idea you have had implemented by your company and the contribution to the business value resulting from it? How would you bring a product to market in terms of time frame, budget, and analytics specifics?

The Education Section

The education section forms an integral part of your Amazon Product Manager resume; it provides proof of the academic foundation of your career. You may need to frequently update this section periodically for added certifications or continuous development education programes completed.

Should you have multiple degrees, list the highest one first. The same goes for certifications and licenses or memberships. Keep it simple by providing the date of completion, followed by qualification title and institution attended.

Examples of education for an Amazon Product Manager's Resume:

2018 – Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Academy, Orange County, CA

4,900 hours of project management practical

40 hours of project management education

2018 – Bachelor of Science Degree in Product Strategy, Northwestern Kellogg University, San Diego, CA

2018, Certified Amazon Product Manager, Association for International Product Marketing and Management, AIPMM, Online

2018 – Agile Advanced Certified Practitioner, Scrum Alliance, Online

2017 – Digital MicroMasters Product Management Certification, Boston University, MA

Course Curriculum: Building product roadmaps, Agile product management practices for software/digital products, Guiding product development, Social media marketing

2016 – Certified Product Manager, AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing & Management), Online

Amazon Product Manager Resume Skills Matrix

Jobseekers, on average, match only 60% of technical skills and soft skills required by the job advertisement within their resume content, which means 3 out of 5 candidates do not get noticed by the ATS and automated screening bots. That's where resume SEO should feature, especially in your Skills section.

The best way to present skills and competencies is via a Skills Matrix approach, such as the examples below. Be sure to review the job description a few times and pick out the most essential skills required. Then mirror them in your skills matrix tables.

Technical Skills Matrix

A/B TestingBest PracticesBeta Testing
Risk ManagementCSSProduct Launches
Data AnalyticsCustomer AnalysisCommercialization
Financial AnalysisDigital ChannelsQuality Assurance
CodingFeature PrioritiesRanking
Product Development Life CycleDeliverables & MilestonesRoad-mapping
TroubleshootingUser ResearchValue Propositions
Revenue ManagementSWOT AnalysisUX/UI Design
AgileScrum MasterKanban
SDLCProduct ScopingProduct Enhancements
Business CasesProduct DesignRelease Management

Soft Skills Matrix

Strategic ThinkingInspiringActive Listener
Sound JudgementMultitaskerPrioritization
Creative Problem SolvingTechnically FocussedAccountable
Detail OrientatedDirecting TeamsConflict Management

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Amazon Product Managers

Certified Innovation LeaderAdvanced Agile UserSuperUser Waterfall
Certified Scrum Product OwnerCertified Amazon Product Manager CredentialsKanban Level II
Certified Product Marketing ManagerAgile Certified Product ManagerAgile Certified Product Owner
Product StrategyAdvanced Scrum MasterProduct Management Professional
Digital Product Management CertificationLean, Agile and System Design ThinkingBachelor's Degree (Various Disciplines)
Software Product ManagementBrand and Amazon Product ManagerIn-Person Product Management Certification

Professional Information on Amazon Product Managers

Sectors: E-Commerce, ICT

Career TypeProduct Management, Project Development, Product Marketing, Product Ownership,

Person type:  Strategizer, Implementer, Collaborator, Owner, Facilitator, Projector, Streamliner, Developer, Outliner, Roadmapper, Executor

Education levels: Bachelor's Degree plus certifications

Salary Indication: $135 245 per year (Payscale)

Labor market: 10% – 32% Growth 2018 – 2028

Organizations: Amazon and related affiliates

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