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Guidelines for Security & Protective Services Resumes

1. Creating a Job Description Section

Security Personnel is tasked with keeping company property, assets, and environments safe and crime-free. In Protective Services, the focus of the role would be to protect people and prevent them from being harmed by external threats. Your job description should instantly grab the attention of the reader with informative, yet concise job descriptions, highlighting the essence of your role. Be sure to also include detail about the work environment, for example, working at a security estate, corporate building, shopping mall, or protecting a VIP as a bodyguard.

2. Education & Training Requirements

The majority of states require Security and Protective Service employees to attain accreditations and licenses by completing formal training programs. These may include Armed Security Certifications or Unarmed Officer Licenses. The more courses you have completed, the better your chances of landing higher-paying roles. A Certificate in Advanced Driving Skills is requested for roles in Cash & Transit and VIP Protection. For specialized security roles in Government or the Military, the minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree, coupled with very intensive training programs that often lasts for 6 months to a year. Provide particulars about your credentials in the following format – Date completed, Duration, Credential Name, Institution Attended, and Location. Feel free to include results and marks obtained as well.

3. Skills to Highlight

In your skills section, it is a smart idea to distinguish between technical skills and physical traits.

Technical Skills:
Crisis Intervention, Security Risk Management, Antiterrorism, VIP Protection Security Awareness, Crime and Incident Scene Procedures, Interviewing and Statements, Digital Security Applications, Alarm System Fundamentals, Information Security and Counterintelligence, Apprehension and Detention Procedures, Weapons Handling

Physical Traits:
Hand/Eye Coordination, Manlift or personnel lift to 150 lbs, Peripheral Vision, Nimble, Depth Perception, Run an 8-minute mile, Manual Dexterity, Plyometric Strength, Cleared Medical Record, 20/20 Vision, Multi-Limb Coordination, Endurance, Agility, Static & Trunk Strength

4. Be contactable

Provide more than one contact number and make sure that you have typed out your cell number correctly. Also, verify the digits of your social security number for background checking purposes. Create a professional email address on Gmail and only use this to apply to job opportunities and respond to recruiters and hiring managers. Activate FB Messenger or Linked Messaging on your phone, to instantly respond to job-related notifications.

5. Remuneration for Security and Protective Services Candidates

Some roles are paid by the hour, between $11.95 up to $47.12. For direct employment, the average annual salary starts out at $22 500 per year, going up to $120 000 for high-profile individuals and VIP Protection.