Marketing Executive Resume Sample & Writing Guide

Last Updated on January 29, 2020

If you are scouting for a new job opportunity as a Marketing Executive, reviewing a well-designed Marketing Executive resume sample is always a good idea to get the show on the road.

Marketing executives create and oversee campaigns with the purpose to promote company products and services to customers and clients by establishing an employer brand, attracting new customers, and engaging with existing clients to boost recurring business. Marketing is a highly competitive field, and nothing less than a stellar resume is required to stand out from the talent pool of Marketing Executives.

The write up below is jam-packed with tips, ideas, and trends to assist you in creating a fantastic resume application to kick your job seeking campaign into gear.

Marketing Executive Resume Sample

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Marketing Executive Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:
First Name, Last Name, Cell Number, Email Address (Current location is optional). Add your LinkedIn profile or URL details and your campaign portfolio on Instagram, Pinterest, or DropBox.

2. Profile Summary:
View this as the campaign pitch of your resume. A career summary should attract attention and create interest, thereby entice the reader to review the entire resume document. Include 3-4 sentences providing a concise overview of your background, years of working tenure, and most prestigious credentials.

3. Qualifications Summary:
To become a marketing executive, you typically require a bachelor's degree related to business, advertising or marketing, coupled with a minimum six years of marketing experience. Adding an MBA to your educational repertoire may significantly boost your chances of landing a top-notch position. Accuracy is vital, thus ensure that qualification details are correct and adequately updated, even for qualifications you are currently in the process of completing. List them as follows: Date of completion, Qualification Name, Institution Attended, and Location.

4. Relevant Marketing Experience:
Ample opportunities for career progression exist in marketing, but to land an interview, a Marketing Executive’s resume needs up to date content regarding marketing competencies, campaigns completed, SEO knowledge, the four P’s (place, product, price, promotion) and digital marketing fundamentals. Added to that would be your ability to manage and coordinate multiple teams simultaneously. Only include employment history for the last ten years (frankly that’s all you would have space for in a 2-page resume document). Keep it neat and tidy by using punchy sentences and use bullets to break down your primary duties at each job.

5. Other Employment Experience:
These may include employment history projects or work history outside of the formal employment sector but still related to marketing such as your internships, vocational employment or part-time promotional and advertising gigs.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
The best way to compile a skills summary is to match the job requirements with your unique personality traits and technical competencies. Review each position carefully and utilize similar language, verbs terminologies, and buzzwords in your resume document. This approach is referred to as Resume SEO and a fantastic technique to beat the screening ‘’bots’’ and applicant tracking systems (ATS). Your aim is to illustrate your capabilities to fulfill the requirements of the job.

7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training:
Professional credentials are vital to advance your career in marketing and may drastically improve job prospects and also earnings. Organizations such as the American Certification Institute, American Marketing Association, and Sales and Marketing Executives International, offer a wide variety courses and accreditations for marketing executives. List as many as you want, just remember: relevancy is key.


What to Highlight in a Marketing Executive Resume

A Marketing Executive wears many hats in the execution of their job duties: Analytical, creative, commercial, administrative, and digital. Even though every Marketing Executive role is somewhat unique to the organization, there are a few generic aspects that need to be highlighted in a resume to show potential employers and recruiters suitable you would be for the role at hand.

Firstly, define your job level and where you fit into the company. This may vary due to company type and size (headcount, turnover) of employer, therefore, be specific with these details. A Marketing Executive could be an entry-level role or even a managerial position. Marketing executives are likely to engage with other departments like market research, advertising, distribution, sales and production in a dotted line reporting structure so be sure to indicate who your ‘’internal company stakeholders’’ are that you deal with regularly.

Next, is the industry experience that you have. Marketing executives are found in advertising consultancies, retail companies, charity organizations, manufacturing concerns, and in the services sector like banking, insurance, IT solutions and telecommunications to name just a few. You can further categorize your industry experience by mentioning if you are working in the public or private sector or federal and state professional environments.

