Flight Attendant Resumes & Guide

This guide will show you how to ensure that your resume stands out from the rest by being both informative and entertaining to read. The only thing left to do now is to check out our: How to Make a Resume Guideline for Flight Attendants?

18 Flight Attendant Resume Examples

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Flight Attendant Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections Covered:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History
  4. Achievements
  5. Education
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

Contact Information

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • LinkedIn Profile / Portfolio Link
  • Driver’s license

Career Summary & Objectives

In this industry, hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes that they need to sort through. If your resume does not impress them early on, you can be sure that they will not give it another look. The best way to combat this is to create a captivating career summary that highlights your most impressive experience, your most admirable skills and qualities, and your highest academic achievements, all in under six lines.

Remember to situate this section at the very beginning of your resume. Your next question, which one do I choose? Do not worry. We will explain further below:

Career Summary:

If you have extensive experience being a flight attendant, a career summary is a choice for you. Start your career summary with your years of experience in the industry and the job title you held. Remember to read through the job description to outline the skills and qualities the employer is looking for. Integrate these keywords into your career summary paragraph if they apply to you.

Next, show off a bit and add a line that highlights any of your outstanding achievements. Remember, in any case.

You will need to prove these accomplishments later on in your resume. Lastly, finish with your educational degrees/diplomas and any certifications/licenses you may have that are relevant.

Career Objective:

If your flight attendant experience is on the thinner side or just starting, do not worry. An objective career paragraph was designed just for you.

A career objective allows you to highlight your career goals and aspirations while still highlighting your impressive skills, qualities, and accomplishments.


Flight Attendant Summary 1
"Personable, safety-oriented Flight Attendant with 3+ years of expertise with an international cabin crew. Achieved a consistently highest passenger satisfaction rating according to Skytrax surveys (99.28%). I am seeking to develop my flight attendant skills further and continue providing top guest service by joining American Airlines as the new Senior Flight Attendant."
Flight Attendant Summary 2
"Friendly and responsible Guest Relations Supervisor for a large hotel chain. Obtained the highest regional client satisfaction scores (98.47%). Seeking to enliven my passion for travel by joining the American Airlines team as a flight attendant."
Flight Attendant Summary 3
"Task orientated Flight Attendant with exceptional interpersonal skills ensuring that travelers are well-directed through the check-in process. Ability to deal with difficult situations calmly and practically. Completed an Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism. Seeking a position at Emirates as a Junior Flight Attendant."
Flight Attendant Summary 4
"I have been a flight attendant for the last 18 months. Besides knowledge of flight attendant tasks, galley duties, and safety protocols, also carried out various ticketing duties (e.g., scanning tickets, boarding) during peak season periods."

Employment History

When it comes to listing your work experience, there are a few ways to ensure that this section knocks the socks off of the reader.

  • Firstly, we recommended that you list your experience in reverse chronological order so that your most recent and often most impressive information can be seen first.
  • Secondly, integrate keywords from the job description into your resume to make your statements even more relevant.
  • Lastly, show off your knowledge by using industry terms and a phrase such as “gate lice,” “blue juice,” and “crotch watch.” Remember matching the airline’s interests is in your best interest.

Senior Flight Attendant at Delta Air Lines

(March 2018 – June 2022)

Tasked with managing and coaching ten junior cabin crew members during all international flights.

  • Informed business- and first-class clients about the best beverage-pairing decisions based on taste and meal menus.
  • Relayed communication to passengers and cabin crew from the flight deck in a professional and personable manner.
  • Assisted passengers and instructed on passenger safety.
  • Performed preflight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections of the aircraft’s emergency, cabin, and galley equipment. Ensured the aircraft’s interior was clean at all times.
  • Provided leadership, direction, and assistance during an emergency, including aircraft evacuation and administering first aid to ill or incapacitated passengers.
  • Handled emergencies according to procedures. Performed orderly evacuation of passengers and crew. Provided emergency medical assistance where necessary.
  • Supervised loading and offloading of aircraft passengers and baggage. Ensured access to escape exits was clear at all times.
  • Communicated paperwork and detailed reports regarding incidents or discrepancies.
  • Greeted passengers, assisted with carry-on baggage stowage, and delivered onboard announcements.
  • Provided excellent customer service, which exceeded passengers’ expectations.

Guest Relations Supervisor at Hilton Private Jets and Hotels

(January 2009 – December 2010)

Managed and coached a team of over 40 employees in the reception area and the back office, identified key VIP guests, and administered personal assistance to corporate guests.

  • Performed preflight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections of the aircraft.
  • Ensured that emergency exits were always clear and accessible.
  • Ensured passengers were comfortable during aircraft operations.
  • Planned all the menus and coordinated meal requirements. Purchased required food and supplies to serve meals and beverages.
  • Provided cabin service and monitored all passengers in flight.
  • Operated high-tech aircraft systems and equipment.

Job Descriptions & Responsibilities

Employers and hiring managers expect to see the following proven foundational duties and skill sets within an applicant’s resume.


A Flight Attendant may:
  • Be responsible for passenger service duties, which entail check-in counters for departing passengers and arrival and departure gates.
  • Attend to customers before, after, and in-between flights.
  • Take down reservations for private and executive flights and issue the relevant tickets.
  • Verify and confirm passenger identification and print and hand out boarding passes.
  • Assist travelers and private guests with baggage check-in.
  • Conduct security verifications and health screenings of passengers and their onboard baggage.
  • Perform preflight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections of an aircraft’s emergency, cabin, and galley equipment.
  • Ensures access to emergency exits.
  • Supervise loading and offloading of aircraft passengers and baggage.
  • Complete relevant paperwork and fill in detailed reports regarding problematic incidents and discrepancies.
  • Greet passengers and meet passengers with special needs, assist with carry-on luggage stowage, and deliver in-flight announcements.
  • Provide on-point customer service.


