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Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Substitute Teacher

Guarantee your resume stands out from the rest by being informative and an entertaining read, but without overwhelming the recruiter with irrelevant info.

We will guide you toward creating an outstanding resume with our comprehensive “How-to” guide and resume examples and samples per resume section.

Substitute Teacher Resume Samples

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Substitute Teacher Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras
  9. Professional information

What to Highlight as a Substitute Teacher

Recruiters, principals, and school boards all expect to know certain crucial things about you to determine if you’re right for their school or not.  

  1. Because Substitute Teachers can be found in elementary, middle, high school and post-secondary schools, the first thing you need to do is specify your teaching experience's scope. Have you taught in elementary or high school? Maybe both? You must also specify if your experience was in private or public schools.  
  2. The next aspects to highlight are the goals and obligations given to you by the school/ institution. These may include teaching students, preparing lesson plans, monitoring their progress, preparing students for standardized tests, and enforcing school rules. 
  3. Then describe your subject matter expertise. You could be employed as a sub for STEM subjects across several grades or the sole teacher responsible for one subject. This info helps recruiters in matching you with the perfect job. 
  4. Also explain additional duties like the off-site class trips that must be planned such as watching plays, visiting a museum and theatre productions associated with English literature.
  5. After many years of teaching, it’s possible that your role expanded from just teaching to include curriculum or operational activities at the school, leadership, or college. Make sure to mention these roles. 
  6. Lastly, a degree in Education and experience in the classroom are preferred, but alternate work experiences relate to building teaching skills. This is especially important if you’re applying for your first Substitute Teacher jobs. This may include Sunday School Teacher, managing a children's reading program at the local library, or maybe assisting learners by Substitute Teaching English on a part-time basis.

*Cool Tip for an awesome resume:

If you can, provide references from parents or your previous students’ thank you notes (scanned, obviously), to beef up your resume. This will really help make a good first impression. 

Another idea is listing the students you felt you helped the most. Phrase it as a before-and-after story.  

Provide the following info: 

  • Your GPA score if you’ve attained a Bachelor/Associates' degree (if higher than 3.6).
  • Number of learners in your classes.

If you’re familiar with digital teaching tools and platforms, please include them in your resume, as they are used more and more in schools today. Some examples are iPads or tablets, interactive whiteboards, smart projectors, digital textbooks, tables and noticeboards, cameras, and audio enhancements.

Don’t forget about mentioning communication and collaboration tools like cloud-based systems such as Trello, Slack, Skype, or even Asana. Which ones are you utilizing to assist communication between fellow teachers, parents, and external stakeholders involved in school operations?

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Career Summary & Objectives

So, how do you make the principal go, “wow, maybe I should read this resume a little more carefully.” Answer: make sure you have an awesome career summary/ objective. If you have a decent amount of experience, then use a summary. If you’re a little green, then use an objective. 

It's not surprising that schools get heaps of Substitute Teacher submissions every year, so you have to make sure you stand out. 

Your career summaries/ objectives must be concise. Begin with the important info to grab their attention while they skim your resume. 

  • For summaries, start with details about yourself (adjectives) and your interests. Finish with the reasons you're interested in the advertised Substitute Teacher job.  
  • This is very important: Mold your career objective to every job you apply for using the keywords stated in the job advert. 
  • Your career objective cannot be generic. If the job you’re applying for wants an energetic personality/ detail-orientated work ethic, copy and paste those exact words into your resume (if those skills apply to you). If you use the same keywords in your resume as stated in the job ad, your resume will look better to prospective employers.  
  • Include a line that showcases your extraordinary qualities that will add value to the school. Recruiters are interested in qualities like superb time management skills and problem-solving skills under pressure.  

Lastly, finish the summary/objective of your completed academic degrees and/ or in the process of being done.

Example Career Objectives & Summaries

Summary example 1

“Licensed substitute teacher with proven proficiencies in K-12 and special education, looking for a position as a substitute with Beton High School, Little Rock. Competent in special ed, learner engagement, and grading. Constantly praised for excellent classroom management. Selected as the ideal substitute teacher for special Education at Grant Middle School in Little Rock.”

Summary Example 2

“Passionate licensed substitute teacher, looking to develop education excellence at Beton High School. Brilliant in classroom management coursework at ASU and graded papers every week as a teacher's assistant. Certified in Basic Life Support and ALICE School Safety Training. Weekly K-8 Mentor, Hope Day School.”

Summary Example 3

“Highly proficient Substitute Teacher with imaginative instructional demeanor and aptitude in smart learning approaches. 12+ years’ experience teaching elementary grades with a bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology and certified to teach in all states across the Mid-West Region. Very motivated on engaging and enthusing learners to achieve their ultimate potential.”

Summary Example 4

“Substitute Teacher with 10+ years of experience offering an original, inspiring learning environment for children. Proven honor in developing students' grammar and pronunciation skills and improving standardized test scores by an average of 15% within eight months. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.”

Substitute Teacher Employment History

School principals and education boards want to see proven foundational duties and skillsets in the candidate's resume. They depend on the educational level and work experience. We have included examples of Substitute Teacher roles in several educational settings below.