Marketing executives are expected to oversee and facilitate many aspects of a campaign during the lifespan of a product or service. Products and service go through stages of market uptake, and therefore multiple campaigns may be run during the lifespan of that particular product or service. There is also administrative work to be done as well as managing projects and people. You may also be responsible for recruiting and hiring efforts. In this section it is advisable to break your primary function down into subcategories:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Pick the most successful or innovative ones and explain your involvement in creating and overseeing these campaigns. What were the main objectives, which strategies did you follow, what tools did you use to coordinate the multiple aspects of each campaign?


  • Research and Reporting: No marketing campaign will be approved or implemented without extensive research and analysis conducted. Were you responsible for defining the target audience, and how did you go about identifying them? Your understanding of market intelligence and business intelligence principles should be mentioned here, as well as capabilities of collating data and presenting findings to management. How do you get into customer’s heads to understand the way that they think?


  • Monitoring and Tracking Progress: The success of a marketing campaign is not immediately visible, but there are specific cues that indicate whether the campaign is running on the right track. Explain to the reader what the leading and lagging indicators are specific to your industry and how you would apply them to stay abreast of the campaign’s progress and effectiveness. They further competitor activity and brainstorms potential improvements or changes in marketing strategy, products, or services.


  • Staff Management: Some Marketing Executives are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and leading subordinates. What is the size of your current team? Where do you find candidates to hire and what methods do you use to attract and retain top talent? Cultivating a company or departmental culture that is conducive to performance excellence and employee engagement is vital for a Marketing Executive in a leadership role. Showcase your leadership qualities with proven scenarios of your experience in motivating and inspiring your direct reports.


  • Promotional Activities: Here we get into the nitty-gritty of a campaign you're your specific duties in regards to producing marketing materials, liaising with graphic designers and printing companies, scouting for appropriate advertising spots, organizing events and launches as well as roadshows and product exhibitions.


  • Budgets: Marketing Executives need to be financially savvy to create budgets, keep track of expenditure and present financial status updates to senior management. Your understanding of accounting principles, interpreting financial statements and managing cashflow resources should be explained in this subsection.


  • Digital: Campaign efforts mean nothing without an online strategy. If you are a social media ninja with expertise in ideation of campaign concepts proofreading, content writing and eye for visual aesthetics, you are halfway there to impress prospective employers.


* Cool Tip for stellar resume: Finally, you can create a remarkable first impression by including visual examples of the campaigns and promotions you were responsible for by building a portfolio on Pinterest or Instagram and including these URLs in your resume document.

A further resume hack to boost credibility is to present a snapshot of your most successful campaigns in a table format, such as the example below:

Product Or ServiceBudgetDurationSize of TeamSales Increase
Customer Rewards Programe$100 0003 months2531%
InContact Texting App$1 Million6 Months3012%

Another method to add extra oomph to your resume is using a Marketing Technology Stack. Marketing Executives need to be tech-savvy and digitally literate to ensure that all campaigns activities are conducted as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Marketing Technology Stack:

Mopinion, KissMetrics, MixPane, Trello, Asana, Slack, Jive, Evernote
Hootsuite, Buffer, BuzzSumo, Sprout, Social Render Forest, Sugar CRM
Insightly, InsightSquared, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, AWeber
Qwilr, Proposify, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce, CPQ, seProposals
Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, PandaDoc, Pipedrive, Salesfusion,


Marketing Executive Career Summary Examples

Making sure that your career summary is in sync with the requirements of the job advertisement is critical to ensure that the hiring manager and recruiter are prompted to review the rest of your resume. Your talents as a chef or social justice warrior may be impressive, but if not related to the job you are applying for, they shouldn’t be included in your career summary. Did you know that the average recruiter spends only 6 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding whether or not to shortlist a candidate?

Start your summary with a powerful adjective followed with your job title, years of experience, and the industry you have been working in. The next sentence could perhaps include two or three technical abilities (align them to the spec). Finish off with highest qualifications and reputable accreditations memberships or certifications.

Three Examples of career summaries for Marketing Executives:

Career Summary 1

Innovative and impressionable Marketing Executive with over a decade of 1in-depth involvement in global campaign management strategies customized for diverse target audiences. Used to handling budgets exceeding 50 million dollars and an “old hand” at leveraging state of the art technologies aligned with current market trends in the digital and online promotional spheres. Holds an MBA via Harvard and currently completing a Ph.D. in Marketing Technologies via Stanford University currently maintaining a GPA score of 3.8.


