Field Service Technician Resume & Guide

Creating an effective resume as a Field Service Technician does not have to be a tedious task, and by following a few simple guidelines, you will be heading to developing a resume that is insightful, enjoyable to read and does not include unnecessary information, allowing your resume to stand out. 

Field Service Technician Resume Examples

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Field Service Technician Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information: 
At the top of your resume, your full name, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address should be clearly stated along with any relevant social media URL’s or handles.

2. Career Summary:
Your career summary needs to pack a punch as this is one of the first areas a potential employer will read. Here, a broad outline of your abilities should be included, specifically your industry experience and the specific areas of the sector you are interested in and wish to apply for. 

3. Qualifications Summary:
This section requires you to include all qualifications, certifications, and accreditations you have that are relevant to this field. Your qualifications must consist of the institutions that you attended and the date of when your qualification was obtained. Any pending qualifications that are relevant to the field should also be included. It will be helpful to know that the minimum qualification needed for this field is a high school diploma; however, an associate degree in relevant fields can significantly increase your employment chances. In some states, individuals must be licensed. Becoming licensed and obtaining a certification can be very helpful in the long run, often resulting in higher-paid positions. Lastly, due to constant traveling between jobs, a valid driver’s license is required.

4. Relevant Field Service Experience: 
Often, employers will hire Field Service Technicians at an entry-level basis, providing paid training where you will learn by working closely with an experienced senior technician. This training can vary in length, depending on the employer. A detailed employment history and current employment position need to be included and use bullet points to highlight the most important positions when incorporating your experience. It is important to note that a Field Service Technician should have at least two years of experience in a field relevant to being a technician, alongside your High School diploma or GED equivalent.

5. Other Employment Experience: 
This section is for you to include any relevant past employment experiences that are not directly related to the field you are applying for. However, the information you have should still be relevant to the applied field (avoid being obscure).

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
It can be beneficial to incorporate keywords from job postings, making your resume more credible and relevant to the potential employer. Furthermore, include skills that make you more attractive such as being meticulous, thorough, and self-motivated.

What to Highlight in a Field Service Technician Resume

Often employers will read a resume within a minute. Therefore, it is crucial that your resume captures the reader’s attention and contains only the most pertinent information. These pertinent areas are:

Highlight the areas of the field that you have experience in and are qualified for.

These can include:

  • Field installation and maintenance. 
  • Field operations, troubleshooting, repair, and client equipment training
  • Delivering services and customer assistance during field visits. 
  • Consultancy
  • Performing diagnostic tests to identify issues and create solutions. 
  • Playing an influential role in the telecom sector, providing installation, programming, maintenance, repairs, and customer support for varying telecom systems. 
  • Working with telecom devices and hand tools to install and repair telephone poles and associated peripherals in ranging working environments.

Highlight the qualifications and experiences you have had and can provide as a Field Service Engineer. Below are some of the main categories to help advise you:

Highlight your primary areas of responsibility that you can contribute the most expertise towards. Day-to-day duties can range based on the job required and equipment provided, but the core principles and tasks that employers look for are mostly the same

These include:

  • Equipment Installation. 
  • Repairs and troubleshooting.
  • Keeping logs and essential notes from each job.
  • Customer advising and consultancy.
  • Performing equipment demonstrations
  • Maintaining an accurate inventory
  • The maintenance of your service vehicle

Lastly, Field technicians need to have a high competency when it comes to using tools related to their field. It is vitally important that you highlight your ability to use a wide-ranging of equipment and that you understand the importance that technology plays in this field of work. Present your equipment, machinery, and software skills in a tools stack as given below: 

Soldering IronScrewdriverElectrical Test Screwdriver
Utility Knife2-Piece Alignment Toolset (2-in-1)Solder Core
Desoldering PumpAnti-static Wrist Strap8-Piece Mini-electronic Combination Wrench Set
6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set8in Wire Stripper Pliers5in Side Cutter Pliers
6in Long Nose Piers6in Lineman’s Pliers9in Coaxial Crimping Tool
IC Extractor Soldering StandPart Box
Digital MultimeterFergusLoc8
Reach Out SuiteService TradeTasker

Field Service Technician Resume Summary

In most cases, it is the Head Engineers, Factory Managers and Operations Managers responsible for hiring and they are busy people. When they read a resume, they are looking for specific skills and qualities, and the sooner they see this information, the better. This further highlights the importance of keeping your career profile concise and to the point. 

Make sure to include only the most essential and relevant information that applies to the field of work. It may be helpful to include skills such as having effective communication skills and having a high skill set with the equipment you are likely to work with.

First, your resume profile should showcase how many years of experience you have within this field and the duties you were responsible for. Use keywords from the job advertisement to further showcase your ability to be perfect for this job.

