Warehouse Supervisor Resume & Writing Guide

Are you seriously thinking about trying your hand at getting that Warehouse Supervisor job you really want? Hold your horses for a quick second and check out our inclusive resume samples for Warehouse Supervisor jobs below. We have created this template, considering all the rage and what isn’t in Warehouse Supervisors' field right now!

On top of that, we have added a comprehensive resume guideline below examining all the fundamentals for a Warehouse Supervisor resume. We have divided it into particular sections with advice, tips, and examples for you to check out and use to build a unique and striking application.

Warehouse Supervisor Resume Example

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Warehouse Supervisor Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Optional: LinkedIn

2. Career Summary: 
Employers are going to skim your resume unless you give them a reason not to. Your career summary should be this reason: it’s your business pitch. Make sure it has: One adjective (“Enthusiastic,” or “Proficient” “Warehouse Supervisor.” Next, include your years of experience and your future goal (“improve efficiency”). Include 1 or 2 skills mentioned in the online job ad and then a couple of accomplishments to market your skills. We’ll explain more about this in the Career Summary Section.

3. Education/Accreditations/Certifications: 
The best education is done on the job. This is a reason why many businesses will hire applicants with only a high school degree. Companies may even prefer to hire from within, and sometimes experience may hold greater value than education. However, jobs with high paying salaries need a Bachelor's Degree in an associated field. You will need particular technical certifications such as Forklift Driver or Aerial Lift Operator in many cases like this. It would help if you listed all of your qualifications, certifications, and training programs are done in reverse chronological order, writing dates of completion. The institution you attended, and finally the qualification’s name.

4. Relevant Warehousing Supervision Experience: 
Recruiters are looking for resumes that match the job they advertised. This is when tailoring your resume to the job becomes crucial. Your experience's importance should be focused on two specific areas: your technical warehousing experience and your managerial/ leadership experience. Begin with your most recent job and then work backward, explaining your employment history for the last ten years. Using bullet points is a nifty way to keep your job duties short and sweet for the reader. Don’t go nuts with information because your resume cannot be longer than 1 or 2 pages.

5. Other Employment Experience: 
If you’re applying for your first job as a Warehouse Supervisor and completed a management trainee course, you may have obtained the required technical experience and also the formal managerial employment. It’s a creative idea to show informal Management or leadership experience, possibly received during a volunteer job or while still studying. 

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: 
Once you’ve enticed your readers with your killer summary statement, start reeling them in with an even better skills section. Hiring managers skim through resumes the first time over. This is why it’s best to utilize bullet points and precise phrasing. But you can capture their attention and hold it by listing your most remarkable skills first. Every skill you put down must be relevant. The best way to display all your skills while keeping it relevant to what was listed in the job ad is in a skills matrix. This strategy is called “resume SEO” and will guarantee your resume will not be rejected by ATS screening AI and automated “bot” recruiting and response handling applications. 

What to Highlight in a Warehouse Supervisor Resume

You’re in charge of moving your team to pick, pack, store, and organize the racks and aisles proficiently and economically. You must prove it with your excellent resume. We will look at the most significant things you’ll need to highlight in your Warehouse Supervisor Resume.

  • Your core role is planning, organizing, supervising, and participating in the procedures and activities of the warehouse
  • Training, assigning, supervising, and evaluating allocated employees.

The opening paragraph provides specifics about the facilities in which you have worked previously regarding floor size and the number of employees. You must specify if that warehouse/ distribution center works in a 24/7 or 12-hour capacity. Specify your work schedules and stand-by agreements you have with your current employers.

The next step is to describe industry or sector experience and if you’re employed privately, in a public company, or government business.

You will typically find Warehouse Supervisors in: 

  • academic institutions 
  • armed forces 
  • central and local government departments 
  • construction
  • freight forwarders
  • haulage contractors
  • major supermarket 
  • retail (including online retail) 
  • wholesale companies 
  • manufacturing firms
  • specialist warehousing
  • distribution firms 

You can use the SIC codes found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website to find the industry categories that you must list in your resume.

