The Interview Follow-Up Letter and Email

How to Navigate the Next Career Step with the Ideal Follow-Up An Interview Follow-Up Letter is a strategically written Thank You note that is sent to the prospective employer after the interview. Want to ensure you will stand apart from the other candidates? Good news for you: only 5% of Job Seekers actually send any … Read more

How to Optimize the Success of Your Cover Letter

A Job Application Letter, also known as a Cover Letter, is a 1-page document you send along with your resume to prospective employers, highlighting specific skills. A successful Cover Letter briefly and strategically reviews your most important Professional and Educational experience. The Cover Letter should compromise 3-5 paragraphs of 5-7 sentences each. The body of the … Read more

How to Write an Interview Thank You Note Strategically

Should you and if, how do you write an interview Thank You note? You’ve left the interview certain you nailed it. You answered each question with confidence. Yet, the interviewer met with 3 other candidates after you left. Are you certain they remember you and your answers? Are you positive they didn’t attribute your responses … Read more

How to Work with Recruiters Successfully

    Working with a recruiter can be a frustrating or rewarding experience. Like any relationship, it requires honest communication, reliability, and compromise of both parties to have magic work. In every industry, there will always be a few “bad apples,” but don’t let that hinder you from working with a qualified professional. They can … Read more