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If you can see yourself wearing a white coat and peeping through microscopes for a living, you have come to the right place. Before you get entirely trigger-happy and send your resume far and wide in search of just such a job, you will first need to look at a top-shelf Lab Assistant resume sample.

You want your resume to be informative and comprehensive without looking like word vomit scribbled all over a document. As a Lab Assistant, you will often work in tandem with various medical professionals, researchers, lab technicians, and scientists to identify, cure, and prevent diseases. You will also screen for illegal substances and assist in the development of treatments. Tests and experiments are just some of the great joys you have to look forward to in this career. But first, you will need an interview-winning resume with which you can dazzle your future employer.

17 Lab Assistant Resume Examples

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– Lab Assistant Resume Writing Guide –

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:
First things first: introduce yourself. At the Top of your resume, state:

  • Name
  • Address 
  • Phone number
  • Email (a professional one)

Feel free to include alternative means of contacting you, such as your LinkedIn account.
* Pro tip: be sure to place your name in a slightly larger font to capture your employer's attention.

2. Resume Summary: 
Make a good first impression in no more than three sentences. Briefly supply the hiring manager with a short overview of your background and experience in the lab industry. Also, tell him what in the industry interests you most, and specify the job you are applying for.

3. Qualifications Summary: 
As a Lab Assistant, you usually wouldn't need more than a High School Diploma or GED, but an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in your back pocket might just be that step you need to reach the top shelf. Various vocational schools offer programs such as math, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, statistics, microbiology, and science that could help you along. These courses typically provide you with hands-on experience working in a laboratory. Some employers may substitute training as a requirement rather than working experience and vice versa. Tell your employer about your professional experience and training in the field of laboratory work. Some positions could even require a Master's or Ph.D. qualification.

4. Relevant Laboratory Experience: 
Tell your employer about your Lab Experience up to the last ten years. Give a detailed employment history, using bullet points to create a neat and organized list of experience and any research you may have participated in. Lab Assistants typically find employment in a lab setting in academia, science, or medical fields. There are options available as a publishing assistant for writers and publishers, too. As a new employee, you will most likely have to attend a training program, but your past hands-on experience will undoubtedly give you a leg up.

5. Other Employment Experience:
Your employer wants to know about the hours of experience you've obtained in a lab setting, but other roles add you to your eligibility for the position, such as administration jobs where you had to be organized and work as an assistant. Also, tell your employer about research projects you have completed as an undergrad, investigations you've conducted, and assignments or mini dissertations you've completed. In short, any experience that took place outside of a lab setting, that makes you better suited for the job.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: 
In the job listing you're looking at, you can identify keywords. These words are what the hiring manager use to weed out the unqualified applicants, so be sure to incorporate them throughout your resume naturally. Also, use them as a guideline when stating your skills in the skill summary.

7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training: 
Most of your training as a Lab Assistant will be on the job, but it is beneficial to broaden your horizons. Internships will help you gain hands-on training and provide you with experience. At the lab you will be working for, you will also be trained on their individual policies and procedures. List your formal degrees and accreditations relevant to this job, first. Along with it, name the institution at which you acquired them, as well as the date of commencement and completion. After that, state and courses, workshops or programs you partook in that better equip you for this role. These could include report writing, research, etc.

What to Highlight in a Lab Assistant Resume

As a Lab Assistant, you will prepare and monitor medical professionals or scientists' experiments in a medical or research lab. You will create reports based on the analyzed data and test results. The setup of lab equipment and the cleaning of equipment and lab stations will also fall to you. Your duties, however, will depend heavily on the industry in which you choose to serve.

As a Lab Assistant aside, you experience recruiters and managers on the lookout for specific characteristics to ensure you will be a good fit in the lab for their projects.

First and foremost, you will need to highlight the setting in which you would like to work. As a Lab Assistant, you will be working in a lab, spending long hours on your feet, operating sophisticated lab equipment like microscopes. Some facilities may even require you to do the graveyard shift or sacrifice your weekends. You will also need to be strong enough to lift and turn patients should you work in a medical setting, to collect samples.

Secondly, your field of expertise is also significant to your future employer. As a Lab Assistant, you will be working in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). You will also be working with professionals in medicine, research, science, lab technicians in the identification of diseases and the development of treatments. You may also work in a lab that conducts experiments.

As a Lab Assistant, you will often be required to perform reports or administrative duties. These duties may include the organizing of fundraisers or the preparation of project-related reports. You may also be tasked with managing the professor's diary, the printing of proposals, and the taking of minutes and proofreading. You will be filling the role of an executive assistant but in a research environment. You could also be asked to act as a stakeholder or manage social media platforms. It's essential, therefore, to have experience with these in a professional setting. Compiling proposals, making contact lists, and distributing forms for surveys or legal contracts like nondisclosure agreements may also fall to you.