Next thing, include a few short explanations of your type of employment and accessibility. Some Warehouse Supervisors are employed permanently by one facility, and yet others circulate during the week at numerous facilities of the same company. You could also be a freelancer, for example,  working at third-party distribution centers handling shipping and logistics for an array of clients concurrently. Recruiters will be interested in your consulting background if you specialize in particular disciplines of warehousing, such as warehouse automation, distribution planning, and transport or supply chain modeling. 

Next on the list, the purpose of your position regarding technical knowledge.

Highlighting your experiences with the following:

  • Warehousing and stock control methods and processes.
  • Receiving, inspecting, and issuing methods for materials.
  • Use of forklifts and other allocated vehicles and equipment.
  • Warehouse procedures, processes, terminology, and equipment.
  • Utilizing space and inventory techniques.
  • Health and safety guidelines.
  • Techniques for the keeping of records.
  • Inventory systems and practices.
  • Principles and practices of giving work direction and training.
  • Interpersonal skills using diplomacy, patience, and civility.
  • Automated warehouse inventory system.

Include details of your managerial experience!

Employers are looking for applicants with proficiency in:

  • Training, supervising, and evaluating employees.
  • Utilizing space successfully and efficiently.
  • Maintaining inventory.
  • Communicating efficiently in both oral and written manners.
  • Operating warehouse vehicles, machines, and equipment.
  • Receiving, issuing, storing and stock.
  • Lifting, moving, sort, and storing objects.
  • Planning and scheduling work.
  • Maintaining precise records of stock transactions.

Don’t forget; there is a physical part of your job!

A standard Warehouse Supervisor should at least be able to:

  1. Accomplish work in every position (e.g., standing, sitting, or walking) for lengthy periods. 
  2. Be able to communicate efficiently by use of speech, vision as well as hearing.
  3. Exercise dexterity and fine motor skills of hands for simple grasping and manipulations.
  4. Deal with the physical demand of continuous squatting, bending, crawling, reaching actions, and climbing. 
  5. Lift to 80 pounds of weight as well as carry, pull, or push this weight.
  6. Deal with tasks that involve being near moving machinery, contact with notable temperature and humidity changes, and contact with gases, fumes, and dust.

*Cool Tip for a stellar resume

The fourth Industrial Revolution is forcing businesses to adapt to technology automation and modernization very quickly. As such, you are expected to know your way around software tools and applications. To guarantee the hiring managers notice your computer technology proficiency, layout your computer skills in a table like the one below: 

Visual ERPPlanet TogetherPlanvisageMARS
GlobalMappeAgile CraftQT ModelerAxiom Terra
ArcCatalogTethysKanban InventoryCitect IIM
SCADAMicrosoft DynamicsIBM SPSSMaestro
InfoPuttyTableauSix Sigma
RealVNCSofteonSpandex ABBOracle
SCMJDANetsuite ERPFishbowl

Warehouse Supervisor Career Summary

The people responsible for hiring new staff are the head guys like the Operations Directors, the VP's, and the CEOs. They don’t have much time to play around, so your resume needs to make them sit up, take notice, and actually want to read further. 

Points to consider when writing your career summary:

  • It mustn’t be too long and must be concise.
  • Don’t over-spiced with the action verbs and adjectives.
  • Add critical technical and leadership skills.
  • Matching interpersonal skills with the ones listed in the job ad is wise.
  • Include your highest-ranking credentials and qualifications.
  • Make it just one paragraph with 3 to 5 sentences.

Examples Summaries

Summary Example 1:
'Spirited Warehouse Supervisor with seven years’ experience. Proficient in stock management and lean inventory management. Looking to add to efficiency at PepsiCo. At PID Specialty Foods, managed five team members in a 25,000 square foot warehouse. Trained 15 employees in lean stock management and saved $40,000 annually in wasted storage and searching costs.'
Summary Example 2:
'Practical Warehouse Supervisor with experience in training staff and development with 11 years experience in leadership and business management. Proficiency in safety codes and quality standards. Able to manage and aid in all warehouse processes to guarantee exact deadlines are met. Superior knowledge in inventory control and cost reduction strategies.'
Summary Example 3:
'Skilled Warehouse Supervisor with over 11 years devoted to working in a warehouse environment, worked in a meat refinery warehouse, medical supplies, and most recently, electrical equipment. Qualified in using heavy machinery like the forklift, educated in computer applications such as NetSuite, Oracle, and Zoho Inventory. Well-organized, diligent approach to work. Is a good team player.'

