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Then it is important to look at prominent and correct Housekeeper resume samples. Why? With competing Housekeepers looking for a new position daily, you want to make sure your resume stands out by being both informative, intriguing, and distinguishing.

How you do that, we explain here. Step by step. Don't worry, we get you there!

Housekeeping Resume Examples

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What to Highlight as a Housekeeper

No matter how long you have been a Housekeeper, there are three key things employers want to see on your resume.

First, make sure to identify the type of settings you have worked in. This could include either residential/domestic housekeeping, in which you worked in a private home, or a commercial/corporate housekeeper, in which you were responsible for the upkeep of a hotel or business.

Second, describe how large the area was that you were responsible for cleaning. For example, if you have worked for a hotel or business, go into detail about how many floors or rooms you had to clean. There is a big difference between cleaning a 10-floor corporate building or a single-floor small business.

Lastly, you want to include any areas of specialty. This could include setting up and breaking down meeting spaces or acting as both a nanny and a housekeeper in a family residence. Anything that you feel you are good at in your job, you can describe here. Depending on the employer that you are seeking a job with, you can cater to your specialization descriptions to what they might be looking for in a perfect candidate.

How we actually write down the above information in the resume is seen in the resume samples. You can click on them at the bottom of the page to download a sharp and detailed PDF version.

If you click on this link, you will go to a paid resume builder tool ($2.95) that helps you quickly make a resume, exactly like in the examples! You only fill in your details and choose a design for your resume and download it. A neat and clean resume in a few minutes.

The Easy Housekeeping Resume Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:
Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Driver's Licence

2. Profile:
1 – 3 sentences giving a broad overview of how long you have been a housekeeper and the types of settings you have worked in.

3. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
List of key skills that you possess that are also found in Housekeeper job postings. This could include skills like floor polishing, laundry services, and window washing.

4. Employment History:
Showcase your past places of employment and include a list of your daily responsibilities. Also include the type of environment you worked in under each place of employment (residence, home, office building, etc.)

5. Education:
It is not necessary to have any specific education or training to be a Housekeeper.

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Housekeeper Resume Skill & Responsibilities

Whether you are just starting your housekeeping career, or are a seasoned veteran, employers are expecting you to be familiar with the following tasks. To show employers that you have the skills they are looking for, try incorporating these responsibilities into your resume:

  • Sweeping, scrubbing, mopping and polishing floors
  • Shampooing rugs, carpets, and upholstery
  • Cleaning and polishing metal fixtures
  • Making beds and changing linens
  • Sorting, washing, and folding laundry
  • Operating mechanical cleaning equipment
  • Washing, ironing, and pressing clothes
  • Checking equipment and reporting issues to the maintenance team
  • Dusting decorations and fixtures
  • Disposing of trash and waste in a sanitary manner
  • Following all health and safety guidelines

Quantifying Your Housekeeper Resume

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Employers love numbers because it makes your experience feel more tangible. When writing your resume, if you can answer the questions, “How much?” or “How many?”, you should try to include that number. For instance:

  • How many rooms did you clean a day?
  • How many people were on your housekeeping team?
  • How many people did you set a banquet/meeting room up for?

The Importance of Soft Skills

When it comes to housekeeping, soft skills are important, especially if you work in a residential setting. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections:

  • Personable
  • Organized
  • Tidy
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Hardworking
  • Perfectionist
  • Friendly
  • Calm
  • Proactive

Action Verbs

Never make your professional experience sound like a massive list of tasks. Instead, help potential employers envision you performing the job by using these Housekeeper specific action verbs:


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