Subway Sandwich Artist Resumes & Writing Guide

Ok, guys, hear us out. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door in catering/ culinary careers, we actually have a guideline specifically for Subway Sandwich Artist resumes! As always, it’s a good idea to have a look at an example of a good resume specific to your job. This job is great for learning the intricacies of kitchen conduct, which is ideal to have if/when you choose to upgrade to chef level. Let's take off!

Subway Sandwich Artist Resumes

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Subway Sandwich Artist Resume Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Employment History
  4. Accomplishments
  5. Education
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies
  9. > Professional information

What to Highlight in Your Resume

You have to highlight the kind of experience you have. Whether it’s prep duties or the dishwasher, it may even overlap. Don’t make the recruiters guess, be specific. Depending on the size of the outlet, your duties may change as well. 

  1. Tell the recruiters where you fit into the “food chain” of the kitchen scene. Subway Sandwich Artists may assist a Head Chef, and others may be allocated to a pastry chef or senior cook.
  2. Explain your working environment. A Subway Sandwich Artist's obligations based out of a food truck will be different compared to the person working at the mall outlet. Showcase the different industry area types you worked at in your career summary AND in every job description.

You can create an excellent first impression by showing them what you can do by giving by categorizing your primary duties and then providing concrete examples of how you would conduct those duties in your everyday job.

Check out below our example of how to catch the recruiter’s attention in an instant when displaying your main kitchen skillset:

  • Cleaning Kitchen

Don’t just say you wipe down surfaces. Obviously, you do. Give specifics. For instance, tell the recruiters you know how to mix chemicals safely, and you’re adhering to OHSA standards. You should also list the individual areas you clean, like the whole serving line, station areas, dish pits, dining room, lunchroom, loading dock, storeroom, and the cold storage container.

  • Washing Dishes

It may be a tedious task, but it’s essential for the customers' health, preventing dishes' cross-contamination. To do this, you must keep the water's proper temperature and use the right cleaning products.

  • Assisting with Food Preparation

Yet another responsibility that needs its spotlight. Are you the one in charge of cutting/ dicing veggies? Peeling maybe? In some outlets, Subway Sandwich Artists take the full responsibility for prepping items like salads/ sauces. Maybe you’re the one helping the pastry chef mix the dry ingredients. Specify what you assisted with.  

  • Maintaining Kitchen

This item is in every Subway Sandwich Artist’s resume of responsibilities. Again, get specific. If you help with small repair jobs, explain what equipment you fixed and how you did it. Managing the inventory and supply flow is also part of the kitchen maintenance, so mention that if you did it. If you conducted a stocktake of things like baking supplies and condiments, mention it.

Make sure to include the following details :

  • Where you can work (location) and if you’re keen to travel to any events that may need you.
  • Any culinary school results that are applicable.
  • Any special skills such as commercial safety practices, equipment maintenance, inventory management systems, prepping sushi, or designing basic recipes.
  • If you can lift up to 60 pounds (or however much you can lift).
  • If you can speak any other languages sufficiently.
  • Any safety certifications/ food worker cards.
  • If you’re good to work during weekends, shifts, or during holiday periods.
  • You are proficient with any equipment/ catering tools like juicers, pasta rolling machines, automatic mixers, chipping machines, specialty knives, cutting and slicing equipment, coffee grinders, etc.  

1. Contact information

  • First & Last Name
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • LinkedIn / Portfolio

2. Career Summary & Objectives

Recruiters and F&B (Food and Beverage) Managers typically receive heaps upon heaps of resumes for temporary and permanent jobs alike. Your resume has to get their attention immediately, and you’ll do this by writing up a kick-ass career summary/ objective. Make sure the font is slightly larger and in bold to make it stand out.

In saying that, which do you write? A summary or an objective. Well, it goes like this:

  • If you have several years’ experience in the industry, you write a summary. Make it 4-6 sentences long, describing yourself, your experience in the workplace, years of experience, and your skillset. Keep it concise, don’t waffle.
  • If you don’t have all that much experience or if your totally green, then an objective is the way for you. You must state your career aspirations and showcase your best skillset. Also, keep it short and sweet, about 4-5 sentences if you can, shorter otherwise.

Example summaries:

Subway Sandwich Artist Summary 1

“Enthusiastic Subway Sandwich Artist with the faultless work ethic of 6+ years and seasoned in long hours of a 24hour fast food and dining institution. Bringing scrupulous sanitation and cleaning skills complemented by an advanced certificate in Restaurant Safety and Hygiene Practices.”

Subway Sandwich Artist Summary 2

“Looking for a Sandwich Maker position in a respectable company allows me to showcase my skills and knowledge. Significant experience creating and presenting sandwiches to customers. Broad knowledge of knife handling, cooking procedures, and kitchen operations.”

Subway Sandwich Artist Summary 3

“Highly proficient Subway Sandwich Artist in the areas of inventory management and kitchen cleanliness. Verified skills in maintaining inventory records and stock. Has an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. Also comfortable in replacing line cooks was necessary for the preparation of gourmet desserts and pastries.

