Order Picker Resume & Writing Guide

Digging the idea of a new Order Picker job? Turn your eyes to our resume how-to guide before sending your resume off into the world. We are here to give you advice on how to design a banging Order Picker resume. 

You must choose a respected format such as the reverse-chronological format. It highlights your best skills, experience, and qualities by putting them first.

HR doesn’t have time to comb over resumes meticulously. You’ll need to catch their eye from the get-go. No worries if you don’t know how because that’s what we are here for! The next few pages of our guideline, are all about how to make a solid Order Picker Resume:

23 Order Picker Resume Examples

Order Picker Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact information
2. Profile Summary
3. Work History 
4. Achievements
5. Education 
6. Skill Section
7. Certification & licensing
8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight in an Order Picker Resume:

There are many Order Picker jobs out there, but there are just as many people applying for them. Your resume should display you in the most compelling way possible. We will help you start the process by highlighting the critical elements you’ll need for your resume. 

As an Order Picker, you put into action a crucial function for any successful e-commerce and retail business. You are the backbone of the successful completion of order operations. Order Picking accounts for over 45% of fulfillment center operations and 52% of warehouse operating costs and is potentially the most critical activity in fulfillment centers.

An efficient order-picking system is essential. There are numerous kinds of order picking designs that warehouses, retail operations, distribution facilities, and factories used to improve production and precision. You must explain the order choosing methods you have experience in clearly.

We have put some examples below:

  • Single order picking: In this system, pickers go through the warehouse and recover SKUs one by one to complete orders one at a time. 
  • Batch picking: The aim here is to optimize picking activities by getting SKUs in bulk, completing many orders at a time. 
  • Multi-batch order picking: This system decreases picking time by picking items for several orders instantaneously. 
  • Cluster picking: The idea behind this method is to complete many orders at one time. 
  • Wave picking: Utilized in larger warehouses with regular high-volume orders, this method is particularly useful.
  • Zone picking: In this method, the warehouse is separated into zones, and specific workers are allocated to every zone. 

Provide context regarding your work setting:

  • You should include context regarding your working environment. For example: do you currently work for a general grocery store, fresh produce market, or a specialty food emporium? 
  • You should also mention the establishment’s size and if you work with all product groups or if you are only accountable for meat and poultry/ fruit and veggie sections. 
  • Recruiters are also interested in whether you work shifts (working hours) and if you’d be available on weekends and holidays.

Then there is dexterity:

  • Order Pickers have numerous responsibilities that involve physical bending, moving boxes, or reaching for/ lifting boxes. 
  • You should include how much you can lift over 50 pounds, for example, healthy and work a forklift if applicable. B
  • ecause you will be working inside most of the time on your feet on hard surfaces, you must be honest about anything health-wise that could stop you from performing your job at 100% capacity.  

Career Summary & Objective

You should aim for a gripping paragraph of between 3-5 lines providing a summary of your application. Stay away from a resume objective if you have loads of experience.

Recruiters are interested in the value you can bring to the table than the other way around. Your summary allows recruiters to determine if you’re the right person for the job. Highlight your best capabilities, give your years of experience, and give recruiters an idea of your predominant personality traits. 

Let's look at a few points regarding resume objectives:

  • Keep it at 1-3 sentences.
  • Mention how the skills you have could be transferred into and order picker job
  • List 3 aspects of value that you intend to offer your future employer

Four Examples

Summary example 1:
'Warehouse Order Picker with 8+ years’ experience looking to provide top KPIs for Target. As an Amazon Order Picker, sustained picking/packing speeds in the top 97%. Performed to 99% of packing specs. Kept records 100% error-free. 2-time Walmart Order Picker of the month.'
Summary example 2:
'Quick-minded student using warehouse experience and collected academic skills looking to move into an Order Picker position. Proven capabilities include maneuvering freight and materials, confirming packing slips, and using computer tracking systems to increase productivity—a commitment to guaranteeing the safe and punctual transport of goods and products in fast-paced environments.'
Summary example 3:
'Highly experienced Order Picker with ten years’ experience in picking, sorting, moving, and packing customer orders. In-depth knowledge of recognized safety policies, OSHA standards, and housekeeping activities'
Summary example 4:
'Junior Order Picker with exceptional understanding of basic math, warehouse operations, RF units, and manufacturing processes. Familiar with utilizing hand tools, powered machines, and inspection equipment. Looking to join (insert company name) as a Senior Order Picker.'