Warehouse Supervisor Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and duty Examples

Warehouse Supervisors are the guys that oversee the packers, pickers, and other workers in the warehouse responsible for moving, storing, and retrieving inventory in the warehouses. They may oversee teams of 4 to 25 employees. A Warehouse Supervisor's resume must prove leadership skills, computer skills, scheduling abilities, and 5S training.

Your potential employer can tell if you’re any good at what you do relatively quickly. How do you ask? 

The job description in your resume will tell them everything they need to know. 

The way you layout your work experience in your resume will drastically influence your chances of getting an interview. Our resume needs to answer the only real question on potential employers' minds: Will this applicant bring value to our company and be a leader in spearheading tasks to achieve the stipulated targets and objectives. 

Don’t forget to customize your job description with the job ad's crucial responsibilities (provided you perform said duties).  

After catching the employer’s interest with the previous sections of your resume, it’s time to convince them that you are, without a doubt, the only applicant for the job. Create an impressive work history section that’s relevant, of course. Here you must highlight the last 5 to 10 years of your career. Describe every position’s duties and detail your notable achievements.

These tips will guide you:

  • Using verbs and keywords found in the job advertisement, making every line more noticeable is a wise idea.
  • If you can, explain how you benefited your old employers.
  • Making your descriptions specific with objective measurements such as numerical values like percentages.

Warehouse Supervisors can work in many different sectors, but we have chosen a few examples of job duties to get the ball rolling for you.  

Warehouse Supervisor Job Description Examples:

  • Planning, organizing, supervising, and participating in the daily warehouse operations such as receiving, documenting, storing, safety and distributing equipment and supplies with maintaining inventory. 
  • Training, supervising, and evaluating the performance of allocated employees; assigning workloads to warehouse workers.
  • Receiving, unpacking, packing, loading, issuing, storing, and delivering textbooks, materials, supplies, or equipment; completing packing slips for shipments as allocated.
  • Routing, scheduling, packing, and preparing orders for shipping; loading vehicles; scheduling and overseeing deliveries and pick-ups.
  • Supervise the processing of applications and requests to invoice for warehouse code reimbursements; complete applications for required materials to guarantee acceptable stock levels.
  • Preparing and maintaining numerous records and logs and preparing reports as necessary; maintaining all warehouse items' inventory and filing documents as needed.
  • Supervising the inventory printouts assembly and catalogs as needed.
  • It monitors automated warehousing systems, operating a computer to record data, correct errors, and controls key screens as necessary.
  • Operating and demonstrating the utilization of specific warehouse equipment as required. 
  • Guarantee adequate and scheduled maintenance and servicing of warehouse equipment and vehicles.
  • Obeying health and safety guidelines, maintaining a clean, safe and tidy warehouse.
  • Assisting Management in determining warehouse standards and protocols 
  • Advising of budget-related issues. 
  • Assisting in the bidding process for diverse supplies as needed.
  • Performing other responsibilities as allocated.
  • Maintaining consistent attendance.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Accomplishment statements are crucial to Warehouse Supervisor resumes as it highlights all your contributions that made a positive addition to your prior employers. You will need to validate your statements with genuine numerical values. This is called “resume quantification” and serves as your proof of statements made to potential employers. 

Accomplishment statements are made in three steps: 

  1. Feature: What jobs or services have you done that makes you stand out? What have you done that makes you most proud? 
  2. Benefit: How were you able to add value to the company with your projects? 
  3. Proof: Present quantification by including the time frames, scores, numbers, percentages, metrics, or dollar values.