Secondly, make sure to mention qualities that show off your more unique abilities, such as working well with people or effective organization skills. Remember to back up these qualities with examples in the professional experience section to clarify that these qualities are truthful.

Lastly, finish your summary with your qualifications. This includes any certifications, degrees, diplomas, and accreditations that are relevant to the field of work. 

Example Field Service Technician Resume Summary:

Summary example 1:
'Reliable Field Technician that can carry out the latest techniques to capture field data required for projects. Known for being competent when using and calibrating complicated equipment, being willing to work in ranging conditions, and understanding that overnight travel and work can often be required. Enjoys teamwork, specifically with a group that gets positive results from projects.'
Summary example 2:
'Highly capable, motivated professional with excellent computer and electronic skills looking for a full-time position with a company that offers an opportunity for positive growth through experience and performance.'
Summary example 3:
'Highly motivated and trained Technician, General Repairer, and Maintenance Professional. Reliable with solid background in the Telecoms, OT Development, and Service industry. Always keen to learn new techniques for machinery. Proficient with Mig Welder, Plasma Cutter, and Oxy-Acetylene Torch. Certified as a Forklift Driver at CHS-Primeland.'

Field Service Technician
Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

As previously mentioned, some of the responsibilities a Field Service Technician is likely to have include troubleshooting, repairs, customer assistance, and maintenance. This information is incredibly relevant and should be placed at the top of your work experience section. Ensure that you mention the duties and responsibilities that you were trusted to do. Note, however, that your resume should be no longer than two pages in total.

When describing your past work experience, ensure that you include where you were employed as well as who your employer was. When listing your duties and responsibilities, it is beneficial to use bullet points, allowing your resume to look professional and make it easy to read. If you are referring to previous jobs, use the past tense and use the present tense when explaining current roles. 

To further ensure a professional look to your resume, make sure that you maintain a uniform style. For example, if you begin each sentence in the list with a verb, continue doing this throughout. 

Field Service Technician Job Description Examples:

  • Create daily service reports from projects
  • Follow the company's orders
  • Demonstrate skilled usage of equipment
  • Troubleshooting customer problems 
  • Attend to all daily appointments 
  • Respond swiftly to customer queries
  • Provide consultations for clients
  • Give accurate equipment recommendations 
  • Offer service and customer assistance during site visits
  • Stay organized
  • Oversee all on-site installation, repair, and maintenance projects
  • Identify faults or technical problems and find solutions
  • Document all technical procedures
  • Treat the company vehicle with caution and respect
  • Follow organizational processes and protocols
  • Follow up with the technical crew
  • Predict customer needs and make helpful suggestions
  • Build strong working relationships with customers 
  • Perform cabling, wiring, and basic routing skills
  • Implementation of secondary power distribution devices and fusing projects.
  • Configuration, fixing, and data routing of switching mechanisms.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of high and low-density fiber optical systems as well as copper and RF transport devices
  • Plan and prepare documents for the various systems
  • Ensure the proper classification of all tools
  • Physical tasks include grasping, lifting, carrying, walking, seeing, hand-eye coordination, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Mental tasks include interpreting, analyzing, measuring, calculating, communicating, and reading.
  • Being competent with lubrication, adjusting, aligning, calibrating, assembling, inspecting, and testing of food prep equipment
  • Act as a safety role model, ensuring that others complete tasks safely and intervening when people are unsafe
  • Perform administrative functions, such as writing procedural reports, ordering of materials, securing quotations, and filing/archiving data and documents
  • Identifying and tracking any issues with an account and then taking steps to reach a resolution
  • Installing, commissioning, servicing, and maintaining product lines following company guidelines and instructions

Highlighting Your Accomplishments on Your Resume 

If you are thinking of merely copying and pasting your responsibilities and duties, let me stop you right there. This immediately shows laziness and is likely to bore your potential employer. You need to stand out, and after an impressive profile statement, your potential employer needs to see an impressive list of your accomplishments and achievements.

Quantifying your achievements will ensure you end up higher on the pecking order, putting you ahead of a candidate who simply listed their skills and abilities. 

Numerical values showcasing performance act as proof that you are experienced in the workplace and that you are the best candidate for the position.

Below are a few tips of how you can write accomplishment statements:

  • Think back to an achievement in your previous jobs that showcased that you did more than the bare minimum. 
  • Write down this accomplishment but focus on three key aspects:
    1. Problem/Challenge: What were the circumstances and challenges you faced working outside your typical job requirements? 
    2. Action: Using specific action verbs, explain what it was that you did and how you were able to contribute?
    3. Result: What was the result of your extra efforts? Back this up with any rewards, percentages, rankings, or values.
  • Now put all three together in one concise sentence

Make sure you remember that you are trying to make yourself stand out, do this by naming precisely what tasks and duties you did that improved customer satisfaction and made you a valuable asset.