Career Summary 2

Recent cum laude Marketing Graduate with 12 months combined internship experience at three Fortune 500 companies. Excellent theoretical knowledge of data analytics, market intelligence fundamentals and the principles of campaign management. Awarded Intern of the Year at Google and was given carte blanche to run a mini-campaign for a local Steakhouse restaurant, resulting in them being nominated for Best Steakhouse in Orange County. Fluent in English, Dutch, and Russian with a good command of Scandinavian languages like Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Career Summary 3

Customer-oriented Marketing Executive with eight years’ experience in driving product awareness, client perception, consideration and buying intent via innovative promotional campaigns. Commercially astute with a passion for elevating the marketing efforts of SME enterprises to drive sales and boost revenue turnover in a short amount of time. A certified Project Management Professional with a Masters Degree in Digital Media Studies and Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Bing Ads and Copy Blogger.


Marketing Executive Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and duty Examples

An employer would expect to see certain foundational job duties and skillsets in a Marketing Executive resume.

An Entry Level Marketing Executive may:

  • Introduce the company products and service offerings to clients via innovative awareness campaigns
  • Source, collate and edit marketing content on par with current trends and marketing concepts
  • Assist PR, Medical Sales and CRM teams with project administration and scheduling
  • Execute online and offline marketing, advertising and promotion activities
  • Monitor and analyze competitor performance and behavior
  • Liaise with suppliers for delivery of marketing and promotional materials
  • Network with stakeholders such as city planners, property owners and state entities during the scouting of promotional locations and outdoor marketing sites to be used for billboards and signage
  • Keep track of all purchases and expenses to administer the marketing budget
  • Proofread and edit content for printed advertising and website materials
  • Support Product Marketing and Sales teams with user registration and subscription sign-ups on webinars and e-campaigns

A Mid-Level Marketing Executive may:

  • Facilitate marketing strategies for SME clients to improve brand awareness, company image and create customer purchasing intent
  • Work closely with graphic designers and digital artists to create logo’s marketing material and branding for corporate gifting
  • Analyze the results of campaigns from sales data received by the Regional Account Executives and present findings to senior management
  • Create scripts for television, Youtube and radio advertising
  • Conduct market analysis based on client needs and requirements and outline a full product lifecycle campaign strategy
  • Streamline and improve website content as per SEO guidelines and applied creative link generation, blogger and social media outreach to establish new brands in the digital marketplace
  • Conduct content audits of all websites, social media platforms, television and radio campaigns to ensure consistency of the brand message being presented to customers
  • Train and coach five interns every quarter

A Senior Marketing Executive may:

  • Conduct an extensive SWOT analysis of the company and its competitors to identify opportunities for robust customer engagement campaigns
  • Organize and oversee high profile promotional launches on behalf of the company
  • Responsible for all recruitment, hiring and induction for new employees
  • Write training manuals for the marketing and sales department regarding Brand Awareness and brand Improvement strategies
  • Approve prototype design of all logos, graphics, and imaging to be used in promotional campaigns
  • Sign off on all campaign budgets and stay abreast of each project’s financial status
  • Outline action plans to capitalize o marketing opportunities after analyzing the behavior and strategies of immediate competitors
  • Negotiate terms of clients, external stakeholders, and suppliers
  • Monitor consistency of brand image, design, illustrations, graphics and written content across trade shows, exhibitions, social media, websites and multimedia channels

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

Accomplishments are the microphones of your abilities, broadcasting your value add to prospective employers. Showcasing the potential benefit to a company if they hire you is vital to secure interviews (and of course land the hob in the end). In a Marketing Executive Resume accomplishments should be aligned to aspects such as improving operations, making or saving money, demonstrating leadership qualities, proven accountability to meet deadlines, being a creative genius and having a talent for juggling multiple ‘’campaign balls” in the air without breaking a sweat.

Simpler, better, faster…these are the things you should think about and find real-life examples for showcasing your proof of work. After jotting down a few statements, stuff them with numerical values (resume quantification). Numbers are a vital component of a Marketing Executive’s job because numbers indicate exactly what result was achieved (and that is all companies really care about in the end).