Resume Hack: it'll be wise to state your primary duties in the lab followed by a short explanation your role within the lab

Your exact duties will be determined by the organization you work in, but typically they will involve much of the following:

  • You will conduct experiments
    You will work with the laboratory directors and technicians to carry out experiments and tests. You will keep a note of any changes or unexpected developments that may occur.
  • You will analyze the results and findings after experiments
    The monitoring of test results and the observation of trends, findings, and anomalies in experiments will be among your duties, too. You will prepare slides or compile reports that outline the outcome of the experiments.  
  • As stated earlier, it is the Lab Assistant's job to clean equipment
    A clean and organized laboratory is key to a lab running like a well-oiled machine and is, therefore, the lab assistant's primary task. Equipment must be cleaned and sterilized to ensure the accuracy of future tests and experiments.
  • Paperwork and records are to be kept up to date
    A Lab Assistant will also fill out the necessary paperwork while tests are being conducted for other lab team members to understand the project and their tasks that need to be completed.

Make sure to include the following details:

  • Your GPA scores if you have completed a Bachelor, Associates, Master's, or Doctorate's degree (if higher than 3.5)
  • The work setting you operate in, for instance, Indoors, Environmentally Controlled, Outdoors, Underground
  • Lab Assistants can work full-time, part-time, or on contract. You also need to mention the number of weekly hours you accumulate on average
  • Some Lab Assistant roles require extensive traveling. You need to verify that you are available to travel and also whether you have a valid Drivers License and Passport
  • If you are competent in another language like Spanish, Mandarin, or French, for instance, be sure to highlight these as well

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Lab Assistant Career Summary Examples

Academics, such as Professors or Directors at research institutes, are typically the final decision-makers when hiring a new Lab Assistant. This is a high-stakes position, and you will have a brief window to make a good impression on the hiring manager. Keep your career summary to the point by first adding the most relevant information to get their much-desired attention while they quickly scan your resume.

First, state your experience in the industry and the roles you performed in those positions. Use the job description as your guide while writing down these experiences, as you want your resume to relate to it as much as possible.

Add a line that showcases how you would be perfect for the job at hand by naming any outstanding qualities related to the job. Tell them if you have good administrative skills, or you are excellent at time management. Remember to prove these qualities with examples.

Last but not least, end off with your educational and professional qualifications. First, list your degrees or diplomas relating to the job at hand, along with the institution at which you completed the respective degrees. Also, state the dates on which the course commenced and concluded. Then note any courses or memberships you may have that relate to the job you are looking at.

Three Examples of Lab Assistant career summaries:

Summary Example 1

Highly competent Laboratory Assistant with 2 years of experience, skilled in record keeping and specimen collection. Seeking to support efficiency in a laboratory environment. Maintained 98.9% error-free documentation of all lab tests for three years. Promoted to head Lab Assistant after two months for exceptional dependability.

Summary Example 2

Certified Laboratory Assistant provides general support to laboratory technicians and specialists to complete routine and experimental laboratory procedures compliant with quality and HSE standards. Excellent understanding of laboratory processes and specimen integrity protocols

Summary Example 3

A skilled Laboratory Assistant with experience performing various quantitative and qualitative tests and ensuring top-flight quality control. Contribute to driving product development efforts within a fast-paced laboratory setting to ensure adherence to internal safety and customer expectations and facilitating the daily functions of a healthy operating lab, including team collaboration and cross-departmental communication, to drive superior laboratory success.

Lab Assistant Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duty Examples

Your goal with your resume is to convince the guy on the other side of the paper that you are, without a doubt, the man (or woman) for the job. Tailor your resume to do just that by picking the relevant responsibilities below, and carefully incorporate them into your interview-winning resume. I believe you should find the hiring manager thoroughly impressed.

Lab Assistant Job Description examples:

  • The preparation of experiments
  • Processing samples to identify suitability for experiments
  • Setup of lab equipment and setting out test samples
  • Keep the records accurate and up to date
  • Label specimens
  • Quality assurance to be performed on samples.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of the lab and lab equipment.
  • Communicating with the teams at warehouses as well as distribution teams
  • Following the directions from the laboratory manager
  • Assisting in lab work such as insect identification using a microscope
  • Standard laboratory procedures like maintaining cell cultures preparing slides, and processing tissue are to be performed
  • Operate experimental and laboratory equipment like centrifuges, microscopes, photometers, analytical balances, microtomes, electron microscopes, spectrometers, and spectrophotometers
  • Compiles data and assists in routine preliminary analyses; maintains research data in a lab notebook, write reports summaries, and present findings to investigator

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

It is very tempting to copy and paste your accomplishments section here but don't. This will do you no favors in helping you stand out among the other applicants who have the same experiences.