Employment History 

Recruiters will expect to see specific skills and capabilities in your job duty section. Now, we can hear your thought already: “But I pick orders for a living, what more can I say?”

You could say a fair amount, actually, and all without sounding like you’re talking to the child. To help you get started, we have provided a broad list of responsibilities below (you can copy these as they are, by the way, or modify them for every job you’re applying for).

Order Pickers with retail experience are advantageous, but those without can still be hired. List your experiences of retail in reverse chronological order. Include the Company Names, Employment Duration, and Job Title for every job you’ve held, explaining the core job responsibilities (four or five bullet points per job should do the trick). There will be positions that require prior experience, such as heavy machinery operations. This career needs physical stamina for long hours on your feet and lifting products.

When listing employment history do it in reverse chronological order.


Order Picker at SMG Warehousing

(Feb 2015 – Dec 2020)

Responsible for maneuvering freight and materials, confirming packing slips, and using computer tracking systems to increase productivity in a 5000sqm warehouse facility.

  • Operating numerous equipment types (i.e., Palletizer, Bendi, Dolly Loader, Forklift, Pallet Wrapper, and Electrical Pallet Jacks).
  • Utilizing a constant improvement mindset and assisting in identifying chances to progress procedures.
  • Adhering to acceptable manufacturing practices and essential work safe practices.

Order Picker at Checkers

(Feb 2010 – Jan 2015)

Responsible for meeting particulars of customer orders punctually and keeping products apart, organized, and in good rotation within the main distribution area of the warehouse.

  • Monitoring product quality regularly, reporting problems to lessen safety issues.
  • Seal and tag containers, confirm the precision of orders, and sign pick tickets to confirm.
  • Ensure the precise shipping information is attached and move finalized orders to the shipping area.

Job Descriptions Examples

Below we have provided additional Job Duty Examples

Job description samples:

  • Ensure that working areas are kept clean and well-organized.
  • Pack incoming stock away, take inventory, and report shortages.
  • Keep records of shipments coming in or going out. 
  • Pick orders as demanded by management.
  • Seal and tag containers, confirm the precision of orders, and sign pick tickets to confirm.
  • Ensure the precise shipping information is attached and move finalized orders to the shipping area.
  • Place containers on pallets, and secure them with stretch wrap, shrink wrap, and strapping.
  • Load and unload trucks, utilizing totes, jacks, and forklifts.
  • Comply with OSHA and various other safety regulations.
  • Assist in the maintenance of warehouse security.
  • Receive and check incoming pick tickets.
  • Locate products utilizing technology.
  • Retrieve orders according to quantity, size, etc., guaranteeing accurateness.
  • Building pallets with orders and positioning them to loading docks.
  • Wrapping orders before loading on trucks
  • Re-stocking inventory physically or with warehouse equipment.
  • Keeping records of fulfilled orders.
  • Maintaining equipment and reporting all failures.
  • Pulling and packing products based on daily orders.
  • Performing other duties as allocated.


An invite to an interview is almost always given to accomplishments-based Order Pickers. Showing recruiters that you have a proven record of useful contributions and achievements makes them more likely to see you as a valuable asset to their business. 

Creating an accomplishments section can be a little more complicated if the job is based on completed numerous manual tasks that are generally repetitive. You can still offer recruiters a number of achievements if you put your mind to it, in any case. 

Let's unpack that thought. You know there’s more to being an Order Picker clerk than just filling in orders, right?

Your goal here is to highlight the features that make you unique. The things that make you most proud, your accomplishments in prior roles that either saved money, time, or made a process easier, resulting in happier customers. 

Resume Quantification

Having now gotten your list down on paper, give your accomplishments some meat on the bones by quantifying them with numeric values (percentages, time frames, etc.). 