Below are examples to help you:
  • Developed a system that made pulling up accounts a more seamless process, saving 2-5 minutes per customer.
  • Finished top 10% in Valley Technical Service Seminar in the country, gaining the Service Specialist title. This title helped our company obtain service parts at a discount from Valley’s warehouse.
  • Effectively maintained customer service relationships and copiers in 6 different locations.
  • Software configuration for controller I/O and interfacing of high-speed labelers, printers, and magnetic encoding on transport belts at 27,000 to 29,000 PC's per hour
  • Replace, test, and maintain ATM components as well as replenishing cash ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

Field Service Technician Education Section

Although this is one of the shorter sections of your resume, it just as important, if not more important, than other sections. Employers will often take time to read over this section, so special attention should be given to ensure that your qualifications are written out correctly.

Specific areas you will want to highlight:
  • Graduation Date
  • Graduates Degree
  • Work-related Educational Certificates
  • School Name
  • GPA

Employers will look for some aspect that stands out when it comes to your education section. It is, therefore, important to highlight aspects that you think they will look for. Ensure that you have thoroughly read through the job description's education requirements as it will show you exactly what they are looking for.

Keep in mind while writing your education section:
  • List your academic achievements, starting with your most recent degrees and continuing in chronological order. 
  • If you have attended more than four universities, only put universities' names where you finished with a degree or a higher qualification.
  • Indicate What, Where, and When you received your qualifications, certifications, or industry licenses. The name of your qualification, institution, and finishing dates is all that is needed.

2019 – Field Service Technician Certification, SCP, Online

2018 – Aircraft Maintenance & Mechanic Training Program Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Philadelphia, PA

Relevant Coursework: Metallic & Non-Metallic Structures, Gas Turbine & Piston Power Plants, Thermodynamics, Communication Electronics, Instrumentation and Avionics, Propellers, Trouble Analysis, and Hydraulics and Pneumatics

2016 – Bachelor of Computer Science Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2015 – Associate in Science Degree, Maintenance Technology Thomas Edison State University, Trenton, NJ

2011 – Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician (CMRT), American Association of Service Technicians, Miami, FL

Resume Skills Section

The research field looks for technical skills, but employers are also known to look for soft skills. These skills are what employers use to ascertain if you are fit to be a Field Service Technician. Including these terms and phrases in your profile can significantly help your chances of gaining an interview.

Technical Skills Examples

Equipment Maintenance & CalibrationProject Management & OptimizationPrecise Data Capturing
Report GenerationDatabase ManagementField Con Solar
AC/DC Power EquipmentBatteryditions Management Lighting
Power Station and Switch GearsAir Conditioner and RefrigerationElectrical

Soft Skill Examples

Active ListeningReading ComprehensionProblem Solving
Critical ThinkingWritingSound Judgment
Decision MakingCoordinationSocial Perceptiveness
Time ManagementAnalyticalMethodical
AccurateTroubleshootingDetail Orientated
Self-ControlDeadline DrivenHard Working
PersistenceMeticulousProcess Driven

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Field Service Technicians

Airframe & Powerplant License (A&P)FAA-Certified Airframe and Powerplant Technician for Aviation MaintenanceSMRP-Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (CIMM)
FCC General Radiotelephone Operator LicenseWorking Safely with Chemicals AccreditationFire Safety Accreditation
Diploma om Electrical Safety for the Trades Material Handling SafetyBasic Industrial Math
Addition and Subtraction CourseMultiplication and Division CourseFractions, Percents, Proportions, and Angles 
Metric System PracticalFormulas CertificateIntroduction to Algebra Diploma
Practical Measurements Training Linear and Distance Measurement DiplomaBulk Measurement Practical
Temperature Measurement DiplomaEnergy, Force, and Power CourseFluid Measurement Practical
Problem Solving and Troubleshooting WorkshopStandard Hand Tools, Part 1 Standard Hand Tools, Part 2 
Electric Drilling and Grinding Tools CoursePower Cutting Tools WorkshopPreventive Maintenance Workshop 
Preventive Maintenance Techniques CourseApplied Geometry CertificatePractical Trigonometry Programme

Professional Information for Field Service Technicians 

Sectors: Professional, Technical Services, Repair Services, Installation Services, Maintenance Services, Assemblies, Construction, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Mobile Applications
Career TypeMaintenance, Repairs, Installations, Wiring, Servicing, Calibration, Testing, Supporting, Collection, Data Analysis, Information Coordination
Person type:  Supporter, Administrator, Coordinator, Field Worker, Worker, Tester, Repairer
Education levelsHigh School Diploma and upwards 

Salary indication: Average of $ 22.20 per hour position scope and industry (Indeed)
Labor market: Estimated 3% decline between 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Various

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