  • Oversaw five team members in a facility with 25,000 square feet of floor space.
  • Directed 5S project that decreased wasted searching time by 30%.
  • Working with materials handlers directly and suppliers to put essential parts on Kanban system.
  • Training 12 employees in Lean stock management led to annual savings of $30,000 in searching and wasted storage costs.
  • Working as a warehouse specialist in 15,000 square foot operation. Performed scheduling tasks for a team of 5 as required.
  • Led a project, switching to updated barcode scanner units, saving 12 hours weekly of warehouse worker time.
  • Managing inventory over $6 million, increasing inventory accuracy from 63% to 95% over one year. 
  • Reduced number of direct employees from 45 to 22 while preserving warehouse productivity by increasing efficiency, correctly outlining work accountabilities, and refining department structure.

Warehouse Supervisor Education Section

To get a job as a Warehouse Supervisor, you will need specific degrees or levels of education. This section is where you layout your education details. We suggest using the Warehouse Supervisor resume template for Word and the tips given below to build your resume's last section.  

  • It’s only necessary to include high school if you didn’t go to college
  • Add in all academic honors, but not your GPA
  • Definitely list all appropriate licenses, certifications, and/ or professional development courses

We’re sure this goes without saying, but the education section is critical in your Warehouse Supervisor Resume. It must be filled to the brim with formal qualifications, certifications, and training programs pertinent to your work field.

Hiring managers place a high value on candidates that include proof that they are continuously looking to progress their skills and, as such, prioritize those applicants. Make sure to include such evidence in your resume. 

Your education section should display your theoretical and practical understanding achieved during your career. 

Keep it simple: 

  • date completed 
  • qualification name 
  • institution attended 

You can give it some meat by adding course curriculums, your results, or training hours you clocked up.  

Education section examples:

2019- Bachelor of Science in Business Management. New York University, New York, NY. 

Courses included: operations management and human resource management. Graduated summa cum laude. 

2018 – Certified Forklift Operator; PMMA Heavy Equipment Training Center, Miami, FL

2017 – CSCP – Certified Supply Chain Professional, APICS, Chicago, IL

2015 -Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM), APICS, Chicago, IL

2014 –  Associates Degree In Business Administration, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville, KY

Course Topics: Business operations, inventory management, shipping and receiving processes, employee training and development, safety regulations, leadership, interpersonal communication, supplier and customer relations.

2013 – Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, American Association for Quality (ASQ), Milwaukee, WI

What to Write in the Resume Skills Section

This field of work needs a mixture of technical skills and managerial skills. Using a skills matrix to display your professional skills and personality traits to potential hiring managers is a good idea. 

The point is to highlight all your skills to make you an attractive package as a Warehouse Supervisor with ample technical knowledge, outstanding leadership skills, and adequate working experience, adding value to the business. 

Technical Skills

Stock management Computer skills
People management Kanban
FIFOCollaborating with shippers and materials handlers
Lean inventory management Warehouse management software (WMS)
SchedulingBarcode scanners
Picking/ packing5S
Inventory reduction Wastage Improvement

Interpersonal Skills Table

LeadershipInterpersonal skills
Spatial relationsTime management
Problem-solvingWork ethic
StaminaWritten and oral communication

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Warehouse Supervisors

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP) APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)APICS Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR-P) Endorsement
APICS Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD)ISM Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)Diploma in Warehouse Management
Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain ManagementLevel 2 – Import and Export Operationstions Management StrategyWarehousing and Operations Certifications
ISM Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity (CPSD)SCPro Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)SOLE Certified Professional Logistician (CPL)
NCMA Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM)Diploma in Clearing and Forwarding
Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Professional information of Warehouse Supervisors

Food Production, Shipping, Medical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Services & Solutions, Storage, Consumer Goods, Chemicals, Mining & Minerals, Agriculture, Automotive, Packaging, Equipment & Machine Manufacturing, Distribution, Assembling

Career Type: 
Warehouse Management, Process Management Staff Management, Project Management, Logistics Management, Transport Management, Distribution Management Business Management, 

Person type: 
Manager, Controller, Leader, Motivator, Reviewer, Coordinator, Implementer, Facilitator, Planner,
Education levels: 
Post School Diplomas and Bachelor's Degree and upwards
Salary indication: 
Average of $ 61 653 per annum (Payscale)
Labor market:
Growth expectation of 4% between 2019 and 2029 (Study.com)
Small, Medium, Corporate, Fortune 500, Government, Multinational, NPO

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