Duty Manager Resume & Guide

Duty Managers are like superhumans. There are hundreds of different moving parts within any organization that they need to monitor constantly to ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Writing the perfect Duty Manager resume is much the same.

Multiple sections need to be written perfectly for the whole document to be successful.

So, if you are looking for a new job as a Duty Manager, you have come to the right place. We will show you how to create the perfect resume that highlights your impressive information, captures the readers' attention, and gives you the best chance of landing an interview.

Duty Manager Resume Examples

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The Duty Manager Resume Writing Guide:

Resume Sections

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History
  4. Achievements
  5. Education
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies
  9. > Professional information

1. Contact information

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • LinkedIn Profile / Portfolio Link

What to Highlight in a Duty Manager Resume

Duty Managers are required to oversee and manage all daily operations within a company or organization’s front office. To provide the perfect analogy, you are like the captain of a ship, responsible for the organization and coordination of the crew, and tasked with ensuring the ship goes from A to B without any hiccups. With any resume, there are specific pieces of information that every hiring manager must see. The trick, however, is to list this information in a captivating way… See the steps below:

  • Highlight the details of your previous job. This entails mentioning the size of the company in terms of headcount, turnover, and location spread.
  • Provide details regarding the service offerings.  There are a plethora of companies out there with products and solutions that require Duty Managers. You need to be specific about the type of product/service offering you have experience with to allow the reader to gauge your competency.
  • Organizational and Interpersonal skills. Duty Managers work with people all day and coordinate teams to ensure the company runs smoothly. To effectively organize all these people, you need to have effective interpersonal skills that allow you to communicate well, maximize efficiency, and engage with various people.
  • Budget Knowledge. Recruiters are interested to see the range of budgets that you have been required to manage. This shows whether you can effectively allocate either financial or human resources to certain projects like marketing campaigns or promotions. Larger businesses will have marketing teams for projects of this kind, but as a Duty Manager, you still need to show that you can do these projects. This information should be included in your summary and position descriptions.  
  • Resume Length. Today, the accepted length of any resume is between 1-2 pages. You, therefore, need to ensure that you are not wasting any space with irrelevant information. Only entry/junior level workers must add other employment experience to beef up their resumes. Also, it is unlikely that you just woke up and decided to become a Duty Manager, so be sure to include any informal, vocational, or part-time experience related to Front Office Managing.
  • Tools and Technology. Lastly, in today’s day and age, having an in-depth understanding of technological systems is imperative. Show that you are familiar with platforms such as Resource Guru, Aggio, Zoho Projects, and GamePlan.

2. Career Summary & Objectives

Throughout this guide, we will make it very clear that your main aim is standing out from other applicants. Hiring managers receive thousands of resume documents but only have a limited time to read them all in.

For this reason, if your resume does not capture their attention early on, or if your information is not easy to read, your resume will be discarded and will not be looked at again. One of the best ways to really impact the very first word is by writing the perfect career summary/objective.

A career summary is a short paragraph between 4-6 lines in length that serves as an introduction to your resume and allows you to concisely sum up your most impressive experience, skills, qualities, and qualifications.

Highlight your best capabilities, state your years of experience, and give recruiters an idea of your most prominent personality traits.

When it comes to choosing between a career summary and an objective career paragraph, you simply need to look at your years of experience.

If you have more than two years of experience, then a career summary is the choice for you.

Alternatively, if you are just starting out and have less than two years of experience, a career objective paragraph is the better choice. Instead of highlighting your experience, a career objective allows you to highlight your career goals and aspirations while still allowing you to show off your skills, qualities, and qualifications.


Duty Manager Summary 1

Efficient and communicative Duty Manager with 8+ years of professional experience in a vibrant environment. Excited to help The Bellevue Hotel create smooth daily operations and provide an experience beyond guest expectations. In prior roles, increased annual income by 27% and bettered the hotel’s TripAdvisor rating by 1.6 points on a 5-point rating scale.

Duty Manager Summary 2

Currently, a part-time university student completing a bachelor’s degree program in business management. 3 + years experience as a hotel front desk clerk at a dynamic, 4-star establishment. Looking to leverage top customer appreciation awards and a pleasant, hard-working attitude to become the Duty Manager for Diamond Hotel. Looking for a career position within a reputable organization utilizing skills honed during service in the Marine Corps and Army.