Subway Sandwich Artist Summary 4

“During busier times, Junior Server with eight months’ experience doubled up as Sandwich Artist, looking for Subway Sandwich Artist's job in the Las Vegas area. Has a Servsafe and Food card from the American Food Safety Association.”

3. Employment History

You want this section as shiny as possible, and it’s super important to the recruiters.

Writing an awesome job experiences section goes like this:

  • Begin with your latest job title and go backwards in reverse-chronological order from there.
  • For every job you’ve had, give your position’s title, the cafe’s/ company’s name and location, and the dates you worked there.  
  • Provide several bullet points that detail your job duties, molded in a way that applies to the precise Subway Sandwich Artist job.
  • Provide 1 or 2 achievements, proving your capabilities as their future  Subway Sandwich Artist/ cafe supervisor.
  • Start every bullet point with an action verb for the most oomph.
  • Examples

Sandwich Artist, Subway, New Berlin, WI
August 2013 – December 2015

Responsible for greeting customers nicely, providing services as required and preparing and assisting in serving an assortment of food and drinks to customers completing about 50 orders per day

  • Administering guest requests and preparing orders correspondingly.
  • Monitoring and utilizing the point of sale system and maintaining records of bills.
  • Assisting payment receipt from guests and giving them change.
  • Ensuring compliance to several cash handling procedures.

Sandwich Artist, Pala Casino Spa & Resort, New Berlin, WI
May 2011 – July 2013

Responsible for creating special requirement sandwiches for customers who are vegans, diabetic or gluten intolerant amounting to about 47 orders per day at a large Subway Sandwich franchise in Brooklyn.

  • Greeting customers and preparing orders required.
  • Maintaining records of each order on the point of Sale system and guaranteeing accuracy.
  • Coordinating with customers, ensuring pleasurable appearance.
  • Administering stocks and designing effective techniques for pricing.
  • Ensuring clean and tidy restrooms for many processes.

Job Descriptions Examples

Regardless of your experience, recruiters will expect to see certain core skills/ duties in your resume. Below is a list to help you create your list.

A General Subway Sandwich Artist may be involved in:
  • Transferring food items from storage cupboards and workstations.
  • Sorting and removing trash, placing them in the correct bins for recycling.
  • Accountable for mopping, sweeping, and maintaining clean kitchen floor surfaces at all times.
  • Removing stacked dishes/ hot trays after every service and placing them in the dishwashing pit.
  • Wrapping sandwiches, rotis, and burritos for lunchtime deliveries.
  • Cleaning individual work station both while and after service is done.
  • Filling beverage containers, brewing coffee and tea every hour.
  • Unloading supply trucks and carrying items to applicable storage spaces.
  • Cleaning fridges/ freezers every week, removing spoiled items suitably.
  • Complete knowledge of many types of sandwiches.
  • Deep knowledge of kitchen equipment and sanitizing regulations.
  • Monitoring point of sale system/ cash register.
  • Skillful in handheld scanners.
  • Scrubbing, wiping, and polishing dishwasher areas, kitchen counters, melanin floors, tables, and wooden chairs regularly.
  • Sanitizing kitchen machinery, dishwashing equipment, and cold storage areas with appropriate amounts of chemicals.
  • Using a high-pressure washer, washing and rinsing pans, pots, utensils, glasses, and plates.
  • Opening the store/ register and beginning prep of all of the meats, bread, and veggies, making the sandwiches.
  • Designing salads, subs, and pizzas/ flatizza for customers as ordered, preparing a daily stock of foods, maintaining clean and safe work environments, receiving drive-thru orders, dealing with cash/ credit/ debit transactions.
  • Washing, drying and polishing cutlery, dishes, and glasses.
  • Exhibiting outstanding customer service skills and time management skills.  
  • Preparing food neatly according to a formula and in a well-timed manner.
  • Checking products in the sandwich unit area, restocking them as needed ensuring an adequate supply throughout the shift.
  • Utilizing many types of electronic equipment like scanners.

4. Accomplishments

People, please… do not try to copy and paste your duties list under the job description section, in this section. It will come back to bite you in the ass. It’s lazy, and you won’t stand out from your competition.

Just try to think of anything you made happen in your previous job due to your hard work. What were you most proud of? Did you save the company costs because you implemented a new supply chain? Try to think of things like this. If you really want to make your accomplishments sing, quantify them. Prove them with numbers. If you can answer questions like “how much?” or “how many?” then you’re on the right track.

So, this is what not do to (boring):

  • Preparing many sandwiches every day of the week, receiving a 0 error result.
  • Reduced dishwashing time by researching replacements for manual dishwashing equipment leading to purchasing a fully automated commercial dishwashing machine.
  • Streamlining kitchen workflow procedures by altering the preparation food order, shortening the time of food processing.

