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With our examples and Front-Ender Resume Writing Guide, we teach you how to write your best resume. Whether it’s for the very first time or for a much-needed resume update.

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17 Front-End Developer Resume Examples

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What to Highlight

There are a few key things that employers need to know about your background and skills in order to determine if you are a good fit for their company.

As a Front-Ender, you most likely already have a good grasp of basic web technologies like HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular and/or WordPress,; but some jobs may be looking for someone more specialized in certain areas.

If you have experience with certain JS libraries, for example, then be sure to detail which ones. If you’re also good at design and can use image-editing software well, that’s a bonus you’ll want to include in your resume.

Aside from technical knowledge, creative problem-solving and attention to detail are very important for a developer to have. You’ll be expected to come up with innovative solutions to technical issues and be able to adapt to changes. This is especially true in environments following any form of the Agile Methodology.

Lastly, an important factor is your ability to communicate and work in a team. It’s almost impossible to work as a developer in a silo. You’ll have to touch base with the designers, UX professionals, and possibly even the client. Always mention your strengths as a team player and your strong communication skills. Fluency in the English language is a must.

The Front-End Developer Resume Guide:

Resume Sections

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History
  4. Achievements
  5. Education
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies
  9. > Professional information

1. Contact Information

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • LinkedIn Profile / Portfolio Link

Career Objectives & Examples

Hiring managers have dozens of resumes to go through and very little time to read them. Keep your career objective concise and to the point. Put the most important information first to capture their attention while they’re quickly scanning your resume.

Start your career objective with your years of experience in the industry and the main duties you performed. When deciding what duties to add, use the job description as your guide. For instance, if the job you are applying to emphasizes expertise in AngularJS and experience with JIRA, mention the same words in your objective. The more you sound like them, the better fit you will seem.

Next, add a line that showcases any outstanding qualities that will help the company. A hiring manager would be interested to know if you have “strong communication skills and creative problem-solving abilities.” It’s important to note that these qualities should be proven in the professional experience section to re-enforce your message.

Lastly, close with your educational degrees and any certifications you may have that are pertinent to the job.


Career Objective 1

“Creative and self-starting Front-End Developer with 5 years experience building stable eCommerce websites and apps in fast-paced, collaborative environments. Highly skilled in HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery and working knowledge of Photoshop. Well-versed in Scrum and Agile.”

Career Objective 1

Innovative Front End Developer with 5 years experience building and maintaining responsive websites in the recruiting industry. Proficient in HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and Angualr; plus modern libraries and frameworks. Passionate about usability and possess working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop & Sketch.

Job Responsibilities, Descriptions & Duties

These are the general responsibilities of a Front-End Developer that you should include in your employment history.


  • Implementing web design and development principles to build stable software.
  • Bringing mock-ups to life using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Collaborating closely with the team to support projects during all phases of delivery.
  • Building websites and apps that are responsive and usable.
  • Monitoring website performance and rectifying front-end-related issues.
  • Communicating technical issues in an understandable manner to the team and clients.
  • Identifying innovative ideas and proof of concepts according to project requirements.
  • Providing guidance and troubleshooting support to clients.
  • Maintaining an organized workflow using a project management tool (like GitHub).
  • Testing to identify bugs and technical issues before and after deploying.
  • Documenting bug reports, tickets, and any code changes.

The Additional Skills Section

For a Front-End Developer resume, a lot of emphases will be put on the additional skills section. This is a great place to showcase your soft skills and your experience with different tools. If you know any other languages, this would also be the place to mention them.

Front-End Developers should have knowledge of the most current languages, libraries, and tools. As you can see in the resume samples above, the applicant lists his knowledge of both. (If you are a highly-experienced applicant, you may want to consider including a Qualifications Summary on your resume instead.)

Quantifying Your Resume

Employers love numbers because it gives your experience more of an impact. If you can answer the questions, “How much?” or “How many?”, you should include that number in your resume. For instance:

  • How many projects did you work on at a time?
  • How many people did you train or supervise?
  • What percentage of projects were a success?

The Importance of Soft Skills

For Front-End Developers, soft skills are just as important as technical skills. You must be friendly, collaborative, and be able to function well in a team. As the person in charge of tech innovations, you should also be analytical and capable of identifying creative solutions. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections:

  • Analytical
  • Proactive
  • Self-starting
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Adaptable
  • Detailed

Front-End Developer Resume Keywords

Employers are looking for a Front-End Developer who is proactive and organized. Help potential employers envision you as the perfect addition to their team by using these specific action verbs:


20 Front-End Developer Resume Downloads

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