Duty Manager Summary 3

Over ten years of flight operations, logistics, and air cargo shipping experience. Extensive aviation education, customer service, sales, transportation, fabrication, and installation experience. The hard-working individual who recently graduated with a BS in Business. Looking for a position as an Assistant Duty Manager with EFG company. Passionate personality, excellent people skills, with an attention to detail.

Duty Manager Summary 4

A detail-orientated and standards-driven Duty Manager who can organize and plan well into the future. Hungry for a challenge and to make a real difference. Proactively seeks improvements in every area of a company’s operations and someone who is always looking to improve. A naturally confident communicator in both face to face and on the telephone with no problem creating bonds with clientele.

3. Employment History

When the board of directors hires a new Duty Manager, their biggest fear is that the person they hire will sink their company. They, therefore, have very specific requirements and high expectations.

So naturally, your resume must meet these high expectations, and your employment history section, in particular, needs to be of the highest quality. Luckily for you, we know a few of the best ways to list your information:

  1. Use the reverse chronological order format to list your employment history. This will allow your most recent and often most impressive information to be viewed first.
  2. Include your previous job title, the company’s name, and your employment dates.
  3. Highlight your experience with 4-6 bullet points. Ensure that your bullet points include power words like cooperated, boosted, created, managed, etc.
  4.  Make sure that the experience you list is relevant to the job you are applying for.
  5. The more you can quantify your bullet points with numerical values, the better.

Duty Manager at Diamond Hotel, Seattle

(Mar 2015 – Nov 2022)

Assisted in maintaining and developing agreed operating procedures involved in the Front Office and ensured all Front Office employees adhered to the correct procedures as outlined in the operating manuals.

  • Performed duties as assigned by the Hotel Manager or General Manager.
  • Ensured the smooth and efficient running of all Hotel operations, ensuring that all hotel guests and visitors received optimum service levels and cared at all times.
  • Used discretion and tact when dealing with guest inquiries, problems, or complaints efficiently and professionally without detriment to the hotel and its reputation.
  • Increased guest satisfaction ratings by collaborating with hotel team members to establish and implement services and programs that met or exceeded guest expectations.

Assistant Duty Manager at Radisson Blue, Cape Town

(Jan 2010 – Aug 2014)

The primary function is mentoring, coaching, and giving regular feedback to help manage conflict and improve employee engagement.

  • Assisted the IT shared services support in the PMS Maintenance, Configuration, and Interface Management.
  • Provided functional assistance and direction to all departments.
  • Collaborated with hotel team members to establish and implement services and programs that met or exceeded guest expectations.
  • Assisted guest services agents in all reception tasks.
  • Made time to interact with guests, solicit feedback, and build relationships.

Duty Manager Job Description Samples

Below are several Job Duty Samples for Duty Managers that may help you get started:

 A Duty Manager may:
  • Monitor readiness and availability of lounge areas for client discussions.
  • Maintain high standards of cleanliness for all facilities and equipment.
  • Supervise volunteers during assigned shifts to ensure that quality customer service and support are provided, and available staff levels are consistent with service delivery standards.
  • Monitor supply inventory and replenish stock when required.
  • Assist with programs and events as needed.
  • Be responsible for center operations as needed in the absence of the Center Manager.
  • Manage software cases for Premier Microsoft customers.
  • Assign issues to software engineers with the correct skillset to handle the problem.
  • Monitor departmental expenses to ensure performance against budget.
  • Record the details of events in a Duty Manager Logbook and take necessary actions. Monitoring Front Office Staff to ensure guests receive warm attention and personal recognition.
  • Inform other operating departments, notably Housekeeping, of all Front Office matters that concern them.
  • Coach new employees and bring them to their maximum potential.
  • Increase revenue by offering guests special deals.
  • Deal with all guest complaints and ensure guest satisfaction stays at 100%.
  • Answer phones as needed and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Investigate complaints, address all departments concerned. And respond to guests with an appropriate explanation and apology.
  • Oversee the general upkeep of all hotel areas and the personal safety of guests and staff.
  • Utilize the grandmaster and emergency keys while on duty.
  • Investigate all guest and employee accidents and report the circumstances to management.
  • Take charge during an emergency until the General Manager and Resident Manager arrive.
  • Directly supervise the Front Office department.

4. Accomplishments

Too often, we see resumes where applicants have overlooked the importance of their accomplishments section. Please do not do this! Your accomplishments section is vitally important and allows hiring managers and employers to measure your abilities against other applicants.

In this section, think about any time you could utilize your unique skills, qualities, and experience to save your company money, time, or when you have managed to secure new clients or maximize customer satisfaction. Other examples include awards won for stellar service, recommendations from managers and clients, and customer ratings from previous positions.