When it comes to designing your resume, you may be tempted to keep certain sections generic for every job you apply for.

We strongly recommend that you change your thinking. Rather, take the time to read through the job description and adapt your resume sections to reflect what the employer is looking for.

By doing this, your resume will be far more relevant, and it will allow you to stand out from other applicants.  

When listing information in your accomplishments section, remember that the goal is to include information that will set you apart from other candidates. Look back at your previous jobs and highlight the times where you made a meaningful difference.


  • A Boring and Simple Duty: Order and receive food supplies for the cabin crew.
  • Accomplishment Statement: Manage the inventory cycle by ordering and receiving food supplies to the value of $4500 weekly.

Quantifying Your Resume

One of the essential things to remember is to add quantification to your resume. Without quantification, the reader has nothing to measure your abilities against, and your statements become meaningless. Quantification should be applied throughout your resume and not just in your accomplishments section. For every statement you make about your abilities and achievements, try and answer the following questions: “How much?” or “How many?”.

Below are examples of what not to do and then how to add quantification correctly:

What NOT to do:

  • Obtained region-high passenger friendliness reviews according to exit surveys.
  • Identified alternative deplaning strategy, increasing offload efficiency.
  • Obtained property-best client satisfaction score based on surveys.
  • Implemented an improved queuing strategy, leading to reduced check-in times.

Now, what you should DO:

  • Obtained region-high passenger friendliness reviews according to exit surveys (98.89%).
  • Identified alternative deplaning strategy, which increased offload efficiency by 17%.
  • Obtained property-best client satisfaction score based on surveys (98.43%).
  • Implemented an improved queuing strategy, leading to a 29% reduction in check-in times.

Education Section

Your education section is one of the most important sections of your resume and a section that employers pay close attention to. Whether you have impressive, advanced degrees or just a high school diploma, your education should still be given the same respect.

Remember to include any qualifications you are in the process of completing and any licenses, certifications, or memberships you have obtained that are relevant to this field.

When listing your qualifications, you simply need to indicate What, Where, and When regarding your qualifications, certifications, or industry licenses.

Always begin with your commencement date and completion date for diplomas and degrees.

For courses and certifications, simply state the completion date. Once you have written the date, state the name of the qualification, the institution's name, and the city and abbreviated state name where the institution is situated.

How to list degrees, certificates, and courses:

2016 – IATA Cabin Crew Course, The Crew Academy, CO.

2013-2015 – BA in International Hospitality Management, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, NY.

2012 – Ridgefield High School, High School Diploma Ridgefield, NJ. 3.8 GPA.

Your Flight Attendant Resume Skills Section

In this field, your interpersonal skills are definitely more important than your technical skills. You need to be an effective people person to deal with the many people you will face every day.

With that said, your technical skills are still important, and something employers want to see. Your skills section lets you list your most admirable skills and qualities, but remember to scan the job description to outline the specific attributes the employer is looking for.

When listing your technical and interpersonal skills, we recommend that you make use of a skills matrix. A skills matrix allows you to save space, it makes your information easy to read and easy to find, and it is visually pleasing.

Technical Skills Examples

Steady HandsPhysical StaminaFirst Aid
EfficientFood SafetyExcellent Organization
Inventory ManagementEffective Decision MakingCalm in an Emergency
DiplomacyLanguage Proficiency

Soft Skills Examples

Social OrientationStress ToleranceAccountable
Team PlayerStaminaDeadline Driven
ReliablePersonal HygieneEnergetic
IndependentDiplomaticCustomer Service

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Flight Attendants

Young Apprenticeship in HospitalityIATA Cabin Crew CourseIn-Flight Safety Course
Project Management DiplomaCertificate in Food HygieneBusiness Management, Hospitality & Tourism Certificate
Bachelor’s in Culinary ArtsAssociates Degree in Restaurant ManagementHigh School Diploma

Optional Extras for Flight Attendant Resumes

Your resume is now complete, but you still have information that you want to include to show further that you are the perfect candidate.

The optional extras section is just what you are looking for. Here you can include information that you might not have included in the previous section and really seal the deal and land yourself an interview.

Below we have listed a few sections to help you get started:

  • Languages – Flight attendants travel all over the world and are exposed to many different languages. Although you will not be able to speak every language you encounter, just speaking one other language proficiently will greatly increase your chances of landing an interview.
  • Volunteer Experience – If you have volunteer experience, it can be very attractive; however, it must be relevant to this field.
  • Hobbies & Interests – Adding hobbies and interests to your resume that are relevant to this field will show the reader that you are a hard-working candidate who is really interested in this field.
  • Certifications & Awards – Here, you can include information about times when you were awarded awards and certificates for excellent service. Remember to add quantification.
  • Memberships – A flight attendant resume is also a good place to list relevant groups you are a member of.

Professional information of Flight Attendants

Sectors: Travel, Tourism
Career Type: Functional, Professional, Customer Relations
Person type:  Server, Waiter, Assistant, Administrator
Education levels: From High School Diploma to Bachelor Degree
Salary indication: Average $ 77 880 (Salary.com)
Labor market: Subject to 17% growth from 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Aviation (Private, Public, Government, Corporate, Military)

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