“But guys, I’m a substitute, I’m just starting out. Surely that means the experience section in my resume doesn't matter. Right?” WRONG! You still must prove you can do your job, especially if you don’t have that much experience. Don’t worry, though, and there's a way you can do it. Put your most recent job experience first, then include achievements from the prior positions that highlight your passion for teaching. 


The accepted format for listing your experience is the reverse chronological order. Most recent experience first, followed by the previous stuff. Examples below:

Substitute Teacher at Northville Primary

February 2011 – December 2013

Facilitating lessons for Grade 3 Pupils daily, by handing out learning materials, setting up props, and handing out art and stationery supplies.

  • Acknowledged praise from the principal for the frequent capability of arriving within very short notice, respectable, equipped, and ready to involve the students.
  • Assumed provisional leadership roles for after-school programs such as football coaching and Substitute Teaching. Asked to be an assistant coach permanently.

Substitute Teacher at St Mary’s DSG

February 2008 – January 2011

Substituted for Biology, English, and Math classes for all elementary grades, throughout the 2020 school year

  • Graded every quiz allocated by long-term teachers.
  • Revised lesson plans to correspond to changes in curriculum. Acknowledged by teachers for attention to detail.

Pro-Tip: In this field. You have a unique little problem. Subbing isn't like your usual job with set hours and benefits due to the irregular working hours. So, how does one write a job description for subbing in a resume?

Include the name of the school, position, and years you worked:

Rocky Bottom middle school

Substitute Teacher


Then include your achievements, responsibilities, and proficiencies in bullet points:

  • Subbed for Biology, English, and maths classes. Graded every quiz allocated by long-term teachers.
  • Revised lesson plans to correspond to changes in curriculum. Acknowledged by teachers for attention to detail.
  • Regularly filled in when the soccer coach was absent at practices. Improved student participation in drills by 30%.

Unless you’ve subbed an insane number of days that will make the principal whistle, don’t mention the number of days subbed. 

If you are going to add it, make it a bullet point in your job description: 

  • In total, 130 days Subbed in one year.  

Experience can be built quickly in this field. A few weeks in various schools or several volunteer positions can make your resume look really good. 

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Job Duty Examples:

A Substitute Teacher at Kindergarten level:

  • Facilitating lessons by handing out learning materials, setting up props, and handing out art and stationery supplies.
  • Enforcing positive discipline, following classroom rules and school procedures.
  • Being at the gates in the morning to meet and greet learners and parents.
  • Supervising learners during recess and informal play times.

A Substitute Teacher at Elementary School level:

  • Planning lessons that teach learners via practical and theoretical examples.
  • Conducting tests and assessments.
  • Grading students’ assignments and monitoring their progression. 
  • Supervising learners during lunchtimes in the cafeteria and on the playground during recess, ensuring their safety. 
  • Distributing tests, monitoring exam sessions, collecting exam papers, and doing the grading thereof.
  • Preparing draft lesson outlines, creating worksheets for learners to do during lessons.  
  • Organizing and facilitating parent-teacher meetings. 
  • Teaching learners with special needs, including learning disabilities or speech impediments. 

A Substitute Teacher at Middle/High School level:

  • Planning lessons that teach learners many English subject matter components, including writing, reading, comprehension, poetry, pronunciation, and literature.
  • Conducting assessments to determine learner capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. 
  • Preparing summary lesson plans and exam papers.
  • Promoting positive discipline and acting as a guidance counselor for the grade assigned.
  • Accompanying learners on class trips and events outside of school. 
  • Preparing classrooms for lessons and cleaning classrooms afterward. 
  • Providing extra lessons in Mathematics & Science to learners who require help. 
  • Supervising classroom behavior and overseeing learners during recess.

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

It’s super tempting to copy and paste your whole list of obligations you had to do, as is listed in your job description. Please DON’T does this. There’s a major drawback in doing this, and that’s your resume won’t stand out from other candidates with the same experience as you.

The aim is to take all that sets you apart from the rest, the things you’re most proud of, your accomplishments in your previous jobs, and list them using punchy statements that catch the eye. 

Accomplishment statements are essential to your resume. You are influential in molding the minds of the next generation! Utilize this section to highlight your abilities to educate, coach, support, and encourage students. Don’t forget to quantify your statements. Use numerical values to prove your accomplishment statements. How, you ask?

Quantify your resume:

Answering these questions, “How much?” or “How many?” will help tremendously. For example:

  • How many grades have you taught in your career?
  • How many percentage points did the average grade score increase?

Try to think of 4-5 accomplishments that make you special. 


  • Involved in increasing elementary grades’ reading scores by 19% during the first and second term.
  • Improved class attendance to 98% and increased participation of students by 39% using student-focused teaching methods.
  • Given a 97% teacher’s assistant evaluation review score, the highest mark achieved in the last seven years.
  • Started the afterschool maths club with the maths department's help, achieving an 18% improvement in test scores over 12 weeks.
  • Improved the reading performance of the remedial class by 27% during the academic year.

Can you see how adding number values to prove your statements makes it sound so much better? Not only that, it gives the recruiter a clear idea of the value you added to the school. More examples are below:

Summary example 1

“Increased student achievement to a 98% pass rate for Oregon State Graduation.”