DULL AND DREARY (no quantification or oomph):
  • Maintained regular picking/packing speeds 
  • Picked all orders with accuracy regardless of high speeds.
  • Retained a clean working area, meeting of inspection necessities.
  • Saved on UPS orders by keeping up to date on special deals.
  • Decreased storage waste by transferring to a Kanban system.
QUANTIFIED AND STELLER (the magic of numbers):
  • Maintained regular picking/packing speeds in the 97th percentile.
  • Picked all orders with 98% accuracy regardless of high speeds.
  • Retained a clean working area, meeting 100% of inspection necessities.
  • Saved 18% on UPS orders by keeping up to date on special deals.
  • Decreased storage waste by 30% by transferring to a Kanban system.

Education Section

This section of your resume is essential, even if you don’t have post-school qualifications. Recruiters pay much attention to this section as it gives them a better idea about you as a person and if you’ll fit well into the company. If you have completed any apprenticeships, courses, or certificates relevant to your job, make sure you put it all down here and accurately. 

You need to highlight: 

  1. Graduation date
  2. Graduate Degree
  3. All Work-related Education Certificates
  4. School name
  5. GPA (this is optional)

Typically, recruiters tend to look for different things in this section, so make sure you read the education requirements stated in the job ad and highlight those in your resume if you have them.  

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your education section just above or in live with your experience section, only if you’ve graduated in the last four years. 
  • Put in your graduation date/ or years, you went to school, all the honors you achieved, and your GPA if it was over 3.5.
  • If you graduated more than four years ago, it's acceptable to put your education section below your professional experience section. The focus should really be on your experience at this time. 

Keep the format short and concise. All you need to show is the What, When, and Where: qualification name, completion date, and institution's name. 

Order Picker Resume Education Example:

2006 – 2010 Washington High School, Jersey City, NJ 

  • Head Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.
  • High school bodybuilding club.
  • Passionate baseball team player, three years.

Resume Skills

Modify your skills section to imitate the skill requirements and capability preferences on the job ad. 

  • Choose the job ad's essential skills. 
  • Prove them in your resume by reading the job posting, highlighting all the skills you can identify. 

Ask yourself: Do you have those skills? Have you ever exhibited them? If you say yes, write the most impressive ones down and quantify them. Display them in a skills matrix. Include your most attractive ‘’picking’’ skills that aren't in the job ad. 

Using the keywords from the job ad in your resume, you increase your chances of landing an interview.  

Order Pickers need particular technical skills. However, recruiters will also be looking for other skills like physical ability and personality traits. 

Let’s not do the whole “super long bullet point” method, in any case. Utilize the skills matrix for every skill category (Technical, Physical, and Personal). Use an action verb for each attribute to give it some oomph. 

Technical Skills Matrix

PickingPackingSpeed Cleaning EquipmentRecord Keeping
Math SkillsUnloading TrucksShippingComputer Skills
Pallet Jack OperationsHousekeepingSafety SkillsWarehouse transport
Loading and unloadingInventory countingWarehouse safetyQuality control
Customer serviceExcellent driving recordOrder PullingLoading 
RF MachinesScannersShrink WrappingLabeling

Physical Skills Matrix

Static & Trunk StrengthMulti-limb Coordination 
ConcentrationCan lift up to 60 pounds
EnduranceClean Medical Record
Perceptual SpeedPhysical Stamina
20/20 VisionDexterity

Soft Skills Matrix

Stress ToleranceReliableEnergetic
DedicatedDiplomaticWell Groomed
Detail OrientatedTask OrientatedPatient

Professional Information on Order Pickers

Sectors: Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Warehousing, Retail, Supply Chain, Distribution
Career Type: Stocking, Packing, Sorting, Organizing, Moving, Stacking, 
Person type:  Checker, Stocker, Assembler, Packer, Handler, Forklift Driver, Sorter, Operator, Checker, Mover, Assistant, Worker
Education levels: No formal qualifications needed
Salary indication: Average of $ 13.06 per hour (Indeed)
Labor market: 1% growth between 2018 and 2028 (Zippia)
Organizations: Grocery Stores, Clothing Stores, Fresh Produce Markets, Wholesale Stores, Distribution Centres, Deli's, Factories, Specialty Food Stores, Supply Chain Centre’s, Boutique Organic, Harbours, Shops, Food Emporiums, Discount Farmers Markets, Shipping Docks, Loading/Unloading Facilities, Storage Facilities

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