Examples of accomplishment statements for a Marketing Executive’s resume:

  • Designed quirky promotional scripts for advertising media used on radio and at live events resulting in instore traffic increasing by 45% during the winter months
  • Created an annual marketing plan which came 30% under budget after including a new automation approach to sending news blurbs via text instead of email improving customer engagement and awareness by 40%
  • Spearhead the conceptualization and renovation of the in-house CRM program bossing customer satisfaction ratings from 70% to 89% within 30 days of implanting the training curriculum for all call center employees in the customer retention department
  • Facilitated an Instagram based marketing program which increased sales by 23%, added 20 00 new followers to the company’s Instagram account and generated 45 000 new email subscribers


Marketing Executive Education Section Example

Education is where it is at for Marketing Executives mainly due to the astonishing demand for these roles often exceeding the supply of available opportunities. Have a Bachelor’s Degree? Great for you, but so does the thousands of other candidates applying for the same roles you are. The education section encompasses way more than merely listing degrees and completion dates. Your intellectual curiosity and passion for the industry will be amplified if you have completed extra certifications, short courses, online training programs, attended industry events and have memberships via marketing institutions and associations.

The format for listing qualifications and credentials is simple: Completion Date, Qualification Name, Institution, and Location. Jazz things up a bit by including curriculum topics, course themes or academic results with some of your listings (not all of them, remember the 1-2 page resume length limit)

Current – Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and Analytics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Course Curriculum:

  • International Marketing
  • Mastering Metrics
  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Handling and Decision Making
  • Data Visualisation and Interpretation

2018 – Certified Professional Marketer, American Marketing Association (AMA), Online

2012 – 2014 Bachelors Degree in Digital Media, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

2011 – Digital Marketing Course, Google Academy, Online
Course topics: Codes of Practice, Copywriting, Digital Technologies, Conversion Rates, Data Analysis, Online Customer Behaviors


What to Write in a Marketing Executive Resume Skills Section

Although the marketing field requires specific technical skills, employers also look for other skills, called soft skills. These are the primary types of skills that indicate your fit as a Marketing Executive.

Use skills tables for technical competencies and interpersonal traits instead of log boring, bulleted skills lists, to immediately grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers reviewing your resume:

Professional Skills

Conversion OptimizationBranded CampaignsCampaign Management
Onsite MerchandisingMarket DynamicsOmni Channel Communication
Market DynamicsEvents MarketingDigital Advertising
Marketing MessagesProduct LaunchesSEM
Statistical AnalysisLanding Page OptimisationSEO
Marketing TrendsResearch and ForecastingProduct Life-Cycle Management
Content CreationBid ManagementData-Driven Marketing

Soft Skills

Deadline Driven
Independent WorkerEloquent VoiceAccountable
Team PlayerCreativeMeticulous
Business WritingEmpathyPassion
LeadershipDetail OrientationPersuasion
Customer RelationsConflict HandlineRealistic
Problem SolvingCrises ManagementStress Tolerance
PersistanceSelf ControlService Orientation

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Marketing Executives

Bachelor of CommunicationMasters in Business AdministrationRISE Up Sales Certifications
Certification in Contract NegotiationsCertificate in Project Management (CIPM)Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
Bing Ads CertificationAdvanced ExcelNeuro Linguistic Programming Professional
Copyblogger CertificateCertified Content BS in Marketing and Sales
AS in Marketing and SalesMarketer
MarketerSeal PBN
HootSuite Certification
Masters Degree in Marketing ManagementCertified Key Accounts Manager (CKAMGoogle AdWords Certification

Professional information for Marketing Executives

Sectors: Advertising, Media, Marketing, Promotions
Career TypeCustomer Retention, Client Acquisition, Networking, Campaign Manager, Marketing Professional, Advertiser,
Person type:  Marketer Networker, Influencer, Communicator, Persuader, Negotiator, Analyzer, Content Writer, Story Teller
Education levels: Bachelor’s to Masters’ Degree, Post School Certifications
Salary indicationAverage $54 429 per annum
Labor market: Estimated 9% growth between 2014 – 2024 (*
Organizations: SME, Corporate, Commercial, Fortune 500, Multi-National, NPO’s, Federal, Government

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