Summary example 2

“Executed formative assessments by regulating testing strategies, resulting in an 18% improvement in test scoring rate.”

Summary example 3

“Planned and executed a 12-month English language program for a class of 29 Adult Learners, causing significant improvement in English skills.”

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Education Section & Examples

This section is critical to your resume. Provide your qualification’s name, institution name, and dates of studies. 

Don’t forget to provide all the current qualifications you’re busy completing. It would be best if you considered being discrete and relevant regarding courses and certifications. For public schools, substitute Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and specific licenses for their state. 

Educational Accomplishment: An associate degree in Education is usually needed to be a Substitute Teacher in public schools. Other suggested degrees include: Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Adult Literacy, and Special Needs Education. If you want to become a licensed teacher, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in Education.  

List the education section like this:

  1. Starting and finishing date for tertiary degrees (associate degrees, diplomas, and bachelor’s). If you’ve only done a course, only give the end date. 
  2. The full name of the qualification. 
  3. Institution’s full name.  
  4. City and abbreviated State name. 
  5. List the details of your high school diploma in the same way (only if you have five years’ experience or less). You can include your majors, minors, GPA scores (if it’s great), honors awards, and accolades.

Examples for a public-school setting: 

2014-2017 Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Chicago State University, IL. 

  • Majors: Reading, Literature, Pedagogy. 
  • Minors: Curriculum Design, Instructional Technology, Instruction Design.

2017-2019 Master’s Degree in English Literature, University of Arizona, AR.

2020 – 2020 General Education Certificate, Miami Secondary School, FL.

2021 – 2021 Student-Teacher Practicum, Ashford University, CO.

Examples of a private school/ college setting: 

2015-2017 Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, Ashford University, CO. 

  • GPA: 3.5
  • Majors: Communication Sciences, Creative Writing. 
  • Honors: Deans List

2019 Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Arizona, AR.

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The Substitute Teacher Resume Skills

This is a field that values soft skills and personality traits as much as technical skills. Soft skills are the true indicators of your ability to be a good substitute teacher who can connect with students, inspire and motivate them. Integrate these terms into your summary, your profile, and your accomplishment statements.

Technical Skills Examples

teaching planslesson delivery platformslesson planning
instructingclassroom managementgrading papers
active listeningpsychologygrammar
spellingsentence-construction rulestime management
public speakingreadingcommunication
coachingwritingtest compilation

You will need to show which tech tools you can use: 

PowerPoint, Skype, WhatsApp, Excel, Blabber, Power School SIS, Blackboard Springpad, Class kit, Google Docs, Empatico, etc. 

Being proficient with digital teaching tools will definitely make you look good. These include iPads/ tablets, interactive whiteboards, digital textbooks, smart projectors, tables and noticeboards, cameras, and audio enhancements.

 Soft Skill Examples

PatienceToleranceCritical thinking
Organization and planning Advanced verbal communication skillsSelf-motivation 
CreativeDedicated Realistic 
Counseling Coaching Supervising 
Passionate Decision making High energy levels 
Problem-solving Speaking Listening 
Empathy Fairness 

Associated Qualifications/Certifications with Substitute Teachers

Bachelor of CommunicationMaster’s in Business Administration
Diploma in Education ManagementBachelor of Special Needs Education
Doctor of Philosophy in English LiteratureBlackBoard Super User
Certificate in Curriculum DesignBachelor of Arts in English Literature
Associate Degree in Elementary EducationPraxis ParaPro Assessment
Master’s in Business AdministrationDiploma in Education Management
Diploma in Peer-to-Peer Learning PrinciplesCourse in Differentiated Instruction Methodologies
Project Base Learning DiplomaMaster’s Degree in Childhood Psychology
Certificate in Differentiated InstructionAssociate Degree in Early Childhood Education

Optional Extras:

In this section, you can really help to make your resume stand out from all the others the recruiter may have received. 

Look for attractive activities you do already that relate to teaching or children and even volunteer work such as:

  • Giving routine talks to Spanish classes regarding travel in South America.
  • K-8 Mentor, Hope Day School, Big Rock, once a week. 
  • Teaching cycling to children twice a month at Flow River Bikes.

 Maybe you have a publication or two out?

  • “Summer Reading: Classroom Management” Stories from School Blog
  • “How Tech Can Help Your Child Learn” The Thinking Stick Blog

You may also list continuing education courses or other perks that highlight your passion for Education.

Pro Tip: Contemplate joining the National Education Association. That kind of thing looks good in a resume for substitute teaching because it shows you're serious about what you do. It’s a huge plus for networking potential too.

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Professional information of Substitute Teachers

Sectors: Education, Training, Childcare
Career Type: Teacher, Trainer, Counsellor, Supervisor
Person type:  Leader, Motivator, Coach, Trainer, Helper
Education levels: Bachelor's Degree and upwards
Salary indication: $15.41 per hour (Indeed)
Labor market: 3% from 2019 – 2029 (
Organizations: Private Schools, Public Schools, High School, Elementary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Adult Education Centers

Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

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