In this section, quantification is vital! You need to back it up with numbers to prove that what you are saying is true for every statement you make. Examples can be anything from percentages, ranks, amounts, and timeframes.

Below are examples without quantification (what not to do):

  • Changed vendors and office supplies resulting in reduced expenses.
  • Discussed replacement of staff laptops with the tech vendor at a discount, increasing employee productivity.
  • Started a new method of payroll to save monthly fees and state taxes.

Now, examples with quantification:

  • Changed vendors and office supplies, resulting in a 32% decrease in expenses.
  • Discussed replacement of staff laptops with the tech vendor at a 12% discount, resulting in a 27% increase in employee productivity.
  • Started a method of payroll for an $8,300 saving in monthly fees and state taxes.

5. Education Section

Your education section is incredibly important! Not just any old Joe can do what Duty Managers do, which needs to be communicated through the qualifications you have obtained.

There is, however, a right way to list your qualifications, and a wrong way. Below we will show you how to list your information correctly:

For your degrees, diplomas, you need to state your commencement and completion dates. For courses or certification, you only need to include your completion dates.

Next, you need to correctly state the name of your qualification and the name of the institution where you obtained this qualification.

Lastly, it would be best if you listed where the institution is located by stating the city's name and the abbreviated state name.

See below for some examples:

2020 – Master’s Degree in Marketing, Cornell University, New York, NY.

2019 – Certification in Hospitality Management, The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), Online.

2018 – Certified Front Desk Representative, The School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, Brooklyn, NY.

2015 – 2017 – Bachelor of Science Majoring in Hospitality Business Management, University of California Berkley, Berkley, CA.
Pertinent Coursework: Travel and Tourism Management, Lodging Management, Front Office Operations, Events, and Conventions Coordination, Human Resources, Reception, and Concierge Management, Service Experience, and Recreation-Related Industries. 2014 – CSI High School for International Studies, Staten Island, NY.

6. Skills

When it comes to writing your skills section, we highly recommend that you use the job description to ensure that you reflect exactly what the employer is looking for. Furthermore, if the hiring manager uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) bot, including keywords from the job description will ensure that your resume is flagged and seen by actual human eyes.

As a Duty Manager, it is imperative to focus on your core skills and capabilities that are relevant to the job you are applying for. To ensure you do not include any irrelevant skills, on a separate piece of paper, list all the skills and qualities you can think of and then read them again in tandem with the job description to outline the 10-15, which are the most relevant.

As a Duty Manager, your technical skills are important. However, due to the number of people you are required to deal with daily, the specific focus should be on your interpersonal skills. This will show the reader you are an effective communicator and people’s person.

*Pro tip: Instead of using bullet points to list your skills and qualities, use a matrix table. It saves space and looks more professional.

Skills Matrix

MS OfficeBusiness knowledge
Hotel operationsBudgeting
Teamwork skillsProject management
Analytical skillsTime management
CommunicationPhysically fit
Problem-solvingDecision making
Office management skillsMultitasking
Conflict resolutionPlanning
PrioritizingCritical thinking

7. Qualifications & Certifications associated with Duty Managers

Associates Degree in Hotel ManagementGEDFinancial Management Certificate
Project Management Diploma
Diploma in Office Administration
Advanced ExcelFront Desk and Telephone Skills Workshop
Master’s in business administrationCertified Front Desk RepresentativeBachelor of Communication
Amadeus Super UserLabor Relations Certificate
High School Diploma
Short Course in Conflict Resolution

Optional Extras for Duty Manager Resumes

Once you have reached this section, your resume is effectively complete. Still, if there are any final pieces of information, you wish to include to really seal the deal on your interview, use the optional extras section to include this information.

What can be included in this section, you may ask?

  • Certifications
  • Additional Languages
  • Projects
  • Awards
  • Licenses
  • Memberships
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Relevant Volunteering

Professional Information on Duty Managers

Sectors: Every type of services Industry
Career Type: Reception, Guest Relations, Reservations, Administration, Customer Service, Client Relations, Front Office
Person type:  Communicator, Manager, Engager, Leader, Organizer, Coordinator, Monitor
Education levels: From Post School Qualifications and upwards
Salary indication:  From $ 42 152 to $59 572 per annum (Salary.com)
Labor market: Average of 7% growth between 2018 and 2028 (The Balance Careers)
Organizations: Various

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