Now, this is what you want:

  • Preparing more than 120 sandwiches a week, receiving a 0 error result.
  • Streamlining kitchen workflow procedures by altering the preparation food order, shortening food processing time by 43%.
  • Reduced dishwashing time by 47% by researching replacements for manual dishwashing equipment leading to purchasing a fully automated commercial dishwashing machine.

5. Education Section

Even if you don’t need/ have formal diplomas/ degrees for this job, your education section should still look fantastic. Any professional development programs, workshops, courses you’ve done, and even in-service training should absolutely be included in this section.  

Unless you plan to be one of these higher manager people in your company, you don’t need formal degrees, but if you want this job, you must lay this section out correctly.

You set it out like this:

  • Starting and end dates
  • Full name of the qualification
  • Name of institute
  • Location of institute
  • City/ abbreviated state name

If you haven’t actually finished your college degree yet, include your high school as a secondary entry. But, if you’ve completed a degree from the university, leave out your high school info.

If you’re a greenhorn with no experience and your education is more impressive than your work experience, emphasize your education.

Here are some examples of a Subway Sandwich Artist’s Resume in terms of education:

2015 – ServSafe Certified, Udemy, Online.

2013- 2016 Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, Tampa Chefs Academy, FL.

2016 – First Aid/CPR Diploma, Red Cross Academy, Online.

2017- Food Service Supervisor (FS), Texas State University, Swan Community and Technical College, WA.

2018- Cook’s Helper Certificate, Oasis College, Miami, FL.

2011- Food Handler Certification, American Culinary Federation, LA.

2010- Certificate in Advanced Culinary Techniques, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY

6. Skills

Naturally, certain technical skills are needed for this industry, but potential employers are also looking for soft skills. These are the personality traits and interpersonal skills that will decide if you’re a good fit for the team.

The knowledge of food hygiene and proper cleaning/ sanitizing procedures are central to the Subway Sandwich Artist position.

Verbal communication is an absolute must in the kitchen, from the famous “YES CHEF.” to communicating messages and feedback during the prep process. Subway Sandwich Artists can work really long hours, and physical fitness, dexterity, and endurance are crucial.

Being proficient at maths is a huge plus in this industry. You’ll need it for counting stock, weighing, and measuring ingredients. It would be best if you were task-oriented (the job can become monotonous) for obvious reasons. When working with sharp knives in the kitchen, brilliant vision and eye-hand coordination is critical.

Also, please don’t list your skills in bullet points. This is not great to read. Instead, set it out as shown below in a skills matrix:

Hard Skill Examples

Food IngredientsFood StorageFood Characteristics
Specialty Knives Kitchen Workflow ProcessesSlicing
Cutting and Dicing Equipment Inventory managementKitchen Safety Requirements
Food PreparingIndustrial Dishwashers and Power Cleaners Quality ControlSense of Smell
DexteritySense of TasteIngredients

Soft Skill Examples

Social OrientationTeam PlayerReliable
Stress ToleranceStaminaPersonal Hygiene
AccountableDeadline DrivenEnergetic
CollaborativeCooperativeCustomer Service

7. Qualifications & Certifications associated with Sandwich Artists

Certificate in Food HygieneYoung Apprenticeship in HospitalityCertified Culinarian (CC)
Culinary Techniques CoursePrinciples of Dining Room ServiceDiploma in Food Production
ServSafe Food & Safety TrainingProfessional Subway Sandwich Artist CertificateBachelor in Culinary Arts
Baking and Pastry Specialist CertificateProject Management DiplomaHigh School Diploma

Optional Extras for Subway Sandwich Artist

You now have a good base for a killer resume. Now let’s make it great. You can do this by adding in some additional sections. This helps to make you stand out from all the other applicants competing with you. Below are some examples of additional sections:

Industry Certificates or Licenses
This may be any certification/ license that applies to this industry. Do you have a food handling license? Add that to your resume as well.

Volunteer Work
This makes you look really good to recruiters. Unpaid volunteer jobs say something about your character; if it’s related to Subway Sandwich Artistry, then even better! An example would be working at a soup/ food kitchen or volunteering to serve learners at a school cafeteria.

Knowledge of a Second Language
Being proficient in another language is a skill that’s getting more and more valuable as we go. This may very well give you the edge over your competition.

Passions & Pastimes
As you will be working with people often, the recruiter will want to know you are well-rounded. Present your hobbies and interests to give them the chance to get to know you.

Professional information on Subway Sandwich Artists

Sectors: Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Events, Tourism, Government, Education
Career Type: Functional, Preparation, Sanitation, Cooking, Plating, Serving
Person type:  Worker, Food Artist, Assistant, Helper, Server, Prepping Worker, Washer, Plater
Education levels: From High School Diploma to post-school certifications
Salary indication: $20 865 per annum (Glassdoor)
Labor market: Subject to 8% growth from 2019 – 2029 (Zippia)
Organizations: Hospitals, Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Catering Venues, Holiday Resorts, Fast Food Establishments, Schools, Military Establishments – basically wherever there is a Subway Franchise

Subway Sandwich Artist Resumes