Instead, what sets you apart from the class? What achievements are you most proud of? State these in a few mic-drop worthy statements with which you honey the ears (or eyes) of your future employer.


Flat, Simple Duty:

  • Perform data entry and data manipulation

Accomplishment Statement:

  • Used MS Excel applications to create pivot tables that identified most-used, overpriced supplies and lab $2,000 a year in supply costs.
  • Promoted to head Lab Assistant after six months with commendation from lead lab technician for extreme dependability.
  • Analyzed and recorded data for 80 urine samples per week on average.
  • Provided technical support, facilitation, maintenance, and calibration for 50+ centrifuges, scales, and microscopes. Reduced downtime from equipment failure by 40%.
  • Devised a new system for safely storing lab test data that saved 3 hours a week in time spent on documentation.
  • Processed and stored 60+ blood samples per week.
  • Transmitted results in ordering facilities with zero errors and 95% on time.

Lab Assistant Education Section Example

Your academic tenure includes crucial information for your future employer. This section will need to provide detailed and sufficient information on your formal education for your role as a Lab Assistant. Tell them what, where, and when. State the name of your course, where you completed said course, and when you completed your degrees or certificates.

Education may be listed as follows:

When listing your education, first state the dates for commencement and completion, if you are listing Diplomas, Bachelor's or Associate's degrees. You only need to state the date of completion for courses. After that, write down the full name of the qualification you have received, and then the institution you received it from. Also, name the City in which you received it, as well as the abbreviated State name. If you have less than five years of working experience, also list your high school diploma in this manner. See below some examples:

2016-2018 Bachelor's Degree in Life Sciences Field, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

2013–2015 Associate's Degree in Laboratory Science, University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, GA

2013 – Clinical Lab Assistant (CLA), American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, GA

What to Write in a Lab Assistant Resume Skills Section

While the field of research has a vital requirement for technical skills, soft skills, and personality traits, it also plays a crucial role in choosing a Lab Assistant. Incorporate your soft skills into your summary, profile, and accomplishments. Your employer will be looking out for them. Your skills summary is just about as important as your experiences. This is the portrait you paint of yourself. Make it as accurate as possible.

Fortunately for you, we've compiled a list of all the skills you would need to secure a job in a flashy white coat. If you don't yet have a measurable skill set, do not fret! Simply use this list as a guideline for what to work on. Remember that your soft skills are as critical as your technical skills.

Technical Skills Examples

Pathology CollectionComputer skills
VenepunctureCleaning, Maintaining, and Calibrating Equipment
Laboratory PracticeAnalyzing and Recording Data
Data EntrySample Collection, Prep, and Analysis
Blood collectionTechnical Support
ChemistryEquipment Knowledge
PathologyGiving Presentations to Senior Staff
Medical TerminologyPowerPoint
Prepping for InspectionsCleaning and Sanitation
Experiment PreparationData Analysis

Soft Skill Examples

Active ListeningReading ComprehensionProblem-solving
Critical ThinkingWritingDeadline driven
JudgmentDecision MakingInitiative
Social PerceptivenessTime ManagementSpeaking

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Lab Assistants

Associates Degree (STEM Disciplines)Advanced MS Excel CertificationClinical Research Associate (CRA)
Bachelor Degrees (STEM Disciplines)Certification in Laboratory AssistanceDiploma Clinical laboratory Techniques
Basic Chemistry DiplomaLaboratory Safety CourseOSMT Laboratory Certification
Workshop in Body Structures and Functions and Medical TerminologyLaboratory Mathematics CourseClinical Lab Assistant (CLA)

Professional Information for Lab Assistants

Sectors: Professional, Technical Services
Career Type: Facilitation, Research Administration, Presentation, Information Coordination, Data Analysis, Report Writing, Data Collection
Person type:  Scientific Assistant, Supporter, Administrator, Coordinator, Interviewer, Field Work
Education levels: Post School Diploma, Associate's Degree, Bachelors' Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate Degree
Salary indication: Per hour usually depending on the position scope and industry  Low: $11.65, Median: 15.37, Top: $29.79 (Payscale)
Labor market: Estimated 7% growth between 2019 – 2029  (BLS)
Organizations: Universities, Colleges, Research Institutions, Medical Centres, Hospitals; Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories; Physicians Offices; Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools

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